Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Funny Heart!!!!

Heart is so funny,never beats slow when it sees a happy matter around,
Heart is a child which responds to everything
Heart is a cool medicine which beats for every possible attack of love,
Heart is a wonderful enigma to some who has a beautiful face,
Heart beats for now and then but why??
Heart beats for now and then but for you,but where are you??
Heart is so naughty it just beats when i thought about you my dream boy,then it remembers that your heart is still young and adorable.........

Whenever our eyes see a good thing the first response will be with our heart,it just beats a little high,the same when we see a handsome boy or beautiful girl we knew that our hearts will beat a little faster,
when we see a funny incident the first respone is from our heart,funny!!!
well,i cannot understand why our heart is so weak??
why can't we control our heart??
hahaha...really a child heart in us....

Well in the serious note i wonder why heart is so weak??
Heart attacks are common from many days but why??
due to LOVE??(haha...)
due to MARRIAGE??(haaaaaahaaa...think so!!!)
due to CHOLESTROL??(hmmmmm...)
due to Becoming Old???(may be)
I saw now-a-days many young adults are dying of heart attacks,there are days when old people used to die with heart attacks but now young adults too!!
How is it possible??
may be due to their fat or love failure??
Not at all due to Drugs,people iam just a writer but when i heard news like young adults are dying due to taking some drugs it made me to think why??

Youngsters think this way??
No aspiration to become someone else??
well,Heart never controls our mind but mind controls us,if we had such a aspiration which can gain over anything then you will never look back in life...
GUYS and Beautiful Girls,please never loose your heart, feel the wonders of your heart but not loose it!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Day!!!!

Hi frns,
          I never knew that i had a dream in my life,i never felt that iam lonely,i never felt that iam succeeded,never thought this is MY DAY!!

Many times many people talk about the small topic that "MY DAY",what this mean??
i really don't know that i will have a day which will be my own,why people say this is my day???
i never knew that i will have a day of success in my life but which day would it be like??
I never knew that i will have a day of fun in my life but what is the day and how would it be like??
I saw people graduating from the college say this word that this is MY DAY,but graduating from a college is their day???
I saw newly wed couples say that this is their day but marital life makes us happy and will it be our good day???
I saw my friends say that when they got lovers say that this is their day but having a boy friend is their good day??
MY DAY....MY DAY...MY DAY......every person say this but what this little word mean???

In my view MY DAY is that day when i sacrifice myself to help my family,MY DAY is that day when i die for my country,MY DAY is that day when i help the poor people in the world,MY DAY is that day when i recieve a warm hug from my parents,MY DAY is that day when i do atleast one good deed for the world!!
I knew that expressing our views are easy but trying to keep them in the life is tough but every person at least try a little bit to think about others,about the other world,about the poor,about the massacres,about the flora and fauna.
People just think being selfish does us no good but thinking about others makes us so much of good and it makes us to think good but not bad.

Thinking good makes us better,so be good and do good and say on that day as MY DAY!!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life is Strange!!

Hi frns,
          Life seems to me that it has changed now,it has a goal to acheive now,it has a goal to gain its lost happiness.Life has a sweet turn now....

Life is so strange that when i think of my past and now it really changed,now i had the power within me to defend myself and i smile to think about the past!!
College life is so strange how we make friends and how we make enemies,it's all a strange experiences.I never knew life is so scary,but now i knew that it is mysterious.
Had a chance to see the world but it seems a mysterious world to me now.Hope to meet everyone but couldn't.Life is Strange....
                      Life makes you cry,but never cry for life
                      Life makes you laugh,but never make yourself to be laughed
                      Life makes you to think,but never think that life is so easy
                      Life gives a chance to love,but don't love that much that you may fall from it
                      Life is indeed mysterious.........