Friday, February 26, 2010

Money truly a killer

I really did not understand why people think about money first then next?
Being an Indian the need of money i really know,i even experienced many humiliating and desperate situations because of no money.Is money is the ruler of the world?

 I saw from a persons birth to death money is needed,money became such an important thing in our life that without money nothing can be done even a Marriage!!!!!

I wonder especially in India i see that brides really purchase bridegroom with lots of money yeah iam talking about dowry system! Is money needed between two people who wants to live together? Is money can make their relationship into an immortal love? why should bride give some money to the bridegroom and what should the parents of both the families want to prove whether they are rich or not? then what about the poor families?
I really didn't know even the LOVE these days is all runs for money,caste and religion basically! Iam from a country where the everlasting love stood that is the TajMahal which proves that love is an immortal thing in the whole world but these days i think love is nothing but just money,i saw my own friends lets say classmates do change their lovers like clothes after finishing their money!!! hehe....i really think that why TajMahal is fading because in the world the love itself is fading,Money became everyones ultimate goal and i didn't saw anyone who will not talk about money(including me).
Money became such an utility and useful tool without it you couldn't be known!!!
so,people do think what you do before thinking about money.
aesthena vestha amigos !!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Corporal punishment still an ugly reality

Forced to kneel under harsh sunlight without your shirt?
Surely this is not a memory of school that anyone would wish for their children.But that's exactly what students were put through at many schools in India these days.Corporal punishment is a reality in many city schools,but is an issue that parents are afraid to speak out against,lest their wards are subjected to harsher treatment in vindication.This was not only a problem for a few people but for many but they are afraid to keep this before the government or the district educational officers because the school management may punish their children.Many parents who tried to focus on this issue had received a negative side from the school managements because of this many children suffer a lot.I read an article in the newspaper that two UKG students were beaten up and kneel-ed down at the sunlight for more than 2 hours just because they plucked flowers of the garden!!! is this incident a really serious thing how could a teacher can beat such small kids just because of such a silly reason? and that too a lower grader!!!
I remember my school days where teachers used to punish us if and only if we did not done our home work or did not remind our lessons.But know it seems all things have been changed and punishing of students became a major goal of teachers know!!!
Ridiculously we used to compare our teachers as the lord Brahma who is known as Guru for all of the human beings.I still remember the slogan:Gurur brahma gurur vishnu 
                                                                    Gurur devo maheshwara
                                                                     Guru sakhshat parah brahma
                                                                      tasmayi sree guruve namaha"
This slogan means that,"Lord Brahma is the teacher of Lord Vishnu,Shiva and he is the teacher of all the other human world."such a peak destiny and respect is there for teachers but nowadays i dont think this slogan represent such teachers who thinks punishment is the only solution for getting good marks. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tongue Tied

The scenic,sun-kissed shores of Andaman and Nicobar islands recently let out a collective sigh of grief and mainland was shrouded in a veil of eerie silence.The only surviving speakers(Boro and Boa)of two great Andamanese languages(Khoro and Bo)had breathed their last.Their passing admist the sound of the lapping waves,also echoed a death knell -not just for two native tongues,but also for the historical,cultural and ecological wisdom accumulated over thousands of years by their ancestors who spoke that language.It might not be too long before witness a similar tragedy again.
Experts says that as many as 196 languages in India are on the brink of extinction today.According to a study by UNESCO,the world loses one language  every 14 days.Which means,in less than 100 years,the human civilisation will be bereft of more than half of its 7000 languages.

A countdown to extinction seems inevitable for several languages in India.While developing over the extinction of languages,one of the fundamental questions we face is why and how does a mother tongue die?
 Professor Anvita Abbi,from the Centre for Linguistics,School of Language,Literature and Cultural Studies at the Jawaharlal Nehru University who has undertaken a project called "Vanishing Voices of the Andamanese"
 to document the languages spoken by the tribes in these islands,believes that time is running out for many languages in the Indian subcontinent.
She reveals,"There are just about 50 people remaining who speak the Great Andamanese languages like Sare and Jeru.The other two languages in this category,Khoro and Bo,were lost following the death of the last speakers.About 150 years ago,the religion could boast of 10 languages under the Greater Andamanese."

So,we have to do something for the vanishing languages of our own civilisation and religion we should atleast put this topic to the government concern so that these things may not happen.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Love is a word where there are no certain words to describe it,as it is such a word everyone wants to live with it.From birth to death Love is the word which lives in the person and death too.Love makes a man to travel into such a wonderful world where there is only happiness resides and it makes him with chirpy thoughts in his mind.Through love one can gain a war and peace.Love is such a powerful word which has no end and there is no source to end it.Love is like a rising sun which makes the mankind to rise to a certain heights where there will be no sight of sadness.
         But nowadays,love has been beaten by Hatred,the hatred of religion,race,mankind,industry,movies,songs etc.Once there were days where there is only love between the people of all religion over the world and happiness,but now there is just an egocentric,self-centered,narcissistic world where there is no place for Love!

         People know love only their money and fame but not those persons who are responsible for their success.Terrorism has been rooted because of hatred,where people themselves made the hatred rose in their beautiful minds and started hating each other.Hating became such an extreme situation where people know started killing each other just for being noted!!!! 

        Ridiculous thing is that people are not hurting others but themselves only. If really people love their own society there wont be any barriers  of Racism,Terrorism,Maoists etc.My opinion to all the people all over the world is just at least one time try to love your society,people around the world and just think what we missed before.I proudly say that iam a HUMAN BEING and had my own caste that is EARTH.Iam not a Christian,not a Hindu,not a muslim, etc iam a HUMAN BEING and iam not bothered of which religion i belong to all i bother is iam a HUMAN BEING and i know only Love for others but not Hatred.All HUMAN BEINGS are equal with equal hearts,equal brain,equal legs,equal hands,equal blood.No Human being had difference in these parts only if that person may be gifted with any more legs or hands unless all are equal.My relation to all the Human world is blood relation with all Human Beings who has blood  flowing in their veins.

        So,my conclusion is that live your life with love and happiness and life is so short,dont overcome the hatred in your hearts which only leaves you in a desert of sadness rather than nothing.If killing is the solution for your happiness then kill yourselves not others because no person in the world has a right to kill others.
                             Love Humanity,Love People not their Caste and Religion!!!!   

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Save Tigers

Hi frns,
This topic is especially for those majestic species which are now low in number and craving for survival,being a human being we all had the right to stop these species to be endangered.When i was a child, tiger was my favourite animal but it seems that i had to show the pictures of tigers for the next generations.
Killing tigers are fun for some hunters but they dont know what they are really loosing,they are really loosing such a majestic animals and really a cute animals to die.I strongly abuse such poachers,hunters and whomever who is killing this animal.
Please visit this website to know what we loss until know,awake people join in this fight for tigers right to joined in it so are you joining?

The Sphinx(Greek)

The Sphinx is a creature of ancient folklore.The Greeks,the Egyptians and the people of the far east have recounted stories of the sphinx in their history.In some places the sphinx has the body of a lion and the head of a man and in other the body of a lion and the head of a falcon or a ram.The sphinx is also believed to have the tail of a serpent and wings.
The word SPHINX originates from Greece where it means "an imaginary evil monster",but Ancient Greece used the term Sphinx to describe the monstrous statues with the body of a lion bearing the head of a human that they had seen during their visits to Egypt.In Egypt the Sphinxes nearly always had the head of a human and the body of a lion.

The Sphinxes were usually made to honor a king or a queen .In Egyptians art the pharaohs are depicted as lions conquering their enemies.,soon the Sphinx became a symbol of royal protection.In the great temple of Karnak,statues of Sphinxes line in the entrance to the temple.There are also Sphinxes in Egypt that represents a few of their gods,like Horus(the god of sky) and the sun god Ra,who was considered to be the protector of pharaoh himself.

The most famous Egyptian Sphinx is the Sphinx of Giza.In Egypt it is called the Great Sphinx.It is indeed a huge structure.The Great Sphinx stretches 73mts long and is about 20mts high.The Great Sphinx of Giza was built about 4500 years ago and the head & body are carved out of a single rock.The paws were made from smaller rocks.The excess material was used to build several great pyramids nearby.
The Great Sphinx wears a royal headdress and lie close to the pyramid of king Khafre.Archaeologists believe that is actually a portrait of the king himself.The Great Sphinx has been eroded and nearly buried by sand on several occasions.The king Thutmose IV of Egypt cleared the sand that threatened to bury the Sphinx in 1400 BC.The king had dreamed that the Egyptian God Horus had asked him to clear it away.Very recently workers have removed the sand in 1818,1886,1926 and 1938.
The Great Sphinx of Giza has survived not only the tormenting weather but also the onslaught of humans.A part of the head was broken indicating that at sometime the Great Sphinx could have been used for target practice.The stone of the Sphinx has withered and grown weak but scientists and archaeologists began preserving the crumbling stone by treating it with special chemicals in the 1970's.
Today,the Sphinx is a great tourist attraction,thrilling tourists from all over the world,reminding people of the days gone by the richness of a great culture.
So,friends surely i will definitely visit Egypt and you guys???   

My Father

My father is the greatest dad ever in this world.As everyone love their own father like wise i too love my father but some what more than all of ya!!! kidding.

The word "FATHER" itself shows the warmthness of happiness in everyone's life.My father is one of such kind who really persisted such a adamant girl!!! He never said "NO" to my wishes neither said "YES" as he always knows that he will definitely do what i wish for.My single word of calling "DADDY" makes his day rememberable. He was my inspiration to my dreams and he will be my aspiration to achieve them.He was the supporter to my life and well-wisher.

Some great poet said that whatever comes in your life but family stands beside you and supports you in every matter.Iam glad to have such a parents who were so supportive and i never forget thier warmth of love and support they gave me.I saw many youngsters who scold their fathers for not supporting them in bad things,but i never think that any father will support their children in doing bad things.Youngsters doesnot think that,how many difficulties their fathers faced to brought them to such a level where they can own depend by themselves but there are some unusual youngsters who think that their dad's are worst dad's and comment on them before their friends and act like a very good boys and girls in their homes!!!

Iam not saying that every youngster is doing such a thing but some people are there who are really not worthful person to call their father's as worthless.I saw many youngsters who call their father name as if they are greater than him and boast before their friends as they are great but they dont even know that great scientists,doctors,engineers etc never ever said that "my dad is bad person"!!! Even the King of Pop Late Micheal Jackson said that even though his father did beat him many times but he was the best!!

So my dear friends,im really grateful to convey atleast a small message about my father and i knew that this was not even enough behalf of his love and affection but this was my thankfulness to my father who stood beside me in my sorrows and myhappiness.

All of you guys i knew many like their father but dont like them but do something that which make him proud to tell about you as his son/daughter!!

Daddy this post is really for you,i want you to be my father in every life!!!! 

Artificial Intelligence

Hi frns,

            Every one knows that Artificial Intelligence is really a tough subject and really a mysterious subject for anyone,but i think its not that tough subject if we really want to know.Many scientists till know researching for such an intelligent machine which can work like we humans can.Hardwork never paysoff.we all knew that we got a very beautiful intelligent machines from leading countries in Robotics like Japan,USA and many more countries.

Do anyone know how an idea of Artificial Intelligence did came into existence,5th centuryBC!!!

do anyone can expect that such a marvelous thought ever could be exist at that century!!! really i think Aristotle was really a great philosopher and also a great multi-talented person who predicted about syllogistic logic.i will be right back with more information......