Saturday, March 20, 2010

Love is a Dead Rose(part 2)

Hi frns,
Notice: My intention to stop this post part 1 was of having no time so i sincerely say SORRY for the readers of my post!!!!

So,coming to the story,days passed by but one fine day a phone call changed my brother's entire life,who knows where will everyone get such a situation where they would be dumb folded!!

Sneha called my brother and said to him that her engagement was fixed and she couldn't stop it,My brother got stunned and he even cannot go and ask her parents to stop the marriage,because how can he ask her parents her hand for marriage without a JOB???
   He said to sneha that he will come to her house by evening and tell their parents to stop these marriage preparations,but who knows our fate's decision is really different,who would expect that their own loved one deceive us......
   My brother shared his worry to his friends that Sneha is getting engaged this evening,but drastically the situation really changed and he really came to know that actually sneha is getting MARRIED that evening!!!!
How trickily that girl deceived him and how cleverly acted to my brother that she is so worried,but friends for evil there will be a destruction.
  My brother didn't even believed anyone because he trusts Sneha more than anyone and moreover his love was true so,he went to Sneha's house as he gave a promise that he will come to her house and ask her hand for marriage,but poor guy for whom he left his world,for whom he left his studies,for whom he left his everything was just a TRAITOR!!!
 I still remember that evening until today which made my brother numb for TWO years!!!
 He went to Sneha's house,really that day her house is shining like a shinning stars with much sounds and crackers after all it's Sneha's wedding with the same guy who my brother saw with her one day!!!
 My brother didn't even though believed that Sneha will cheat him and thought that it was just a forcibly marriage and does not want to marry that guy, but the great cheater,traitor Sneha appeared in a great red color blooming saree with much more embroidery,really looked like a princess to my brother!!!
Sneha saw him and said: "Hi bhargav,well thanks you had come to my marriage,actually i wanted to inform you about this before but u know you thought i was in love with you,but sincerely spending time with you is really great!
Though how can i marry an idiot of course a jobless and even a stupid person!!!
well,if you want to enjoy my marriage feast you can!!!
bye bhargav..psst LOOSER".

my brother stood helplessly and pleaded Sneha not to cheat hi,his life is lost if his princess goes away,he is indeed madly in love and the trait of sneha to him was indigestible for him.He came to know from his friends that Sneha indeed convinced her parents to marry that guy(sandeep) and the marriage is over with lots of fun.
 My brother nearly spent two years without talking to anyone,nearly pushed himself into a world of sadness,doctors said that his brain was completely sticked one matter and there is no hope of bringing him back into normal!!!
 Do anyone believe of Miracles???
i believe miracles,they do happen,such thing happened to my brother one fine day Sneha called to us and we all just scolded her a lot and she pleaded us that she want to say "SORRY" to my brother because she is finally feeling sorry about him and wanted to meet him,we did disagreed but she came to meet my brother,her one touch really made him move,HE MOVED HIS HAND!!!

 He really did moved and the first words he spoke was "why sneha am i not a good lover to you?"
Sneha cried before my brother and really said her story after her marriage and that's what will happen for triators,u know sneha's husband ditched her leaving her alone and went away with another girl giving her divorce,see we say "what we do bad for others, that bad comes for us also".
Know my brother works in a reputed MNC software company and earns 7lakhs per month!!!
on the other side Sneha is asking each and every person to marry her!!!
MORAL: "love is such a powerful feeling which not only fights for its existence but it gains death too!!!
                love the person with all your heart but not their money or wealth,love comes from heart and dies if and only if the person wants to!!!"
My dear friends,so my request is love the person who really loves you,not the person who acts like he is loving you.Love is a beautiful feeling which both the lovers can feel and it has that much power that one lover can sense another lover wherever they are.
Love is great and long live love!!!!

                                           LOVE IS A DEAD ROSE!!!!!!


JollyPrincess said...

I read the part one of your story when I came home from work this morning. I thought of checking on your blog again upon waking up in the evening. Today is my day off. Thanks for sharing the story of your brother. Very inspiring . I believed it is your love for him, the whole family and his close friends that woke him up. That is the miracle … of love… Beautiful story!

ravali said...

hey thanks!!!

sudhi said...

hi nice sabak for sneha.. but felt sorry for ur bro..bichara bahuth pyar karke phas gaya. but he overcame all troubles ur really a super bahan....i wish ur bro good luck and hope koyi kupsurath pari vuskijindagi mai ayye....

Arindam said...

You are right Ravali, love is so powerful that one lover can sense his/her counterpart so deeply wherever they are... they are really connected with each other so strongly.
Fall in love is very easy, but to continue with the same feeling is very very difficult.
Really feel sorry for your brother, but thank God he's finally come out of this situation which is very difficult if you love someone truly.

beanizer_05 said...

what a love story! Karma does happen. I'm happy that your bro finally opened his eyes. Only pain can give us the just realization.
Beautiful life. I wish your bro the best love he deserves.

So how about your own luv story ravie? Care to share it?? :)

Anonymous said...

That's a very touching story.i too believe love can cut deep into one's heart and it can as well heal a broken heart.your bro's was true love.
Good narration congrats!!!

mugambi said...

I posted my comment as anonymous.That was me.....