Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Beginning!!!

Hi Friends,
                Happy New Year 2012 and I hope these holidays were awesome for you guys. (well not for me,got sick!!)

I just wanted to share my experiences of the last year 2011 and my wish list of 2012.(well,i knew you all will be jealous..hahhaha..!!)
Last year was just like a minute for me,don't know how the days went on but at the last i had some achievements,some incidents,some decisions and soon the year ended.I have found that "TRUE LOVE" does really exists,a parted lovers but their love still exists,may be god has taken away one soul but he couldn't achieve to break their love as being a lady she didn't even married anyone and wanted to be single all alone in the name of her lover and she is happy.
(No one can do that and being a lady i guess not!!)
With this story of that wonderful lady,i have found respect in the word LOVE.Am just still at the start but am just a learner.
I have my masters degree now and am happy for that.I have learned that still there are many puzzles yet to be solved and i should be a puzzle chaser in my life.I have learned that people change and had a very bad experience last year with so called relatives and have experienced the little word "TRUST",they are not the ones who are trustworthy.Had many friends and wherever i go people like me but don't know how i have been hated by some people in college days??

But my enemies also became friends in this year and hopefully they will be forever and i expect they won't cheat me.
New Year Resolutions 2012:
1)To at least get a job in Microsoft
(well i guess Mr.gates awaits for my talent,well it's obvious!!)
2)To at least get a AUDI or a LEXUS car is fine!!
(Well i knew i can be happy in a cycle but what to do i cannot ignore if someone gifts me those..hehehe)
3)To find my Dream Boy
(Well obviously there are many boys in the world,so why to waste our dreams to find a boy!!)
4)To go to EUROPE
(well,i have a old Debt to pay,i mean a little thrashing of one of my enemies,am still a good girl ok!!)
Have a great new year and don't forget to stay safe and have a nice year ahead....

(Well shall i wear this one or that one....????)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Memorable Day!

Dreams does come true,if you have the zeal to reach it.Many laughed,many teased,many harassed but still this girl from a small town in India has an aspiration to reach the top.She knew the value of tears,she knew the value of pain,she knew the value of taunting and harassment of relatives.She knew how it feels like to be parted from her family just to achieve her little dream to be "Masters in Computer Sciences".
Friends didn't believed her.Classmates laughed at her,but still this girl has the aspiration and goal to reach the dreams of her mother and her grand father.Being her mother her inspiration and father her backbone she finally seeing this day of graduation and not only a graduation but also elected by the President of the university as a "HONOR STUDENT" award with a GPA of 3.9/4.0.(i gave one point to my professor..hehehe).
Now finally she has tears in her eyes which are shinning with a smile and now it's the time for her to prove what she was meant to be now.
Moral: People never degrade a person who have an aspiration of higher aims,never knew they will achieve those one day !!   

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lovely SNOW

Hi Friends,

                This is my Second Winter in USA,the Weather is welcoming the SNOW.The Mighty SKY is making arrangements to make the snowfall,The Clouds are getting closer not to blown away by wind,the Wind is blowing the unwanted chemicals from the sky to make a clear white snow.

Whenever it comes it takes away all the heat from the ground and cools it down,
Whenever it comes all the trees shed their leaves to make them decorated with the ICY White Snow,
Whenever it comes everyone shivers and hug each other for the Warmth and enjoys it,
Whenever it comes Snow Man comes and tells us the story of Christmas Eve,
Whenever it snows it reminds me that Christmas is not so far,
Whenever it snows i feel like am lonely in this icy snow without my family nearby but i just love the snow!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Breaking!!!

Don't know the path i'm going on but has a goal to do something in life,to have a identity in world,to achieve something in life.
It's breaking inside of still being a beginner,of still being a smaller one,of still at the starting point.
It's breaking inside that  no choices are left and have to choose among the only option you have.
It's breaking inside that i couldn't help the needy,
It's breaking inside that i'm struggling,
It's breaking inside that when your dear one's couldn't understand you......still don't know the way...but it's breaking...breaking!!

Monday, October 10, 2011


She is a princess with lots of love and happiness from her family,don't know about sorrows or bad,really simple-minded but witty in nature.But,one day she stepped out from her world to the real world to know the secrets of the nature.
The world she knew is entirely different from the one she looks at now.The new world questions her ignorance and squeezes her courage to step back to her world but at that time of heart broken and sorrow she found a handsome prince who melted her heart with his soothing words of courage,a significance towards her goal.She never met a guy like him or did saw a person who made her heart to respond to him.She developed an interest on him but hid it from him as she waited for the right time to tell.She never met a guy who is so different from other guys,had the capability to achieve anything he wanted but don't have the knowledge about it,he is honest and trustworthy but in reality he is not a prince but a peasant.Princess liked him but cannot go beyond her world,but had faith in her heart that her world accepts this prince of hers,but don't know the fact that the two worlds are entirely different.Every fairytale and story books have a happy ending of a prince and a princess but not a peasant and a princess??

Why cannot a princess choose a peasant because of wealth??
Is Wealth comes in between a relationship??

Moral:- Friends,even though we gained in technology,education and in science but not in our thinking,still many people think to marry a person who is wealthy but not who understands you more,many people think to marry a person who has a BMW car but not a normal person.Does having money makes us love someone? 
Money makes a relationship?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

At Last!!!

Hi friends,
             My fingers are crossed,my heart thumps louder,my brain boozes off these days,because finally i entered into the last semester of my Master's Degree!
I still remember the day i left my country,i still remember the weary eyes of my mother,i still remember the hidden tears of my friends,i still remember the struggle i faced to reach out here,by keeping all this in my mind i'm about to take my degree into my hands.My heart is waiting for that precious day that i walk in front of all my college mates to receive my degree ,my heart is thumping a lot to see my dream come true,my heart is crying that :
"I did it!!"
Wanted to hug my mom and dad and cry that at last i achieved the one which i came for travelling miles away from home.Wanted to thank god who made this possible,Wanted to thank my family who supported me,wanted to thank my friends who stood beside me in every struggle,wanted to thank each and every person in my life that without them i wouldn't have achieved this!
Finally,i want to thank everyone for me having this precious day coming true!!
Am really happy that my 80TH post is about my Master's degree and for all my followers of my blog and my online buddies thanks a lot for the success of my blog and you are the people who inspired me and made me to know that iam also a Writer myself!!!
Thanks one and all!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Boon!

Every Human,every living being awaits for a boon from the god,god knows the reason of boons which he himself created those.This play of god giving boons to us really made me to think the reason of human wanting ,just thinking about myself that i never spent a day without asking something to god!

I wonder why we need a boon every time,this reminds me of my praying to god that......
OH GOD.....
" I Prayed for a bicycle got a Motor Bike,I Prayed for a degree going to get a Masters Degree,I Prayed for a Life got a Wonderful Life,I Prayed for a good Family got an Awesome Loving Family,I Prayed for Friends got a Uncountable Friends,but why when i prayed for happiness i couldn't get it! "
Well,Praying to god is good but irritating him too much could make him angry on you !  (just kidding!)
So,what we learned is that try to be yourself rather than depending on the ALMIGHTY!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wasted Me!!!!

First of all i want to wish each and every person in the World that : "HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!"

Now my topic:    "Wasted Me"

When you think everything you expected has went wrong,not only you but many think that they are Wasted!
But i find it crazy why everyone think that they are wasted if they fail in exams or fail in love or in many other issues.I don't know why i like practicality in life,i never knew that there are many things that which we experience in our life will make us sometimes wasted or some decisions will make us wasted.But what does this mean :"Wasted??"
If you lost in some silly matter you think yourself wasted?
If we lost in Love are we wasted?
I never knew that people think themselves wasted for some silly reasons.I found many friends over here,some say that they are wasted so easily that they think there is no life without which they think is not at all a life but until now i couldn't find a situation where i will be called Wasted!
Though i have failed in my exams once,though i have been cheated by my friends and,should i think i'm wasted?

My friends say that God hasn't done any good thing to them but sorrows but as a practical thinker,i don't think god wants his child to be sad (neither our parents think in that way!) then why does people who worship him a lot think that he is the person of their worries?
People,just wanted to say that you are never Wasted and don't give up in your life.You have life to live not to take control of it.So,people cheer up in your worries so that you never feel that you have worries (umm...well i do such in many times..hehehe).
That's all for now guys,enjoy this friendship weekend!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet Memories of gone summer's!!!

Nothing is as same as it is before,nothing can be changed,nothing can be returned ,these things are called Memories.Memories consists of the glimpse of our life which we want to remember in our life forever.Some persons leave their vital memories with us,whenever we think about them make us smile a little and cry for a minute.
I still remember those funny summer days i spent with my grandpa,he is a very kind and loving person.I liked his company and used to think as he is my best friend.But whenever i think of him a little smile in my face shows that he left the sign of smile from my face when he has to depart from us.I still remember those sunny days when i walk across the street with my best friends to school and those memories still remain fresh within me which are unforgettable.

I still remember those high school days where i hate a person a lot but now he became a very good friend of mine.But still i remember those harsh days as a sweet memories now.Well memories are the one big wealth a person can have but living in memories cannot make a sense but remembering those for sometime can make you happy.I remember one fine summer i spent with my cousins,it's really awesome and found the true happiness to be with family.
Remembrance makes us happier but some memories still sustain in your brain as a deep sorrow but inspite of that we should move on to the future to be remained as a memory for our future generations.Live a life where you find the true happiness and try to make people happier who are with you now and i bet they won't forget you as you will be remained as their SWEET MEMORY someday!! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

No words to say!!

Never knew that there will be one day i will be of no words,in a surprise,in a shock of amazement,in a thrill,in a new world,i'm experiencing a lot now!
I don't know what's this feeling i'm feeling now,a little enjoyment,a little sadness,a little happiness overall even though it is paining in the heart i like the pain of it and from the person i'm receiving it.

I'm once used to be a different person before but i'm changed a lot when i look back from now,i don't know why some people in our life change us in a vast way that we cannot even imagine that we were this before!
Got many friends and a loving family but some people stole my heart with their really good instincts towards me.
Met many people but found few people who are really amazing at the way they are.Let me tell you some great persons i saw who are just common as we are but really amazing through heart,yes i'm talking about the Common Man!
A true incident which took me overwhelmed and surprised that this world still got Helping Hands left!
A Common Man like all of us of age may be at his 40's and may be a carpenter through profession i guess helped a old lady to buy the bus fare without expecting any money from her!!
I'm surprised even me i never bought a fare for the poor even though i belong from a rich family,but a common man just like us took my heart to surprise and mouth to shut with no words!

People, the one thing we are forgetting is that we are engaging ourselves in such a way that we are not even having time to think about a good deed but if once you did a good deed,you will remain a hero to that person who got the help from you.Try to help the people around you who need your help and be a everlasting hero!! 

Monday, May 23, 2011


PAIN,anyone knows what this little word does mean?
A word which is just 4letters to see but means a lot to feel.Who knows when this word comes in their life and it changes their life in a very vast way.We have very little heart but the heart bears the pain which we receive and sustains it a lot.I knew i can bear this pain and i'm still bearing it but why cannot this pain is not understood by our loved one's?

Why money does matters in every part of our life?
Why does human couldn't understand money cannot make Family?
Why does people think that money can buy anything?
Why does everyone think that MONEY is the source of happiness?
Heart pains a lot when we hear that our loved one's love our money rather than yourself,it is so breaking that you cannot even digest it and just look for someone's help to sustain this pain.There is no medicine in world which can ease our pain in our heart with such Breaks!
Why no scientist can invent such a machine that which makes our heart a stone?
why cannot i find a medicine to sustain this pain?
Why cannot I?
People,i suggest you that Money will be there or may not be there with us forever but your family will be there with you forever so,don't cost ur family with money,love is more precious than money.Don't loose your family due to money!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Memorable Day!

I opened my eyes for the first time and i saw a face of Happiness,who is smiling on seeing me.
I don't know where am i but i had a feeling that i was in a place of safer hands.I smiled at the smiling face and i got a lots of kisses of my little smile.I looked around and saw another Happy Face really excited to see me,as i was looking at him.That was the day i found my life which is having a long way to go.I opened my eyes to see the world for the first time and saw the entire world in the wonderful hands of my Mother.The care of the parents is such that they never let you go down and even let you cry for anything.They work so hard to make you smile.They earn lots of money to see your smile.They make you feel happy every time even though they are in a pain!
I want to wish Happy Mother's Day for every Mother in the world.
I don't know what happened when i was born but i can feel it now,that the love which has been shared by my parents is more beautiful than the persons we met in our life.Friends will be in some parts of our life but Family will be with us forever,even though we leave them but still we will be their family!
I was the First child to my mother and that was the day when she  first became a MOTHER,so she loves me a lot and i can feel the happiness for every mother who first holds her baby for the first time.She is such a great person that even though we don't let her sleep when we were kids,she took care of us in such a way that she left her sleep to let us sleep ,she left her food to soothe our hunger,she thinks about you first than about her.It is such a beautiful experience for every girl in the world to be a mother and i wish this little memorable day will be remembered by everyone after reading this..... 

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!       (Specially to my mom,you are the best!!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heart Vs Beauty......

Heart is so hard but beauty is so delicate,Heart can withstand anything but beauty cannot even withstand Sunshine!

Heart can have senses but Beauty can be touched but cannot maintain,Heart can be your soul but beauty cannot be your soul,Heart cannot change but beauty can be changed,Heart dies if there is no love but beauty dies before love,Heart can be anywhere but beauty cannot be everywhere.....
So,people what do you think about HEART vs BEAUTY??
I choose HEART because we can marry a person whose heart is good even though he is not attractive but we cannot marry a person who is handsome or beautiful but who has a black heart.So,people for every relationship we need to think twice to take a step further,first know that whether your partner likes your Heart or your Beauty.There is also an another case that both can be liked but many cannot be in such a way!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Door to Heaven!!

Every Human Being searches for their door of heaven in this real world but only few can get the glimpse of it.Some can feel it but some cannot eve have the glimpse of it.Some are very unlucky but they still wont give up their chance to open that door which leads to heaven.In this search of Heaven many killed many people,In this search of heaven human became a monster but some people came to know the importance of this door and didn't even tried to open it forcefully.

My life is just the same,every night i think of the door of heaven but wherever i go i just opened the door of Hell and i know that god is testing me but i never gave up in my trials to find the door of heaven.A young Lady who is now 22years old has an aspiration to be the Legend but she knows how tough is it to reach the door of heaven,nothing comes in life so easily,even the food we eat comes after a lots of hard work and pain so,this aim of anyone can be reached with just a dedication and hardwork.I had the aspiration that one day i will each the Zenith of my aim and i will open the door of heaven,but i saw many people around me,mainly youngsters killing themselves for some petty reasons,some kill themselves in failure of a subject or love etc.But guys,once think many has got many problems but they didn't gave up.Even myself i have many problems like which work i do my bad luck turns me in but i never felt degraded and just thought that it is just the god's play and tried my best to do anything.I don't like to mention this as an example but i want to share my own personal experience to suggest you people around me to NOT TO GIVE UP YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE for just one reason of not getting your DOOR OF HEAVEN!
" In this search of you I FELL DOWN,
In this search of you I BEGGED,
In this search of you I GOT BRUISES,
In this search of you I FAILED MANY TIMES,
But in this search of you,you are always with me because YOU ARE IN MY SPIRIT!!"
Don't give up in this search people and one day i'm sure you will reach the DOOR OF HEAVEN!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

True Life!

Hi frns,
           You people ever wonder what's the True Life?
Is it comes through Love or Happiness or Sweet Memories?
Nope it comes from Sadness!

That's true people,whenever you are broken up,you will start to think,in that thinking you will start to learn and through learning from the mistakes you made, you will build up your Life in such a way that you don't have to look back!
 Well is that easy is a Life?
Nope, leading a life is different from learning from life,Life will contain all types of emotions but still the queston remains,is this is a True life?
In my thinking a true life is not from Happiness or Sadness but if you ever helped a person in Trouble it is your True Life (don't think i'm crazy,how can we compare from a life to helping!)
People everyone has their own life but some people doesn't have their own life so,they need help to live with and we are ignoring them,yes i'm talking about those people who are homeless,orphans,blind,etc.
They need our help and we are ignoring them,do some charity in your life which can give you such happiness that you will be remembered after your death too!!
I want to dedicate this post to those Departed souls in the incident from JAPAN!!
May your souls rest in peace!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Everyone might have at least one person whom they hate the most,the same way i hated a person for 6years,quite a big enemy ship for me but it was because of some misunderstandings and not knowing the truth.
We both were the toys in the hands of some cruel forces who wanted to hurt each other,after a long time of my enmity i found the truth and now i have nothing in my life which i hate.I don't know that in this part of my hatred i learned about the person a lot,even though i hated that person a lot but never wanted it to show up because my mom used to say to me,"IF YOU HATE SOMETHING TRY TO LIKE IT IN SUCH A WAY THAT THE HATE DON'T SHOW UP" and one big joke is that the person don't even know that i hate!!!

Due to misunderstandings many are spoiling themselves in such a way they can kill each other in that enmity,well i hated that person but never harmed that person,i hated the presence of that person but never shown that in my face,there is a saying of gandhiji,if you hate something very much then try to like that hate so that you never hate it!
People many hate many things  but just try to understand the hatred and don't make such a mistake which i did on hating a person who is just a toy in that big cruel story of those witches!
I want to tell to the whole world that my enemy is not my enemy anymore and i will try to understand that person so that no other witch comes and plays their dirty plays again!!

MORAL:- Firstly,know the big reason to hate and why should we hate.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Am i Human??

Does anyone ever thought that a computer can take over the mankind?
Does anyone know that what are the goals of a computer scientist?
Does human race want another race or kind which can talk and does the work like us?
Do you think that we are heading to a new way of generation?
The answers to all these questions are "YES!!"

This is not a fiction movie or a science matter but just a general view.
Why don't you rewind some years back before the computer was invented,we all used to spend our lives in a different way.To send a letter to your family it used to take few days but now few seconds.There used to be days that for choosing a bride or a bridegroom we used to send the photos of each other or set up a meeting for a marriage proposal but these days,internet chatting and online proposals became common.Reviewing all these years and observing the people around me i got a point that anyone in the world cannot live without checking their mails online or without switching on their computer!
Even me myself cannot!
Is this because we are running with the technology or technology motivated us?
People are becoming lazier these days and wanted all kind of comforts without working hard,even me i don't like to work hard and go to post office to mail my documents rather i prefer to send them through online!
It is good that technology is growing but it is then not good that technology is taking over you.
Inventing a super computer like "WATSON" indeed a milestone for AI people but what the human gained in this?
A machine which has a big database within it or it is having a million lines of code?
Technology development is growing but in that growth we are also loosing ourselves in that development and i doesn't wonder in the future there will be a robot which resembles me!
Does the technology development a success to the HUMAN KIND or a disaster??

Why are we searching for comforts where at the past we never thought of??
Increasing our knowledge is a DISASTER or a SUCCESS??
Who knows the reason of all these but one thing is for sure there will be one day when we the HUMANS will ask ourselves AM I HUMAN!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Been a YEAR!!!

Days passed by,Time ran out,but Memories won't fade
,i still remember those funny days i spent with my friends of Btech(Undergraduation),we never knew we will become such a wonderful friends,we never knew how it pains after we become apart,we never thought there will be a day that we will be apart,We never knew we miss each other in this way,my friends are so amazing buddies i have in my real world.
They supported me,they understand me,they like me very much,they share every single secret with me that's the reason people call it a word named 'BEST FRIENDS',i call it as "Heart Buddies",because my friends are always have a place in my heart and they will be forever.

At present i'm very happy that some of them got married and some are doing jobs in many leading software companies but still i remember them as my old friends who used to hang out with me all the time,i knew i'm lonely without them but still just for my happiness i left my country and now suffering with this pain in my heart thinking about them and my family.Now,two of my friends became Mother's to a cute little kids and i really like them and i must say as all of my friends are bigger than me but each and every moment we all spent is not only a memory but my lost happiness.
I still search for them in the internet world just in case i get the same friends i used to have before but no one can meet them,they are so perfect,they are very loving,they are very caring now i miss them each and every moment.

I can say i'm living a life of NOTHING and searching for my Happiness here,i came to know the importance of Family and Friends in life,i came to know the importance of Tears,i came to know the importance of Pain,every day i live a Death life,each minute i live like a Zombie,each second i feel like a Poison,what to do now,what to say now,still missing you guys!!
Now,i consider myself as a SELFISH,ARROGANT,IMPOLITE girl around,
Every day my heart gets hurt because of no one presence,i never loved any person this much i love my friends and family,i came to know the importance now,i will never loose them again when i return my country!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mother(i'm lonely without you!!)

You said to me that stop this game of hide-and-seek has gone for too long come home now,won't you?

but i flew away in the wide open sky,you searched for me everywhere but i was in the place of dreams you spoke of,You were sad and worried about me but my kite flies here without a care,noone to steal the kite's string or cut it to loose.
How do i show you the wonders of this place?
I have drunk from flowing waterfalls,
I touched hanging clusters of dreams,
Here Sun and Shade walk hand in hand,
Here everything has a fresh beauty,
Here there is nothing i lack yet i feel so alone without you Mother!!

You waited for me with a weary eyes but still i flew away for my search of Happiness but now i found that nothing is precious than your lap,You were crying when i was leaving but i didn't cried thinking that i will make you proud but nothing here is as Solace as you MOTHER,
You gave me the inspiration to grow here but nothing here is as GOOD as you MOTHER,
I found friends here mother but no one is as SWEETER as you are MOTHER,
You used to cook my favorite dishes every day but in here i miss the fragrance of your dishes MOTHER,
You used to cry when i was depressed secretly mother but i cry daily here because you are not here,MOTHER,

I'm still lonely without you MOTHER,Missing your Lap,Missing your touch,Missing your presence here...I'M LONELY WITHOUT YOU MOTHER HERE!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Essence Of Love!!!!

ని కోసం నిరీక్షించే ఈ ప్రేయసి రాసే ఒక చిన్న కవిత:---(it means,i'm waiting for you dear lover,please listen my words of love...)

I don't even know the way you look like but i can feel the presence of you in the air,
I don't even know whether you are searching for me or not, but my eyes search for you wherever i go,
I don't even know you feel the same but even though i feel for you a lot,
I wish this valentine you are with me forever but i don't know you are still looking for me or not,
This crazy heart doesn't know the meaning of you but it just understands the feeling of your's ,
Take care my valentine i hope you are not so far from me.......
Well,this crazy girl also got a essence of love too,to find her true love and happiness even though her studies are main priority but this crazy mind thinks about her sweet handsome prince in her dreams,
People life will have a goal for sure but don't forget including your goal you still have to think about your little happiness's in your life too,every day i dream about my work but i think about my future also but i don't know which kind of person will i get to be my husband but i'm sure god has choosen the BEST for me!!


(TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beany's Homework!!!

Hi Frns,
           This post is just a homework of beany:-(see i'm a good girl beany!!)

Seven things you don't know about me:-(guess what you people will do with that!!! well,received an award so had to do...!!!)
1)I'm very sensitive,well many people will think that what's this,but this is the truth.I'm easily hurted and even my parents won't scold me because if i start crying i won't stop!!!!( may think i'm a cry baby but no very stubborn girl i don't want anyone yell at me so!!)

2)I eat a lot,well i like food and indian biriyani very much and if i saw it then don't ask i just go on munching.Well then don't think i'm a fat girl i knew beany will comment on this(you fat boy i like to eat but not that much !!)

3)I Love my DOG Krypto,i like him and think he is my little brother,whom at present i miss a lot because he is in india and me in USA(waaaaaa....why the immigration people won't allow a dog with me,i hate them!!)

4)Iam Open Minded,Whatever i think in my mind i will say and i can express it and i don't feel bad about that.

5)I don't trust anyone easily,because trust is only true when you can understand the person,so i don't trust easily anyone but in my blogging experience i found a very good friends like Beany,Sie,Jolly,Ms.jill,Mugambi,Sudhi and Tryant who made me to trust people,well guys i trust you more than myself because you are my best friends i have!!!

6)I Love People who talk a lot,Because i talk a lot!!

7)Lastly,i like people who help others,because in most cases i try my level best to help people in need a lot.

Beany Sir,i finished my homework what's my grade???

Tell me beany sir,

i know i will get A+ right???(plzzzzzzzzz.....)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Burning Truth!!!!

Hi Frns,

            The title of my blog post may make you think what's this??
well coming to that part,i never said lies about anything that i can confess anywhere but this little truth of mine is not said to anyone but today i want to tell to the world about my "burning truth".
I wonder why you guys want to know about my truth,well i already said blogs for me are my heart which you people can see through words!!!

I knew i'm really busy these days even not having time to eat food because of Master's degree??  (i wish iam an Einstein so no need to work hard!!!)
Before i tell my  burning truth,i want to thank BEANIZER(Baby batman),my blog friend from Philippines for the wonderful "Stylish Blogger Award".I want to dedicate this award to all of my blog friends and they knew whom i'm mentioning right guys??


Well,i don't know from my childhood i wanted to touch the sky,i like the sky and even i want to be in the sky.I wrote many poems on it(of course it was in my childhood you people wanna hear that!!! noway,it's secret!!),that made me to decide to be an aeronautical engineer but due to family restrictions i could not do that,but now i had a chance to prove my talent but i don't know Robotics,i don't even know how to make one even though i'm good in programming but designing a robot needs some knowledge in electronics,i have no one to support to reach my goal but i'm trying my level best to reach it.I don't even know how many times i wandered to NASA's website just to have a little job so that i can enter into it and see what is going on and learn from it!!
Without a support,no one can even reach their goal but i'm trying my level best,my family thinks that it's my age to get married(22yrs old!!).But what i think is to achieve my goal,i hate computers(sorry guys,who like computers) but i have to be in this field for my family happiness.(Compromising in everything)
I knew that if this post was seen by my family they will definitely try to stop me,but i knew it is the god who supported me until now,he is the one who gave me the chance to reach the top country of technology so that i can get some knowledge in here.People i knew my desire is an unachievable and impossible,well how can a girl with no knowledge of  robotics can achieve make one???
But i think that knowledge is divine and i can achieve it.My dream is just to be in NASA may be achieved but i won't give up.
A girl who love the sky at the age of 5 until now cannot be a good pilot??
A girl who never loved anyone at the age to make a lover cannot be a good programmer??
A girl who had a dream to be as popular as Bill Gates cannot be one??
Why a girl has to loose in everything,because she is a girl??
Well,this girl is at least trying but i saw many girls around me not even having a brave heart to explain to their parents about their burning truth,i'm one of them but i'm at least trying.....
This is the big truth i never told to anyone but i confessed it today through out the world,now i can say i'm Open Minded!!!    

Friday, January 7, 2011

Alice in the Wonderland

There used to be a young lady who has an aspiration to touch the sky because it has the color which she love.
She tried and tried but never touched it.One day she got the chance to touch the sky but she felt nothing it's just a sky,with nothing in it no peace in it,no air in it,no heat in it but it is just a sky with nothing.She wandered the whole sky to reach her destination but it seems like sky is so vast and infinite and her destination is very far from her expectation.The goal to reach the sky has been achieved by her but not the one which she love,the color blue!

She searched,looked everywhere asked the clouds but the clouds too are helpless that they cannot bring her love blue.She traveled miles from her home in search of her true color blue but she couldn't find it even though she managed to reach the sky,she is so thoughtful in her mind but this one decision to find her color blue made her to cry in vain.She is in a wonderland,she has no friends,she is all alone,she has no family here but still she wants to search her color blue,she don't know what might happen to her in this search but she knows one thing that to find her color blue.She knows that it is an impossible search but he doesn't giveup,she also knew if she fail to search her color blue she will be sent back to her real world who doesn't understand the truth of her.She is lost now in this wonderland will she ever find her true color of love?
can she find BLUE?

Everyone has a dream in their life's in the same way Alice too had a dream to reach her color of love blue but now the evil is behind her in this search,but she never gave up her struggle.People,inspite of knowing nothing about BLUE,Alice is travelling to reach her destination blue,in the same way we were born to reach a destination so never give up.Everyone has a goal and try to reach it but don't give up.Love never dies so,Alice never looses her faith.Keep faith in you and don't look back but just walk forward your destination is just in front of you.
                                    LIFE HAS A DESTINATION!!!!!!!