Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Been a YEAR!!!

Days passed by,Time ran out,but Memories won't fade
,i still remember those funny days i spent with my friends of Btech(Undergraduation),we never knew we will become such a wonderful friends,we never knew how it pains after we become apart,we never thought there will be a day that we will be apart,We never knew we miss each other in this way,my friends are so amazing buddies i have in my real world.
They supported me,they understand me,they like me very much,they share every single secret with me that's the reason people call it a word named 'BEST FRIENDS',i call it as "Heart Buddies",because my friends are always have a place in my heart and they will be forever.

At present i'm very happy that some of them got married and some are doing jobs in many leading software companies but still i remember them as my old friends who used to hang out with me all the time,i knew i'm lonely without them but still just for my happiness i left my country and now suffering with this pain in my heart thinking about them and my family.Now,two of my friends became Mother's to a cute little kids and i really like them and i must say as all of my friends are bigger than me but each and every moment we all spent is not only a memory but my lost happiness.
I still search for them in the internet world just in case i get the same friends i used to have before but no one can meet them,they are so perfect,they are very loving,they are very caring now i miss them each and every moment.

I can say i'm living a life of NOTHING and searching for my Happiness here,i came to know the importance of Family and Friends in life,i came to know the importance of Tears,i came to know the importance of Pain,every day i live a Death life,each minute i live like a Zombie,each second i feel like a Poison,what to do now,what to say now,still missing you guys!!
Now,i consider myself as a SELFISH,ARROGANT,IMPOLITE girl around,
Every day my heart gets hurt because of no one presence,i never loved any person this much i love my friends and family,i came to know the importance now,i will never loose them again when i return my country!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mother(i'm lonely without you!!)

You said to me that stop this game of hide-and-seek has gone for too long come home now,won't you?

but i flew away in the wide open sky,you searched for me everywhere but i was in the place of dreams you spoke of,You were sad and worried about me but my kite flies here without a care,noone to steal the kite's string or cut it to loose.
How do i show you the wonders of this place?
I have drunk from flowing waterfalls,
I touched hanging clusters of dreams,
Here Sun and Shade walk hand in hand,
Here everything has a fresh beauty,
Here there is nothing i lack yet i feel so alone without you Mother!!

You waited for me with a weary eyes but still i flew away for my search of Happiness but now i found that nothing is precious than your lap,You were crying when i was leaving but i didn't cried thinking that i will make you proud but nothing here is as Solace as you MOTHER,
You gave me the inspiration to grow here but nothing here is as GOOD as you MOTHER,
I found friends here mother but no one is as SWEETER as you are MOTHER,
You used to cook my favorite dishes every day but in here i miss the fragrance of your dishes MOTHER,
You used to cry when i was depressed secretly mother but i cry daily here because you are not here,MOTHER,

I'm still lonely without you MOTHER,Missing your Lap,Missing your touch,Missing your presence here...I'M LONELY WITHOUT YOU MOTHER HERE!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Essence Of Love!!!!

ని కోసం నిరీక్షించే ఈ ప్రేయసి రాసే ఒక చిన్న కవిత:---(it means,i'm waiting for you dear lover,please listen my words of love...)

I don't even know the way you look like but i can feel the presence of you in the air,
I don't even know whether you are searching for me or not, but my eyes search for you wherever i go,
I don't even know you feel the same but even though i feel for you a lot,
I wish this valentine you are with me forever but i don't know you are still looking for me or not,
This crazy heart doesn't know the meaning of you but it just understands the feeling of your's ,
Take care my valentine i hope you are not so far from me.......
Well,this crazy girl also got a essence of love too,to find her true love and happiness even though her studies are main priority but this crazy mind thinks about her sweet handsome prince in her dreams,
People life will have a goal for sure but don't forget including your goal you still have to think about your little happiness's in your life too,every day i dream about my work but i think about my future also but i don't know which kind of person will i get to be my husband but i'm sure god has choosen the BEST for me!!


(TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beany's Homework!!!

Hi Frns,
           This post is just a homework of beany:-(see i'm a good girl beany!!)

Seven things you don't know about me:-(guess what you people will do with that!!! well,received an award so had to do...!!!)
1)I'm very sensitive,well many people will think that what's this,but this is the truth.I'm easily hurted and even my parents won't scold me because if i start crying i won't stop!!!!( may think i'm a cry baby but no very stubborn girl i don't want anyone yell at me so!!)

2)I eat a lot,well i like food and indian biriyani very much and if i saw it then don't ask i just go on munching.Well then don't think i'm a fat girl i knew beany will comment on this(you fat boy i like to eat but not that much !!)

3)I Love my DOG Krypto,i like him and think he is my little brother,whom at present i miss a lot because he is in india and me in USA(waaaaaa....why the immigration people won't allow a dog with me,i hate them!!)

4)Iam Open Minded,Whatever i think in my mind i will say and i can express it and i don't feel bad about that.

5)I don't trust anyone easily,because trust is only true when you can understand the person,so i don't trust easily anyone but in my blogging experience i found a very good friends like Beany,Sie,Jolly,Ms.jill,Mugambi,Sudhi and Tryant who made me to trust people,well guys i trust you more than myself because you are my best friends i have!!!

6)I Love People who talk a lot,Because i talk a lot!!

7)Lastly,i like people who help others,because in most cases i try my level best to help people in need a lot.

Beany Sir,i finished my homework what's my grade???

Tell me beany sir,

i know i will get A+ right???(plzzzzzzzzz.....)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Burning Truth!!!!

Hi Frns,

            The title of my blog post may make you think what's this??
well coming to that part,i never said lies about anything that i can confess anywhere but this little truth of mine is not said to anyone but today i want to tell to the world about my "burning truth".
I wonder why you guys want to know about my truth,well i already said blogs for me are my heart which you people can see through words!!!

I knew i'm really busy these days even not having time to eat food because of Master's degree??  (i wish iam an Einstein so no need to work hard!!!)
Before i tell my  burning truth,i want to thank BEANIZER(Baby batman),my blog friend from Philippines for the wonderful "Stylish Blogger Award".I want to dedicate this award to all of my blog friends and they knew whom i'm mentioning right guys??


Well,i don't know from my childhood i wanted to touch the sky,i like the sky and even i want to be in the sky.I wrote many poems on it(of course it was in my childhood you people wanna hear that!!! noway,it's secret!!),that made me to decide to be an aeronautical engineer but due to family restrictions i could not do that,but now i had a chance to prove my talent but i don't know Robotics,i don't even know how to make one even though i'm good in programming but designing a robot needs some knowledge in electronics,i have no one to support to reach my goal but i'm trying my level best to reach it.I don't even know how many times i wandered to NASA's website just to have a little job so that i can enter into it and see what is going on and learn from it!!
Without a support,no one can even reach their goal but i'm trying my level best,my family thinks that it's my age to get married(22yrs old!!).But what i think is to achieve my goal,i hate computers(sorry guys,who like computers) but i have to be in this field for my family happiness.(Compromising in everything)
I knew that if this post was seen by my family they will definitely try to stop me,but i knew it is the god who supported me until now,he is the one who gave me the chance to reach the top country of technology so that i can get some knowledge in here.People i knew my desire is an unachievable and impossible,well how can a girl with no knowledge of  robotics can achieve make one???
But i think that knowledge is divine and i can achieve it.My dream is just to be in NASA may be achieved but i won't give up.
A girl who love the sky at the age of 5 until now cannot be a good pilot??
A girl who never loved anyone at the age to make a lover cannot be a good programmer??
A girl who had a dream to be as popular as Bill Gates cannot be one??
Why a girl has to loose in everything,because she is a girl??
Well,this girl is at least trying but i saw many girls around me not even having a brave heart to explain to their parents about their burning truth,i'm one of them but i'm at least trying.....
This is the big truth i never told to anyone but i confessed it today through out the world,now i can say i'm Open Minded!!!