Friday, December 27, 2013

Beautiful Roses.....!!!

A life is just like a Rose and never knew this beauty can hurt us, never knew the color will fade one day, never knew there will be thorns in it, never knew it shines for a day!!

A human never wants anything but he wants everything, he/she thinks that we have everything but they don't know they got nothing. Whenever I see roses I feel enlightened to think that why girls mostly like flowers because they are very sensitive just like a girl's heart. I saw many girls who are very much confident, Strong Minded but all are the same by heart, when they got hurt they will show their sensitive side of them. I wonder why girls are compared to flowers, because they are soft and beautiful.

Girls get angry a lot, well these roses never wants to loose but there are many situations where these beautiful roses are made to cry and I have seen these roses fall when they are rejected by their parents, I have also seen when these roses die when they are rejected by their partner, I also have seen these roses cry when these roses are bent down when they are abused, but still these are the beautiful roses with a strong heart and confidence in them which made them to think that still there is a hope in this small world to sustain this cruelty against them.

May be a warrior has to die at last even though he might be a great warrior. May be we are popular among everyone but sometimes we need to loose and at that tough times we will not get any support from anyone but just a faith in god.
Everyone walks away from you just because you are having a tough time; well those who walk away from you are never your friends or relations. People who are your supporters before, now laugh at your back in these tough times. May be we have a very great heart but god always love to test those good people because he wants them to be in Heaven but not in Hell.

Wherever we can see is the cruelty among the woman and the only hope we can get is the change of mind from the people rather than the expectations of controlling the freedom of walking outside for a girl at the evenings. May be these roses are meant to be attractive to the world but it is not their sin to be attractive, many people want them to be in a specific clothing but what no one understands was that, these beautiful roses have such an attraction that they cannot hide or cannot be replaced. If the world thinks to end the race of girls, then there wouldn't be another world as well. We can see many people don’t like to have a girl child because they can’t suffer the pain of losing their child in the hands of a butler; there are many butler’s in the country or in the world, who just want to kill these beautiful roses and chop them so hard that they cannot be visible in this world.

God always test people a lot because he knew that, they will definitely reach their goal in spite of many troubles and hurdles but there has to be a limit for everything, when everything in your hand goes off from you and you are in a position that cannot show your face to anyone but still we need to have a brave Heart for that, Don't ever Give Up in life. The world is harsh towards women but still they survive this world as a Mother, Daughter, and Spouse and are still surviving with a hope of change in the people’s mind towards them.

I salute the beauty, confidence, motherhood of these beautiful roses (girls)......

Note: Roses means Girls/women in the topic.