Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hi frns,
          I had a crazy dream today,when i woke up i saw that my teddy bear is wishing me good morning!!!
It was a surprise to me then i just walked into the hall and called out my mom but she wasn't there so,i walked into my kitchen and thought to make some breakfast.I touched the chocos they replied "HEY DEAR,GOOD MORNING,YOU HUNGRY??"
once again a surprise,how would chocos can talk??
then i replied "yeah,good morning!"  *thinking deeply*
I just took a peek through my kitchen window and i was surprised that every vehicle is just going by it's own and there is no man inside to drive those!!!
Then i thought how would it be if it is real???
May be that's the reason i go crazy watching ROBOTS!!!
Then,i took  a decision to create such a small world where there is no troubles,no worries,everything will be done by machines itself and you sit down and become lazy.

Then,again i thought is this called life??
Just sitting in front of your computer and chat with unknown persons or may be friends?
But,life is something  you never expect,you never know what  might happen,you should enjoy by checking out the beautiful nature we have,the rising sun,the twinkling stars etc.
These days people became loners because of social communication,interacting among people is decreasing and one day will come where the babies won't even cry and forget to smile!!

So,people imagination is not at all makes you happy,imaginary friends are just some persons who come and go but our family,relatives,friends etc are those who will be with you forever.People you know what, you all are having a wonderful and a priceless thing ith you i.e,"YOUR BRAIN".So,don't worry if you earn 1$ or 2$,BILLGATES or MJ are not born  rich they used their brain a little where you didn't!
So,imagine guys to be Billgates or MJ or someone else but don't over imagine that!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hi frns,

This is a month where a adorable,sweet and friendly girl was born.She has lots of things to do and wanted to achieve those.She has a dream in her mind but neither her friends nor the family supports her.She lost in many battles but never gave up the winning spirit.Her last days are coming soon if she couldn't achieve the purpose of her life.

She has been tested by god,by taking away all her dearest friends away from her,no one to share her feelings,no one to support her,all alone she cried because of her fate.She cried and cried every night and one day she took a decision to declare something which will give her a rightful winning.

Many boys fall for her but she doesn't look for a boy but for a friend such a friend,who will support her in worries and troubles but she couldn't find anyone in those boys,as all those boys want that girl but not her heart!!!

The days are running fast and there is no time for her to reach the final destiny,if she wins over it she will have the most happiest living and if not she will be nowhere.The final destination has come to her just a few days to go,well this pretty lady can win over it or loose??

"Winning is important in my life,
The days are coming to an end,
Loosing cannot stand in my life,
but still this pretty lady can win or loose?"

The time is too short,but she is walking lonely with a smiling heart,a twinkling eyes,like an angel in the sky.

Friday, June 18, 2010

MY Beautiful Work!!!

Hi frns,
          I'm really happy today not fully but yes its a feeling i could say OK,because i got good marks in my exam.Thanks for all those who supported me.Hey i really forgot to say June 19th was my friend Beanizer's birthday and i wish him all happiness to come to him.
well,check on my new work of poems,these are my unopened words from my heart:---

"Heart Beats,
Wind Blows,
Mind Thinks,
Hand Writes,
I smile,
But you Laugh!!!"

The meaning is "whatever the works are being done but every work has YOU in it".

"Why I think of YOU every time?
Why I pray for YOU every time?
 Why I feel for YOU every time?
Why I miss YOU every time?
Why I cry for YOU every time?
Is it because I LOVE YOU?"

"One hour to spend with my Family,
Two hours to spend with my Friends,
Three hours to spend with my Pets,
A Year to spend with you my AIM!!!"

"Seconds passed by,Minutes passed by,Hours passed by but you never came,
Days passed by,Months passed by,Years passed by but you never came,
Seconds passed by my heart beat slowed down,
Minutes passed by my heart beat slowing down,
Hours passed by my heart beat stopped but you never came,
Days passed by my soul awaits you,but you never came,
Months passed by my soul awaits you,but you never came,
Years passed by my soul awaits you,but you never ever came!"

That's all folks,once again for the birthday boy BEANIZER.."HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Street Children!!!

Hi frns,
          Today is my birthday..*HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME**
"It's me a boy who has been brought up in the streets.My parents won't love me so,they left me in a garbage.Some beggars took me and raised me into a 6year old cute boy.Now i'm begging in the streets for my living,am i that bad my parents abandoned me??"

This was a story of those children who are born to those cruel parents who left their children to die.I wonder why people couldn't understand themselves.How can a parent leave their child to die?
I can see many street children who just pass their precious time on begging.Why don't the government take this into concern and let them into any school and make their future bright?
I feel sad when anyone of those children calls me,"Sister,please give me 2rs".I wish that i lend  whatever i had in my purse but it will make them to think again of begging.I asked many children that why don't they study,the sweetest reply from them was:"will you take us to school then?"
People just think before you think of raising children.Children are our future citizens so parents must be in such a way that they must be supportive to them  but not their doom masters!!!

Again my  Poetry bear me:--
"YOU came like a WIND in my Life,
YOU filled all the air in my Life,
YOU made me to feel the Presence of Light in my Life,
YOU brought the Lost Happiness in my Life,
YOU were like a angel to my Life,
But now YOU left me into a Vast Space of Nowhere!!!!"

"Oh Sky,why are you so far?
Oh Sky,why are you so gloomy?
Oh Sky,why are you so sad?
Oh Sky,why are you so dull?
Don't you see my face is so gloomy,sad and dull?"

"A Little Star woke up in the middle of night,looked around and saw your face,
The Little Star doesn't know who is the more brighter is that the MOON or is it YOU?
The Little Star came near you to see that who is so sweet is that the MOON or is it YOU?
The Little Star came near the MOON to see it and saw that the moon has the shining FACE of YOURS,
The Little Star got surprised and went to sleep again thinking,"Oh Human,are you the one more brighter than the MOON?"

Well enjoy guys!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hi frns,
          Today i gonna tell you a little story of mine but not in words but in a poetry...

"My heart is brave enough,though it pains,
My eyes are strong,though they hurt,
My mouth is shut,though it was bruised,
My hands are tied,though they are bleeding,
My soul cries,though it died,
But my aim still burns,though it is dying"

"Loosing my heart never pains me a lot,
Loosing my hands never pains me a lot,
Loosing my body never pains me a lot,
But loosing my friends pains me a lot!!!!"

"Lost in the battle of life,
Lost in the battle of survival,
Lost in the battle of gain,
Lost in the battle of pain,
But i never lost in the battle of gaining the hearts of my friends."

"Iam a looser,but never thought i would be the one,
I lost in all relationships like family and friends but never thought i would be the one,
I lost in my aim,but never thought i would be the one,
now iam in a state of confusion to which to loose LIFE or DEATH???"

Am i the only one to loose in every aspect???
Why i loose everything???
I lost my confidence,aim,everything but why iam still alive???
What makes me to live??
Is it my family??
my friends??
my heart??
my faith??
my fear??
my what??
HUH...Some lives still live though there is no reason to live,though they are dead,though they feel the pain.
Iam a looser but never thought of giving up my life.
So,friends loosing does pain a lot but even though you lost just live your life like that you gain everything and smiles forever like now am doing!!!

"My heart hurts when it thinks of a word called 'LOST'
My mind blows off when it thinks of a word called 'LOST'
My hands shake when they think of the word called 'LOST'
My eyes shut when they think of the word called 'LOST'
But still my soul walks in the thought of gain....."


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hi frns,
         Today i want to talk about a small word named "FORGIVENESS",many people couldn't understand this word and break certain relationships unknowingly.

To say SORRY is a very big thing for them,they think that saying this small word will make their pride to go down or loose.I saw many relationships which end drastically due to these certain petty things and trust.Forgiving a friend should be needed even though if they do mistakes,the same way we must forgive some certain topics which will make a relationship too hard to sustain.

Me myself did hurted many of my friends and i knew it was hard for them to sustain those words of mine but i indeed asked them to forgive me but some didn't.For a person it is really hard to scold anyone or discuss some matter which will make them sad but the other person won't think that,just they sway a saying that "you scolded me!!!"

They even don't know the reason,why don't they think about the other person that he/she is in any trouble or she just yelled due to irritation or may be of any other reason????
Relationships are easy to broke but difficult to make up!!

So,friends my only request is try to forgive some of the mistakes made by your partner or by your friends which makes your relationship into a world of HAPPINESS 


Note:-- Sorry BEAN of being angry at you,SORRY to u MRS.LYN(may be i'm still young to think about any matter)!!!!