Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hi frns,

This is a month where a adorable,sweet and friendly girl was born.She has lots of things to do and wanted to achieve those.She has a dream in her mind but neither her friends nor the family supports her.She lost in many battles but never gave up the winning spirit.Her last days are coming soon if she couldn't achieve the purpose of her life.

She has been tested by god,by taking away all her dearest friends away from her,no one to share her feelings,no one to support her,all alone she cried because of her fate.She cried and cried every night and one day she took a decision to declare something which will give her a rightful winning.

Many boys fall for her but she doesn't look for a boy but for a friend such a friend,who will support her in worries and troubles but she couldn't find anyone in those boys,as all those boys want that girl but not her heart!!!

The days are running fast and there is no time for her to reach the final destiny,if she wins over it she will have the most happiest living and if not she will be nowhere.The final destination has come to her just a few days to go,well this pretty lady can win over it or loose??

"Winning is important in my life,
The days are coming to an end,
Loosing cannot stand in my life,
but still this pretty lady can win or loose?"

The time is too short,but she is walking lonely with a smiling heart,a twinkling eyes,like an angel in the sky.


Jolly Princess said...

I believed in your fighting spirit and aspiring mind. I know you are going to win. :)

ashu said...

hmm dats godd dear ,,,,,its really too intresting..,,!!

ravali said...

@jolly:--thanks,i hope i can win this time!!!!

@ashu:--yes god makes us cry,but later on he will give us happiness!!

Jill Wellington said...

Ravali, I have been on vacation, so I haven't been able to read all your blogs. I just caught up and I love that you are writing so much and expressing your deep feelings! Blogging is awesome therapy and it's great to share with others.