Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Burning Truth!!!!

Hi Frns,

            The title of my blog post may make you think what's this??
well coming to that part,i never said lies about anything that i can confess anywhere but this little truth of mine is not said to anyone but today i want to tell to the world about my "burning truth".
I wonder why you guys want to know about my truth,well i already said blogs for me are my heart which you people can see through words!!!

I knew i'm really busy these days even not having time to eat food because of Master's degree??  (i wish iam an Einstein so no need to work hard!!!)
Before i tell my  burning truth,i want to thank BEANIZER(Baby batman),my blog friend from Philippines for the wonderful "Stylish Blogger Award".I want to dedicate this award to all of my blog friends and they knew whom i'm mentioning right guys??


Well,i don't know from my childhood i wanted to touch the sky,i like the sky and even i want to be in the sky.I wrote many poems on it(of course it was in my childhood you people wanna hear that!!! noway,it's secret!!),that made me to decide to be an aeronautical engineer but due to family restrictions i could not do that,but now i had a chance to prove my talent but i don't know Robotics,i don't even know how to make one even though i'm good in programming but designing a robot needs some knowledge in electronics,i have no one to support to reach my goal but i'm trying my level best to reach it.I don't even know how many times i wandered to NASA's website just to have a little job so that i can enter into it and see what is going on and learn from it!!
Without a support,no one can even reach their goal but i'm trying my level best,my family thinks that it's my age to get married(22yrs old!!).But what i think is to achieve my goal,i hate computers(sorry guys,who like computers) but i have to be in this field for my family happiness.(Compromising in everything)
I knew that if this post was seen by my family they will definitely try to stop me,but i knew it is the god who supported me until now,he is the one who gave me the chance to reach the top country of technology so that i can get some knowledge in here.People i knew my desire is an unachievable and impossible,well how can a girl with no knowledge of  robotics can achieve make one???
But i think that knowledge is divine and i can achieve it.My dream is just to be in NASA may be achieved but i won't give up.
A girl who love the sky at the age of 5 until now cannot be a good pilot??
A girl who never loved anyone at the age to make a lover cannot be a good programmer??
A girl who had a dream to be as popular as Bill Gates cannot be one??
Why a girl has to loose in everything,because she is a girl??
Well,this girl is at least trying but i saw many girls around me not even having a brave heart to explain to their parents about their burning truth,i'm one of them but i'm at least trying.....
This is the big truth i never told to anyone but i confessed it today through out the world,now i can say i'm Open Minded!!!    


beanizer_05 said...

where are the 7 facts there??
a girl with big dreams and a brave became brave 'coz i influenced your courage!

p/s: pls changed the font color, can't read the lines well;)

ravali said...

@beany:- well ok i will change the font size.
well the 7 facts will be coming soon,but this is my first fact!!!