Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Boon!

Every Human,every living being awaits for a boon from the god,god knows the reason of boons which he himself created those.This play of god giving boons to us really made me to think the reason of human wanting ,just thinking about myself that i never spent a day without asking something to god!

I wonder why we need a boon every time,this reminds me of my praying to god that......
OH GOD.....
" I Prayed for a bicycle got a Motor Bike,I Prayed for a degree going to get a Masters Degree,I Prayed for a Life got a Wonderful Life,I Prayed for a good Family got an Awesome Loving Family,I Prayed for Friends got a Uncountable Friends,but why when i prayed for happiness i couldn't get it! "
Well,Praying to god is good but irritating him too much could make him angry on you !  (just kidding!)
So,what we learned is that try to be yourself rather than depending on the ALMIGHTY!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wasted Me!!!!

First of all i want to wish each and every person in the World that : "HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!"

Now my topic:    "Wasted Me"

When you think everything you expected has went wrong,not only you but many think that they are Wasted!
But i find it crazy why everyone think that they are wasted if they fail in exams or fail in love or in many other issues.I don't know why i like practicality in life,i never knew that there are many things that which we experience in our life will make us sometimes wasted or some decisions will make us wasted.But what does this mean :"Wasted??"
If you lost in some silly matter you think yourself wasted?
If we lost in Love are we wasted?
I never knew that people think themselves wasted for some silly reasons.I found many friends over here,some say that they are wasted so easily that they think there is no life without which they think is not at all a life but until now i couldn't find a situation where i will be called Wasted!
Though i have failed in my exams once,though i have been cheated by my friends and,should i think i'm wasted?

My friends say that God hasn't done any good thing to them but sorrows but as a practical thinker,i don't think god wants his child to be sad (neither our parents think in that way!) then why does people who worship him a lot think that he is the person of their worries?
People,just wanted to say that you are never Wasted and don't give up in your life.You have life to live not to take control of it.So,people cheer up in your worries so that you never feel that you have worries (umm...well i do such in many times..hehehe).
That's all for now guys,enjoy this friendship weekend!