Sunday, June 13, 2010

Street Children!!!

Hi frns,
          Today is my birthday..*HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME**
"It's me a boy who has been brought up in the streets.My parents won't love me so,they left me in a garbage.Some beggars took me and raised me into a 6year old cute boy.Now i'm begging in the streets for my living,am i that bad my parents abandoned me??"

This was a story of those children who are born to those cruel parents who left their children to die.I wonder why people couldn't understand themselves.How can a parent leave their child to die?
I can see many street children who just pass their precious time on begging.Why don't the government take this into concern and let them into any school and make their future bright?
I feel sad when anyone of those children calls me,"Sister,please give me 2rs".I wish that i lend  whatever i had in my purse but it will make them to think again of begging.I asked many children that why don't they study,the sweetest reply from them was:"will you take us to school then?"
People just think before you think of raising children.Children are our future citizens so parents must be in such a way that they must be supportive to them  but not their doom masters!!!

Again my  Poetry bear me:--
"YOU came like a WIND in my Life,
YOU filled all the air in my Life,
YOU made me to feel the Presence of Light in my Life,
YOU brought the Lost Happiness in my Life,
YOU were like a angel to my Life,
But now YOU left me into a Vast Space of Nowhere!!!!"

"Oh Sky,why are you so far?
Oh Sky,why are you so gloomy?
Oh Sky,why are you so sad?
Oh Sky,why are you so dull?
Don't you see my face is so gloomy,sad and dull?"

"A Little Star woke up in the middle of night,looked around and saw your face,
The Little Star doesn't know who is the more brighter is that the MOON or is it YOU?
The Little Star came near you to see that who is so sweet is that the MOON or is it YOU?
The Little Star came near the MOON to see it and saw that the moon has the shining FACE of YOURS,
The Little Star got surprised and went to sleep again thinking,"Oh Human,are you the one more brighter than the MOON?"

Well enjoy guys!!


Jolly Princess said...

Happy Birthday! I wish you ALL the BEST!

Chub Johnson said...

What's worse about this is the fact that there are so many loving individuals who are willing to adopt and share everything they have with a child, but they do not have the necessary income to do so. Did you know it costs approximately 10 to 14,000 dollars to adopt. My wife and I have both considered it, but don't have the resources. For now all we can do is help where we can.

ravali said...

@jolly:--thank you so much dear friend!!!

@johnson:--sir,i really appreciate the thinking of yours but why these stupid people couldn't think like that!!!
i hope one day you adopt a child and save him of not being destroyed!!!

Chub Johnson said...

i hope so too.

I finally figured out how to follow you. I hope you get a chance to check out my blog and follow me. I think you will like some of the post.

ravali said...

thanks mr.chub,sure to check ur blog!!!

Jill Wellington said...

Did you write that poem?? You have talent, my dear!!!! Happy Birthday a few days late!

ravali said...

@jill:--yes all those poems are of my own!!!
those are my words which are been in my mind from past!!!