Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life has a Way!!!

There is a old saying that "Life is too short",and in that small life human makes mistakes and good deeds too.

Every Human Being is born for achieving something,they are given a task by the god to do.They have a goal and a path to go across all the burdens they have to achieve it.They have to loose some vital things in life to achieve their goals too but no one in the world can go beyond the almighty neither they can face him.God has given the world Three Beautiful tasks : 1)LOVE (which is a wonderful experience one can have)
                                            2)TIME(Which never stops for you)
    and  3)MONEY(Which loves you in good times and leaves you in bad times!)

Every person looks out for Love,Money and time but these three aspects of life defend themselves in such a way that either two of them or one of them succeeds.Such humans who has these three will be defended by another task i.e Trust.They will be placed in a corner by the people around them as they were not trust worthy.Whenever i see people around me,i think of them are they Happy?
I have seen many happy faces but those happy faces hide some unwanted truths even though they have these three tasks of love,time and money.
Life has a way that we think,Life has a way that we move but life never stops for you but love stops for you but not the money. Everyone has to run in this busy world of technology where they cannot even think about their tasks but just move on in their life.
Life has a way but never choose a bad way,but choose a way where you can get all these tasks but don't loose trust by getting these!

Moral: Love+Money+Time=Life ,don't work too hard that you less time for your love,manage all the three of them and enjoy this short time of beautiful life!!         


Jolly Princess said...

Yes, life is beautiful! (Like us ^_^)

I enjoy life in the best way I could. I hate pressuring myself. I want to be beautiful though the years. Nice post!:)

ravali said...

@jolly: hi princess,yes it is,i have seen people bursting out at work and have no one to care.Well thanks for the comment!! :)