Thursday, May 22, 2014

Born to Die!!

Many people like to commit suicide and end their lives but what about the martyrs of Army, Navy and all civil services people who give their lives for the country. I always wanted to be in the Army as i believe that we are born for a purpose and that purpose can be your sacrifice to many people or helping people who are in need. I too have been facing many problems like everyone but people who wants to commit suicide need to think about one word, why?Are we benefited by the death?
If we are no more no one cares for us, even our parents cry for a year and then they will live and keep busy on their lives so, what's the use of death?
A soul of a person who committed suicide is never accepted by the Heaven so, why to become a ghost?
A person who committed suicide will be blamed after death calling himself a coward by others, why would anyone want to do it?
For every death there will be a reason, one person may die of kidney failure, heart stroke etc, but those who commit suicide (no reason)!!
Help others and live for others, if you don't want to marry anyone just confess to your parents and go on your way rather than committing suicide. If you failed in love, don't ever fall in love again as better marry any person and then try to love that person because u may not love that person but one day love might happen but don't commit suicide. Some commit suicide because they are not beautiful, isn't it silly??
but it happens sometimes too, well love yourself first then world loves you, beauty comes from heart not from face!!

I salute Army, marine, Navy and all civil services warriors who give up their lives to serve the country where as some fools commit suicide to decrease the population and yeah, one way it is good to control population as any country doesn't need any cowards or scare cats!!

Moral: Live for others and die for others and do anything open heartedly and it may not give you riches but some satisfaction in your journey of life!!