Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Thump in Heart!!

After a long time my heart is thumping so loud that it can be heard from outside,
Its the sign,
its the indication,
its the feeling and i knew i can get it what i need so soon...

After a long search for waiting of the dream in my heart is fulfilled and now it is returning to the search of the lost happiness i lost from the dream i left.
The day will be coming soon that i completely lost control of my tears and forget the world around me to HUG my parents so tight.
My heart awaits for their presence before me,those lost memories,those lost love,those lost moments which i lost in this past year cannot return but returning to them will fulfill my dream of Happiness to see them will be fulfilled.
Heart Beat increasing daily and my dream to see the Happy Faces is increasing more and more,this time,this hour,this second is really painful which has sweetness in it,some thoughts in it.

My Mom's hug awaits for me,my dad's love awaits for me and my heart is thumping so loud that it can be heard from outside.
Awaiting for the wonderful day that i HUG my parents so tightly.
The Day am waiting impatiently,the day i cry so loud,the day i cannot forget is awaiting.

As its aspiring minds of mine is having a new dream now to get it is little tough though but i have the hope that one day i can achieve it and thinking about that day to come soon my weary eyes awaits in this way.......


Jolly Princess said...

Hi Ravs, I am happy you will see your parents soon. It had been so long since I visited your blog. I am glad we are continuously keeping our blogs alive! Hugs!!! :)

ravali said...

@jolly: woah...really missing fun in bloggers,well yes am indeed really happy to see them soon.