Thursday, September 22, 2011

At Last!!!

Hi friends,
             My fingers are crossed,my heart thumps louder,my brain boozes off these days,because finally i entered into the last semester of my Master's Degree!
I still remember the day i left my country,i still remember the weary eyes of my mother,i still remember the hidden tears of my friends,i still remember the struggle i faced to reach out here,by keeping all this in my mind i'm about to take my degree into my hands.My heart is waiting for that precious day that i walk in front of all my college mates to receive my degree ,my heart is thumping a lot to see my dream come true,my heart is crying that :
"I did it!!"
Wanted to hug my mom and dad and cry that at last i achieved the one which i came for travelling miles away from home.Wanted to thank god who made this possible,Wanted to thank my family who supported me,wanted to thank my friends who stood beside me in every struggle,wanted to thank each and every person in my life that without them i wouldn't have achieved this!
Finally,i want to thank everyone for me having this precious day coming true!!
Am really happy that my 80TH post is about my Master's degree and for all my followers of my blog and my online buddies thanks a lot for the success of my blog and you are the people who inspired me and made me to know that iam also a Writer myself!!!
Thanks one and all!!!!