Saturday, November 9, 2013

Krypto and Me!!

Obviously it's not the same as Marley and Me movie or any other movies, it's just me and my dog. My Krypto came to my home when he was around 21 days old and it was Summer time in India. I always wanted a Pet from childhood but my parents never agreed the option but it was all of a miracle or my parent's love towards my siblings i got a pet at last. Of course my parents like me too but i was way too naughty when i was small so,it's enough for my parents to look after me all day!! (I know am sweet!! )

I don't know why i got too attached to this dog, a German Spitz but still i couldn't understand why does he love all of us extremely. Even our parents will stop showing their love at a point of time but never a pet will stop loving it's master. Sometimes i used to scold Krypto, but he never stopped licking me after my scolding stopped. I always love to walk with him in the mornings and his begging for the morning walk remembers me it's been a while he is with us but i don't even realized that years passed by.

I know that Krypto, who saved a puppy from a big Dalmatian and even i witnessed it no one believed as he is so small and how can anyone believe it?? This is a world which need proof, but i know am not talking lies and am happy i witnessed it and i know this small dog who was so neat and clean at the age of 21 days old itself as we never trained him to be clean and he never got any training from us for being clean. He likes if we talk about Golden Retriever dog as he was his favorite dog, who used to live near to our house at the time. I have many memories of him and with those memories i came to USA and recently i visited India then, my Krypto didn't recognized me at all!!

He was so sick at that time and i thought to touch him and he didn't even let me touch him but accepted the Toys i bought for him. Krypto forgot me as it was a  shock for me . He was sick still, but don't know he was not the same as before and has got Luxating Patella to his one of his leg and it is really sad to see that dog, who used to jump on me when i used to visit him. This all happened when one Veteran gave him a injection and that mad doctor did something to my dog which made him this sick. He was a very healthy dog and never got any health problems until 7 years but all of a sudden after that Veteran's injection, we are seeing our dog in pain and low at health.

This post is to all those Veteran's who treat animals, please money can buy you a car, house etc. These things will fade away or will never come with you to your graveyard when you die so, why do you people play with animals life?
I know my Krypto is hanging still just because we love him so much and he is resisting the pain because he wanted to be with us some more time and due to the veteran now, all we can see is him vomiting and having a dry cough.. My Dog never asked us to give him food or he begged for chicken anytime and he was such a good pet and he was sick for almost 9 months by now, became so thin than we ever can imagine and really he is holding the pain because of his love for us. Now, he couldn't even walk properly and i still remember   that day when he showed me his leg where that MAD VETERAN put the injection on a Nerve of his leg which made him cannot walk properly and it's swollen the nerves at that part and every Veteran say that there is no cure for it.

Moral: Please people don't be so selfish and please be aware of the consequences of the deeds you make!!