Friday, January 7, 2011

Alice in the Wonderland

There used to be a young lady who has an aspiration to touch the sky because it has the color which she love.
She tried and tried but never touched it.One day she got the chance to touch the sky but she felt nothing it's just a sky,with nothing in it no peace in it,no air in it,no heat in it but it is just a sky with nothing.She wandered the whole sky to reach her destination but it seems like sky is so vast and infinite and her destination is very far from her expectation.The goal to reach the sky has been achieved by her but not the one which she love,the color blue!

She searched,looked everywhere asked the clouds but the clouds too are helpless that they cannot bring her love blue.She traveled miles from her home in search of her true color blue but she couldn't find it even though she managed to reach the sky,she is so thoughtful in her mind but this one decision to find her color blue made her to cry in vain.She is in a wonderland,she has no friends,she is all alone,she has no family here but still she wants to search her color blue,she don't know what might happen to her in this search but she knows one thing that to find her color blue.She knows that it is an impossible search but he doesn't giveup,she also knew if she fail to search her color blue she will be sent back to her real world who doesn't understand the truth of her.She is lost now in this wonderland will she ever find her true color of love?
can she find BLUE?

Everyone has a dream in their life's in the same way Alice too had a dream to reach her color of love blue but now the evil is behind her in this search,but she never gave up her struggle.People,inspite of knowing nothing about BLUE,Alice is travelling to reach her destination blue,in the same way we were born to reach a destination so never give up.Everyone has a goal and try to reach it but don't give up.Love never dies so,Alice never looses her faith.Keep faith in you and don't look back but just walk forward your destination is just in front of you.
                                    LIFE HAS A DESTINATION!!!!!!!