Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Silent voices

I know u luv me,but u dare not to express it
I know u care for me,but u disguise urself not to express it
I know u support me,but you act of not to
I know u cannot let me die,but u don't know someday I have to....

Ur eyes always predict the existence of luv towards me
Ur breath always make me feel that am alive
Ur voice always make me teach that am in love
Ur face always make me recognize that am Urs 
Ur heart always make me respond that am inside it
Now, ur distance makes me die daily just to be with u may be in next life....

Baby, it's just u who can make me stand and how can u leave me in this ocean of life and go to such distances that u will never come back??
Baby, how can I live this life just being a loner??

These voices are always heard by everyone those who come across of their failure in love and lost their love and this is dedicated to those who lost their love and failed in their love....