Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Stranger She Met.......

She was a stubborn girl with lots of aims in her mind and a very chaotic girl without any plans of her future.She stepped into a new world which is entirely different to her, the culture, the people, the language and everything.
This girl was trying to get along with the new world, even though she miss her parents a lot, she tried to cope up with the new life.She found strange behaviors of the people and those who are from her world are different in that new world and all these have impacted her very much but, she couldn't tell her parents about the variations of her life and troubles, she managed to get along with the new world. The university she joined was really competitive and people are struggling hard to get a good rank and all she needed was a motivation to study hard. Then, she had only one true friend who supported her very honestly and all she had for a mental support was him.
  At March 1st 2010, she never thought her life will take a new turn when she was interrupted in her life with an introduction of a stranger. That day is the day she can never forget in her life which has become a fairy tale come true. This stranger she met was once a known person but still a stranger to her because of communication problems. She was continuing her studies well but suddenly, she got into trouble of finances which made her to change the university. Though, she didn't believed this Stranger but she shared her grief to only two people whom she believed that they can understand her grief of changing the university which she thought to have a degree.

There is a saying, whenever you feel that you are all alone and has no one in this world to believe or support you, god will send you an angel to take care of you. Those angels were her best friend and this stranger. Though, she has many people around her who don't believe in her and her studies including her parents these two angels made her build up her confidence and made her to choose the correct way.She asked her cousin about the decision she wants to make but her cousin simply scolded her saying, " You are not fit for doing this degree!"
This small sentence said it all to her and though she knew for every problem there is a solution but just for a mental support she called her cousin which made her more devastated and her tears are flowing from her eyes all day because of those words. Then, she got a ping in on line from the stranger as usual then this girl told him regarding the sorrow she has, she got a call from the stranger as he asked her number to call her and she gave her number. (Many people may wonder, why would a person share their personal phone number to a stranger?? )
This girl was not even thinking anything else but just crying all day and needed some mental support and confidence of deciding what's next for her, well she is sensitive for sure but she made a big decision to leave her secured world with parents and enter this new dimension world with confidence that she can make it through but now she lost her confidence and was crying whether to return back or how to continue this journey.

The stranger called her and firstly, he comforted her with good motivating words and made her silent from crying and made her understand that it's not important where you complete your degree but how you achieve it and how you show the world that you can make things possible. These words made that girl to think that this stranger is her angel from heaven. Life of hers has been changed the day she started talking to this stranger, may be because she is all alone or because she needs some moral support or what are the reasons for this girl to open the door of her heart to this stranger??

Her true friend also called her after the call from the stranger to console her that, she is not an ordinary girl but wanted to be a successful girl in life.Her mind cooled down and relieved from the pain and she slept for waking up tomorrow with a fresh mind to think what's next for her...

Well, this is a continuing story which i wanted to describe it completely and this is a true story of one of my best friends and am sure everyone will like this fairy tale which came true....!!!

Moral: Sometimes a Stranger can become a motivator to change your path into success.   

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