Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Life's just a Ramp Walk!!

The ramp is set before you can walk and all you need is to show up your confidence and go forward. The music is on, but still nothing to be heard except the walk to be completed by you. There will be many who will appreciate your walk and even take photographs of you and some will throw some tantrums or lewd comments on you but still you need to finish the walk on the ramp with an attitude and confidence within you. The show might start early and there might be many people who are walking along with you in this ramp but still if you loose your confidence you will slip on the ramp but still you should not give up or loose your attitude and finish the ramp walk. The ramp i mention here is this World created by god for us and there might be uncertainties in life but still you should complete this walk with the same old attitude and confidence you started in this life from the day you are born. 

Sometimes in life we need to build up good confidence within us, even though you are lost with the inner-most saddest parts of your life but still you need to have the confidence within you to get your life into a new phase. I slipped in this ramp walk many times and had got hurt with the lewd comments of people watching me but still i need to finish this walk at any cost and i got up and still walking...

Recently, i went to a fashion show event for the first time in the life which showed me that life is nothing but just a ramp walk. I have seen the models getting slipped sometimes because of the high heels but still their expressions on their face are the same, they didn't felt a shy or cried in front of everyone but they took it in a positive manner and completed the walk, that's what any one should have in their life. I know i have slipped many times in my life but until you finish this ramp walk you are not going to reach your purpose of life, so what i feel is life is just a ramp walk...

Don't cry if people call you a idiot, maniac and mainly loser because the name loser itself has a name winner by it's side and i always think life is life when we take a risk...

So, people are you ready to finish the ramp walk with me??

Take care everyone and don't forget to smile... :) :) 

Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Stranger She Met.......

She was a stubborn girl with lots of aims in her mind and a very chaotic girl without any plans of her future.She stepped into a new world which is entirely different to her, the culture, the people, the language and everything.
This girl was trying to get along with the new world, even though she miss her parents a lot, she tried to cope up with the new life.She found strange behaviors of the people and those who are from her world are different in that new world and all these have impacted her very much but, she couldn't tell her parents about the variations of her life and troubles, she managed to get along with the new world. The university she joined was really competitive and people are struggling hard to get a good rank and all she needed was a motivation to study hard. Then, she had only one true friend who supported her very honestly and all she had for a mental support was him.
  At March 1st 2010, she never thought her life will take a new turn when she was interrupted in her life with an introduction of a stranger. That day is the day she can never forget in her life which has become a fairy tale come true. This stranger she met was once a known person but still a stranger to her because of communication problems. She was continuing her studies well but suddenly, she got into trouble of finances which made her to change the university. Though, she didn't believed this Stranger but she shared her grief to only two people whom she believed that they can understand her grief of changing the university which she thought to have a degree.

There is a saying, whenever you feel that you are all alone and has no one in this world to believe or support you, god will send you an angel to take care of you. Those angels were her best friend and this stranger. Though, she has many people around her who don't believe in her and her studies including her parents these two angels made her build up her confidence and made her to choose the correct way.She asked her cousin about the decision she wants to make but her cousin simply scolded her saying, " You are not fit for doing this degree!"
This small sentence said it all to her and though she knew for every problem there is a solution but just for a mental support she called her cousin which made her more devastated and her tears are flowing from her eyes all day because of those words. Then, she got a ping in on line from the stranger as usual then this girl told him regarding the sorrow she has, she got a call from the stranger as he asked her number to call her and she gave her number. (Many people may wonder, why would a person share their personal phone number to a stranger?? )
This girl was not even thinking anything else but just crying all day and needed some mental support and confidence of deciding what's next for her, well she is sensitive for sure but she made a big decision to leave her secured world with parents and enter this new dimension world with confidence that she can make it through but now she lost her confidence and was crying whether to return back or how to continue this journey.

The stranger called her and firstly, he comforted her with good motivating words and made her silent from crying and made her understand that it's not important where you complete your degree but how you achieve it and how you show the world that you can make things possible. These words made that girl to think that this stranger is her angel from heaven. Life of hers has been changed the day she started talking to this stranger, may be because she is all alone or because she needs some moral support or what are the reasons for this girl to open the door of her heart to this stranger??

Her true friend also called her after the call from the stranger to console her that, she is not an ordinary girl but wanted to be a successful girl in life.Her mind cooled down and relieved from the pain and she slept for waking up tomorrow with a fresh mind to think what's next for her...

Well, this is a continuing story which i wanted to describe it completely and this is a true story of one of my best friends and am sure everyone will like this fairy tale which came true....!!!

Moral: Sometimes a Stranger can become a motivator to change your path into success.   

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Born to Die!!

Many people like to commit suicide and end their lives but what about the martyrs of Army, Navy and all civil services people who give their lives for the country. I always wanted to be in the Army as i believe that we are born for a purpose and that purpose can be your sacrifice to many people or helping people who are in need. I too have been facing many problems like everyone but people who wants to commit suicide need to think about one word, why?Are we benefited by the death?
If we are no more no one cares for us, even our parents cry for a year and then they will live and keep busy on their lives so, what's the use of death?
A soul of a person who committed suicide is never accepted by the Heaven so, why to become a ghost?
A person who committed suicide will be blamed after death calling himself a coward by others, why would anyone want to do it?
For every death there will be a reason, one person may die of kidney failure, heart stroke etc, but those who commit suicide (no reason)!!
Help others and live for others, if you don't want to marry anyone just confess to your parents and go on your way rather than committing suicide. If you failed in love, don't ever fall in love again as better marry any person and then try to love that person because u may not love that person but one day love might happen but don't commit suicide. Some commit suicide because they are not beautiful, isn't it silly??
but it happens sometimes too, well love yourself first then world loves you, beauty comes from heart not from face!!

I salute Army, marine, Navy and all civil services warriors who give up their lives to serve the country where as some fools commit suicide to decrease the population and yeah, one way it is good to control population as any country doesn't need any cowards or scare cats!!

Moral: Live for others and die for others and do anything open heartedly and it may not give you riches but some satisfaction in your journey of life!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

My Experiences in USA!!

Hi Friends,
                I always wanted to write about my three years experience in United States Of America. I have learnt a lot from USA. In this blog i would like to share the little experiences of mine regarding the wonderful Cities i have visited in USA. My first city which i have stepped in was New York and let me start with the amazing experiences i have faced in this busiest city.

New York is a place where there is a unique culture, fashion and the lifestyle is different than the other parts of USA. I have seen many places in New York like the Statue of Liberty which is the best sculpture i have seen. The view of New York city from the boat to the Statue of Liberty was really amazing, surprising and awesome. We can get the glimpse of the whole downtown of New York city. The buildings were so huge and even we can get the newly ongoing construction of World Trade Center. I liked the Hot Dogs from New York Suburbs though my mom never let me to have street foods but still these were really yummy and fresh. The first time i have seen the Street Dancing was in New York and the dancers were really amazing, being a dancer myself i wish to learn certain dance moves from them. These talents are to be supported by the dance companies so that they can earn much more than performing at the streets. I have also noticed the wonderful Street Painting artists, who painted 3D images in such a ease and smoothly. The Street Magicians were kind of fun and really gifted but i wonder they earn much more money or not but they are really having a gifted talent which should be rewarded highly. Then, i have been to the Times Square where i can see all the Display Videos of the advertisers and the Wall Street as usual was busy with the stocks and exchanges but it was a busy street and is very classic.

Well, My experiences as a Tourist to New York was, learnt few steps of dance from Street Dancers, Have got a chance to see the 3D painting and Magical performances. I have also seen people roaming at nights and may be working so late around at 3:00AM too, which amused me so much. I felt am in a world where there is fun, excitement, work, joy and happiness. The winter over there is kinda horrible but the rest of the months will be like a place where anyone could never be bored of.

So, the next experience i gonna share is about Connecticut, USA...

Thanks for reading this post and have a fun and exciting weekends people...

Yours Ravie...!!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Unconditional Love!!!

If love can be explained by words I would have written a 1000 books about LOVE,
If love can be explained by expressions I might have made a movie about LOVE,
If love can be shown then I might have opened my heart to show it.
Love is unexplained, a magic of heart which is so strange but it will explain that Love exists in Mother’s hand, Grand Parents stories, dad’s Scolding’s and our Pet’s tail wagging. Generally, if the matter comes about love from Teenage to adults everyone thinks of their boyfriend or girlfriend. But Unconditional love only comes from two people in the whole world is your Parents. Your parents can understand the true feelings of yours, your dreams, your likes or dislikes. For a marriage to turn out to be a lifelong commitment it takes years to understand each other and some couples get separated because of the variations of understandings but they get the support from their family and that mental support will only be given by the person who truly loves you and those persons are called parents. Celebrating your Valentine’s Day with your Spouse or your girlfriend or boyfriend is not a big deal and celebrating the Valentine’s Day with your Parents will give you the true meaning of love. Our spouses may love us unconditionally too but still we shouldn’t leave our parents as Valentine’s Day true meaning is to salute the purity of Love and the existence of a wonderful feeling named LOVE. 
I wish each and every reader of my blog and to the entire world A VERY HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!

Well, Valentine’s Day for Ravie will be same old Work, work, work and work….Phew!!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Love and to be Loved!!!

Love is something you cannot explain, a bonding which you feel with the someone special and you wouldn't know it until you start missing them so badly.
Love is a bondage between two hearts and if the love is true, am sure it wouldn't be one-sided and true love always wins the race.

All i know from my experiences is Loving truly a person, will help you learn the bitter side and also the happy side of yours.
Loving your parents will teach you the way to lead your life,
Loving your pets will teach you that love is unconditional,
Loving your friends will teach you that love is in trust and understanding,
Finally Loving the life you are in, will teach you the path of happiness and your destiny to god!

I remember a story about Love, there used to be a girl who is really ambitious and hardworking and a boy who is very unhappy and sad, destiny made them to be together
and one day the girl left the boy as the destiny of the girl is god as she is having a cancer, but still the boy remembers her and now he always smile for her and led his life in a very great way.
He has a ambition to achieve for the love he trusts in. Love is nothing but trust and understanding nothing else.

Love just happens and it is a miracle of heart which responds when you come close to the person you are born for, in short SOUL MATE.

I really admire every person in the whole world who trusts in love and their love was true and i wish them a happy valentine's day.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Awakening your inner self…!!!

With a wide smile and happiness to reach home, trying to cross the road with my Grandma and suddenly there was a huge sound all over the place and then I have checked my back to know if my Grandma is behind me or not, then I came to know that she had met with an accident. I was crossing the road with her holding my hands and walking towards the other side of the road and I have reached the other part but not my granny. All I can see is blood all over the place and people rushing towards the place, am just 8 years old and I was trying to find out where I can find my granny in that crowd. I have seen a fallen motorcycle and two people on my right and my granny right in front of me at a particular distance. I ran towards her, by pushing the crowd and calling my granny and crying. All I remember is the road we were crossing has no one at that time and no vehicles and then we started walking to the other side of the road after the walk sign, but where does this motor cycle come from and how did it hit my granny as I was holding her hand as well then I should also need to get the hit. God is always there and his way of showing things to us is a sign of something which we never can understand. Luckily, my granny just got a leg fracture and she is all well but not the motorcyclist.
At that age if you come across near to death and losing your loved ones right in front of you, how can a small girl can react to this incident?
I have learnt that you are living this very moment because you have done a good deed in your life. Many people who are being either forced to die or accidentally or something else was the destiny. My destiny might be something else which was only known to god. Every person has a destiny and knowing your destiny only comes when you finally start thinking about yourself. Some people think that failing in love is the end of life, losing their loved ones is the end of life, failing in exams, etc. But my question is what’s end of life?
Why are we are living in this world after losing our loved ones?
What’s the exact purpose of ours?
Was it is easy to die or easy to live?
 Not only once I got into these conclusions many times but couldn’t find the answers. What’s called destiny?
Why are we on this Planet?
Why should we earn, eat, sit, think etc.?
May be my questions aren't answered well by anyone but what I concluded myself was life is nothing but keeping yourself happy even the situations worsen, even there is no purpose left for you, Life is a boon given to us, Life is something about you and yourself and the relations you make or come across will leave you and go away but your life is just about conquering yourself, thinking about yourself and thinking about helping others and it all depends on your thoughts and mind control. Life is just a journey of a soul to its destiny and when the destiny is met, you will be called by god no matter where you are.

If there is air which you breathe in was the initial need to be alive, then god is in air, he is everywhere.
The purpose of a human or a living being is to fulfill the destiny we are born for and knowing that destiny will be your own self. I don’t know my destiny, but I knew one day my destiny will be completed and after completing it I wouldn't regret myself to meet the almighty. Planning no future, no past, no present but living this very moment with a smile on face and hope at heart is the purpose of mine. Aspirations, goals etc. are just made by yourself and those are your destiny and losing interest of that and killing yourself will be foolishness.
All you can conquer is about you and only you, you are a lone survivor, you are a born alone and die alone, reach the destiny and give your life a meaning and a purpose which will guide the others in your path… I really admire Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Bill Gates, as they have shown the path to lead a life and conquer it.