Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My First Teacher!!!

I know you from the day i was born and it was saw your smiling face that i have seen of becoming a father for the first time in your life.I know am just your daughter but you have raised me like a son to struggle with the present world.I know you didn't ever let your daughter to cry but you have suffered a lot before.
I know from the stories of my mother that how hard it was for you to reach your goal ,your aim to be a Geologist.

Yes folks,am talking about my father,a person who really struggled to achieve the dream of his life to become a Geologist.His father was an engineer but never gave some money for his studies.Studied at the top most universities but he doesn't even had a good pair of slippers to wear.I wonder if i ever went to my college or university without sandals???

I salute my father and yes he is one of my inspiration that now i can happily announce that : "i achieved my goal". Now-a-days people think that fashion is college and college is fashion but there are some people that studies are their passion and passion is studies. Teachers are the main motivators who wants their students to reach the zenith of life so,i salute all the teachers from around the world and Thanks for always being my side to helping me out.

Happy Birthday daddy!!!!
Happy Teachers Day!!

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