Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mother(i'm lonely without you!!)

You said to me that stop this game of hide-and-seek has gone for too long come home now,won't you?

but i flew away in the wide open sky,you searched for me everywhere but i was in the place of dreams you spoke of,You were sad and worried about me but my kite flies here without a care,noone to steal the kite's string or cut it to loose.
How do i show you the wonders of this place?
I have drunk from flowing waterfalls,
I touched hanging clusters of dreams,
Here Sun and Shade walk hand in hand,
Here everything has a fresh beauty,
Here there is nothing i lack yet i feel so alone without you Mother!!

You waited for me with a weary eyes but still i flew away for my search of Happiness but now i found that nothing is precious than your lap,You were crying when i was leaving but i didn't cried thinking that i will make you proud but nothing here is as Solace as you MOTHER,
You gave me the inspiration to grow here but nothing here is as GOOD as you MOTHER,
I found friends here mother but no one is as SWEETER as you are MOTHER,
You used to cook my favorite dishes every day but in here i miss the fragrance of your dishes MOTHER,
You used to cry when i was depressed secretly mother but i cry daily here because you are not here,MOTHER,

I'm still lonely without you MOTHER,Missing your Lap,Missing your touch,Missing your presence here...I'M LONELY WITHOUT YOU MOTHER HERE!!!


Balqis said...

This is really touching. I could feel the strong bond of love between daughter and mother. I like how you express it, Rav. The words really cut through...and I could feel it deep in my heart. When far away, the first thing on mind is those loved ones back home. Mother is in the first place.

I like this post.

rob said...

What a sweet, touching post, Ravali. I love your sincere way of writing. I'll follow your blog with great interest. Keep up the good blogging and may God bless you!

Simple Sie said...

Ravie I was touched by your post.As a mom I can feel the sadness and care of your mom just wanting you to be there with her.As a child I have not been cared much by my mom but I still miss her presence.It is just a short period of time Ravie and one day you will be back in the loving arms of your mom again :) said...

Ravie,thxks for the add,you are a interesting blog,i was touch by your post,with friendship Tavy.

ravali said...

@balquis:-Life has made something for me which departed me from my mother,well thanks for understanding my feelings!

@rob:-thank you very much i hope you liked it.

@sie:-well waiting for that wonderful day to come.

@Tavy:-Thankyou very much!

Suresh Shrestha said...

Such feelings about mom are really worth-cherishing!
This post of yours is really heart-touching!!

ravali said...

@suresh:-Well thanks a lot,really i miss her presence now but what to do have to lead this life in such a way now!!

Jill Wellington said...

Beautiful, Ravali! Are you liking America? I imagine you really miss your family!

ravali said...

@Ms.Jill:-well i like america but i miss my family and friends the most,if they are here too then i like america the most then.heheh

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Anonymous said...

Wow ...
It's really hear touching!!!!!