Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Resolutions!!

Hello Friends,
                    I wish you everyone in this whole world A very Happy New Year 2013!!
Well,it's obvious everyone will have a new year resolution to make,so do i.

Ravie's New Year Resolutions :

1) I always think of doing something in life but never did it,this time am writing it in my diary that "will do a very good deed in this new year" ..

2)Will loose some weight..

 (Hopefully,wish there is no yummy stuff in my fridge...!!)

3)Will not take any Risks which make my family say, " why are you so different than other!!"

Not anymore from now on wards..

4)Will read every sacred books and will do good..

Will control my anger for sometime ...hehe..

5)Will not shout or show anger on anyone...

I swear i will not from now onwards...

6)Will not do any naughty things which make my mom angry...!!

hehe..couldn't stop it doing but it's the new year..will try..heheeh..

Well these are my New Year resolutions,well honestly,the day i started at work i thought i became a Penguin,Just walk like a penguin,straight,looking nowhere just rushing to the place and doing our work..

Well honestly,doing work everyday is really a boring thing..all day you will be in the meetings discussing the things,i just think give me a break buddies,it was fun at college than at work honestly!!
After all may this new year bring me a honor for my work by my manager hopefully.. :)

Dream a lot people and try to achieve those dreams that's what we can do and we have in our hands,the rest will be taken care of the mighty lord..
Happy New Year Folks and don't forget to smile!!

~~~Your's Ravie

Monday, December 24, 2012

Lonely Stranger...!!

Time and our life run the same,clock ticks away and the days pass by and still you are an lonely stranger looking for something which you don't know yet......

Hi frnds,
             Merry Christmas and i have received a wonderful gift from my brother, " a beautiful Christmas carol from santa.." ,thanks to you bro. This post of mine is just the thoughts of a lonely person...

May be am looking at the sky to see the stars and the moon besides each other and i think about myself that,i may be a sky but am still lonely,i have stars within me but no star dearer to me,am so vast enough but has nothing within me....

May be am thinking about a cycle,i always see two wheels within it but they are never together but they still make the cycle to run on the road,I may be a wheel but still it is useless if you are broken....

May be am thinking of a hope,but when your heart is already broken can you fix it with a hope in it?

Became lonely by myself and struggling the life for the days to pass by,seeing sunshine daily but nothing makes this soul so happy.Being lonely is not i wanted for but god has given me just a loneliness with a limited life and a hope in heart to live the life...
I didn't make a sin but why i became a lonely stranger in this big city of lights and people?
i walk at the busy streets looking at the people but who cares this stranger,who has nothing in life but just sadness.

Am writing this to those people who are homeless,betrayed by their loved ones,wanting love from the people ,having hope in their heart to get a smile in their face...

I hope anyone, a normal human being can do something for these people....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scary Day!!!

May be am too down to earth to say this but whenever i see any parents quarrel a lot,i just think about the feeling of their kids,how they feel and that scary day will be sometimes a nightmare for them.Hearing the sounds of crashing dishes,abusive words and degrading themselves,will definitely will keep in the kid's mind as a SCARY part of their life.

I know whenever a fight starts between parents it might be a mistake of either of them but not the mistake of children,they are too small to hear it.Sometimes,children get scared even to talk to their parents because they  quarrel a lot.They will be fine next day smiling looking at each other but am thinking of the small heart,who are too small to understand.
When i was a kid i got scared once in my lifetime that my parents actually fight for a small matter but that day was my Nightmare actually i couldn't even sleep for many days in a fear that,what might happen next.

I honestly,say this to all parents, that Please don't ever fight before kids or at home,because at that tenderly age they are too sensitive to handle this kind of situations, where they barely know the world and try to learn from their parents.If the parents fight with each other it would be a negative impact on those small kids,who are trying to learn the world from parents.
My opinion is Parents are the Best guidance in the whole world,they teach us many things,they try to mold us into someone else which we may not know that we are someone special in this world.
May be after all we say we are grown ups but what's this all about,why do we get to quarrel because that we think we are great or big or we just want to gain in a situation?
compromising is bad?
whatever it might be but loosing a temper is like loosing ourselves...

Moral: Friends are for sometime but Family is forever....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fighting a Lost Battle

May be a warrior has to die at last even though he might be a  great warrior.May be we are popular among everyone but sometimes we need to loose and at that tough times we will not get any support from anyone but just a faith in god.
Everyone walks away from you just because you are having a tough time,well those who walk away from you are never your friends or relations.People who are your supporters before now laugh at your back in these tough times.May be we have a very great heart but god always love to test those good people because he wants them to be in Heaven but not in Hell.
God always test some people a lot because he knew that, they will definitely reach their goal in spite of many troubles and  hurdles but there has to be a limit for everything,when everything in your hand goes off from you and you are in a position that cannot show your face to anyone but still we need to have a brave Heart for that,Don't ever Give Up in life.
Be a brave Heart,Struggle until you reach it and if that is not in your destiny then something better is before you.Be a Brave heart and keep going on....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My First Teacher!!!

I know you from the day i was born and it was saw your smiling face that i have seen of becoming a father for the first time in your life.I know am just your daughter but you have raised me like a son to struggle with the present world.I know you didn't ever let your daughter to cry but you have suffered a lot before.
I know from the stories of my mother that how hard it was for you to reach your goal ,your aim to be a Geologist.

Yes folks,am talking about my father,a person who really struggled to achieve the dream of his life to become a Geologist.His father was an engineer but never gave some money for his studies.Studied at the top most universities but he doesn't even had a good pair of slippers to wear.I wonder if i ever went to my college or university without sandals???

I salute my father and yes he is one of my inspiration that now i can happily announce that : "i achieved my goal". Now-a-days people think that fashion is college and college is fashion but there are some people that studies are their passion and passion is studies. Teachers are the main motivators who wants their students to reach the zenith of life so,i salute all the teachers from around the world and Thanks for always being my side to helping me out.

Happy Birthday daddy!!!!
Happy Teachers Day!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

To Love is to Forget????

Hi Frns,
            People often say am in Love,am having a Lover,We just started..etc.But anyone are sure that the same persons are getting into Marriage??
I often see or get some news from my friends a word named "BREAKUP",what's this all about,after being together for many years you people just break your love??
May be am not the right person to talk about this topic but i just wanted to know the reason,why even the marriages are getting the word named "BREAKUP??"

Loving a person is the best part in our life,we choose a person in our life after our parents and settle in our life,which is the most wonderful feeling and a new part in our life.I can say Love has the power to Change a person,it has the power to bring back the dead but what about now-a-days??
I can see people are using this funny word named "BREAKUP" so easily,don't know why???
May be because those don't love each other anymore??
 are you vexed up ??
 has financial problems??
Honestly saying,those who thought they were really in love are never in love,it's just attraction.May be am too young to say this or may be am too inexperienced in this part of life but all i want to ask is
Really those lovers,who lost their love because of their denial of marriage from their parents,are really the true lovers,Those lovers who die for each other,those lovers who made history of their love are the TRUE LOVERS.
So,people i really don't want to criticize the one who suffered a break up but am just trying to ask you a question.. why??

"The rose is red, the violet's blue,
The honey's sweet, and so are you.
Thou art my love and I am thine;
I drew thee to my Valentine:
The lot was cast and then I drew,
And Fortune said it shou'd be you......"

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Friendship Day!!

Hello Friends,
                     This Friendship week i want to remind some funny things and stuff that i want to share it with you all.Firstly Happy Friendship Day Folks!!

I still remember the day i stepped into my school and it was a new city,i was in my 8TH grade and i was really horrified to go into the school because am not that good sociable person,that day i still remember that 9TH Grade senior girl who guided me the correct direction to my class,probably you might be thinking am supposed to say about friends but friendship is not that going outside together,partying and's about understanding each other and having trust.Well obviously,that girl became my friend and my mom always say,why you had friends from smaller ages to older ages,in fact she is surprised of me sometimes!!
But i say friendship has no age limit and what all we need is understanding and supporting person,which we call Friends.

People say often,"yeah she is my friend.." but am not searching for such people who say friend in front of us and enemy at back.Am in search of a friend who can understand me and may be because of my thinking in this way i have many friends from all ages!!!

So,people what i think is friendship has no age limit and we humans are sociable and cannot live lonely,we can stay without a life partner or lover but cannot stay without friends and family,all i want to say is what we always think is of a dream boy and after we find him,we have fights and thus the relationship ends but a friend will never be like that,even we fight,even we scold they never be apart,if they are apart then they are never a friend to each other.

Moral : (What i think)
Don't ever loose any friend with your silly attitudes because at last you will be the Lonely person in the world!!

Happy Friendship Day to all of you and A small Apology from this writer of not being so active in my blog but please stay tuned...Ravs is always there!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Story of Serena.....

Happy Mother's Day,

Well i don't know dreams predict our future or not but daily i get a dream of a Girl named Serena,after many days of thinking i wanted to post it here,may be it is all god wanted me to say something through her...

She is an orphan,brought up in an orphanage and one day a handsome guy passing by the orphanage looked at the enriching beauty Serena and fell in love with her beauty.One day she was called by her headmistress of the orphanage and she told her that she is getting married to a person named Kevin the coming week,serena was shocked and surprised but was happy that her dream to have her own family is being achieved.
Knowing nothing about the family and the person,serena got married to Kevin,may be we don't know we do mistakes without knowingly and unsuspectingly,it was the situation of serena too.

Everything was fine for a month and from then onwards her aunt became a witch and her husband a psycopath,daily she used to get a good thrashing if she denied to do any work.

She was not allowed to go outside and was locked in a small dark room after all the daily chores have been done.She used to get one time meal a day after all the wok she had to do that day.Her husband used to bring other ladies to home and used to criticize her before them.Serena thought to leave the horrifying place but how?
She is a helpless woman and with noone to support her where can she go?
One day she planned to escape from that hell and acting like doing work she opened the door and tried to slip away but her fate is so bad that she was founded by her husband and he bet her so hard that she could hardly move and she fainted.
After a couple of hours she came into consciousness and was in a hospital and saw that her husband is talking to the doctor and what she can hear from their words is that "she is pregnant!".Crying on her fate,she told her baby that "everything will be right little one!".

After a week she was taken to home and she found that there is a change in her husband and her aunt with her.She was happy and thought may be beacause of the little one and after two months,one day Kevin came to her and asked her "do you want to live ?" ,she was surprised and said "i always wanted to live with you forever kevin!" Then Kevin took a Knife and said "but i don't!" and tried to kill her.She ran all the house and managed to get out from the house,how fast can she run in pregnancy?
she needs to save her little one,she needs to save her family,she is helpless and suddenly because of a rock she fell down and kevin got her.He stabbed her at the stomach and ran away.Helpless Serena,lied in the blood with unconsiousness,then a passing by strangers looked at her and took her to the nearby hospital.By god's grace she was fine and after few months,she gave birth to a handsome boy whom she named "KEVIN" and she happily lived her life with her little one.
A story which i don't know but it comes every night which makes me fear of what god wants me to know.... But a story which is still happening these days and there are many single mothers who are facing the same trouble as Serena has......Don't know its because of fate or beacause of what but it's happening....

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life has a Way!!!

There is a old saying that "Life is too short",and in that small life human makes mistakes and good deeds too.

Every Human Being is born for achieving something,they are given a task by the god to do.They have a goal and a path to go across all the burdens they have to achieve it.They have to loose some vital things in life to achieve their goals too but no one in the world can go beyond the almighty neither they can face him.God has given the world Three Beautiful tasks : 1)LOVE (which is a wonderful experience one can have)
                                            2)TIME(Which never stops for you)
    and  3)MONEY(Which loves you in good times and leaves you in bad times!)

Every person looks out for Love,Money and time but these three aspects of life defend themselves in such a way that either two of them or one of them succeeds.Such humans who has these three will be defended by another task i.e Trust.They will be placed in a corner by the people around them as they were not trust worthy.Whenever i see people around me,i think of them are they Happy?
I have seen many happy faces but those happy faces hide some unwanted truths even though they have these three tasks of love,time and money.
Life has a way that we think,Life has a way that we move but life never stops for you but love stops for you but not the money. Everyone has to run in this busy world of technology where they cannot even think about their tasks but just move on in their life.
Life has a way but never choose a bad way,but choose a way where you can get all these tasks but don't loose trust by getting these!

Moral: Love+Money+Time=Life ,don't work too hard that you less time for your love,manage all the three of them and enjoy this short time of beautiful life!!         

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Thump in Heart!!

After a long time my heart is thumping so loud that it can be heard from outside,
Its the sign,
its the indication,
its the feeling and i knew i can get it what i need so soon...

After a long search for waiting of the dream in my heart is fulfilled and now it is returning to the search of the lost happiness i lost from the dream i left.
The day will be coming soon that i completely lost control of my tears and forget the world around me to HUG my parents so tight.
My heart awaits for their presence before me,those lost memories,those lost love,those lost moments which i lost in this past year cannot return but returning to them will fulfill my dream of Happiness to see them will be fulfilled.
Heart Beat increasing daily and my dream to see the Happy Faces is increasing more and more,this time,this hour,this second is really painful which has sweetness in it,some thoughts in it.

My Mom's hug awaits for me,my dad's love awaits for me and my heart is thumping so loud that it can be heard from outside.
Awaiting for the wonderful day that i HUG my parents so tightly.
The Day am waiting impatiently,the day i cry so loud,the day i cannot forget is awaiting.

As its aspiring minds of mine is having a new dream now to get it is little tough though but i have the hope that one day i can achieve it and thinking about that day to come soon my weary eyes awaits in this way.......