Saturday, July 25, 2015

Magic Exists!!!

Sometimes in life you might be struck in one part of life, where there is nothing left in your life but then God or Fate will give you such a magic in life, it shows that there is a reason for your life and don’t make a mistake to end it!!

Love happens to everyone but not everyone are successful in it. Marriage happens to everyone but only few are successful in it. Everyone aspires to become a president or a CEO of company but not everyone can get it. So, life is all about trying for the things until we get into the zenith of it and in spite of our trials it fails then think that it’s the best part happened in life. Love happens only once but if it’s on both sides then trust me it will be the best as one-sided love just fails!
Don’t ever think life has given me such troubles in life and am just a loser because if you are always a winner in life there wouldn’t be anything that you want to dream about!
Live in the present and not the past and yes, it’s a bad dream and I know you are worried about your future but trust me, it all happened for good!!
Enjoy this present day with new hopes and new aims than cribbing about your blah, blah, past and crib all day!!

Magic exists and it will show up when it was your time and then there wouldn’t be any villain to make it hell and I bet you will rule this time for sure.

Lastly, keep smiling and don’t ever cry for that person who just walked away at the shopping mall without looking at your face in spite of you looking at him, that person who just rejected your job, because he thinks you are not worth of it, that person who just rejected your marriage proposal because you are not interesting, that person who just made you fail in exam because you didn’t wrote the exam well, etc. All these things were not the end of world because if this wouldn’t happen in life then how can it be like this in present. If that person who walked away without looking at you, would have come and spoke to you then your life wouldn’t be this awesome, if that person wouldn’t rejected your job application then you wouldn’t be working as a CEO currently!!

So, people magic happens and it will happen at the right time and don’t worry about anything because until you are not wrong in your life, it will be always awesome and happier than you expected.