Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Breaking!!!

Don't know the path i'm going on but has a goal to do something in life,to have a identity in world,to achieve something in life.
It's breaking inside of still being a beginner,of still being a smaller one,of still at the starting point.
It's breaking inside that  no choices are left and have to choose among the only option you have.
It's breaking inside that i couldn't help the needy,
It's breaking inside that i'm struggling,
It's breaking inside that when your dear one's couldn't understand you......still don't know the way...but it's breaking...breaking!!

Monday, October 10, 2011


She is a princess with lots of love and happiness from her family,don't know about sorrows or bad,really simple-minded but witty in nature.But,one day she stepped out from her world to the real world to know the secrets of the nature.
The world she knew is entirely different from the one she looks at now.The new world questions her ignorance and squeezes her courage to step back to her world but at that time of heart broken and sorrow she found a handsome prince who melted her heart with his soothing words of courage,a significance towards her goal.She never met a guy like him or did saw a person who made her heart to respond to him.She developed an interest on him but hid it from him as she waited for the right time to tell.She never met a guy who is so different from other guys,had the capability to achieve anything he wanted but don't have the knowledge about it,he is honest and trustworthy but in reality he is not a prince but a peasant.Princess liked him but cannot go beyond her world,but had faith in her heart that her world accepts this prince of hers,but don't know the fact that the two worlds are entirely different.Every fairytale and story books have a happy ending of a prince and a princess but not a peasant and a princess??

Why cannot a princess choose a peasant because of wealth??
Is Wealth comes in between a relationship??

Moral:- Friends,even though we gained in technology,education and in science but not in our thinking,still many people think to marry a person who is wealthy but not who understands you more,many people think to marry a person who has a BMW car but not a normal person.Does having money makes us love someone? 
Money makes a relationship?