Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Experience!!!!

Hi frns,
          Now i wanted to share something with you guys all my World readers for my blog!!!
Experiences i wonder how this little word came into existence without a human being's age,Some experiences are expressive,some are aggressive likewise some experiences are dreadful.Many has got many experiences and i knew whomsoever now reading my blog has their own experience in life.Iam now having a wonderful experience in life but i saw many sad experiences of the people around me too.
I'm a person who wants to learn everything through my experiences in this travel i found that many people around here are not happy and are really having a bad experience in their life.
Beany:-Hush...Mr.bean she is serious........)
Well,i'm not that big enough to show anyone how to lead a life but i just want to share my new experience in USA where iam at present living.I met such a wonderful human beings who are Honest,Trustworthy,Truthful(Hey guys you people don't even know how to lie!!!!),these people i met just had a pure heart but inspite of having it they got lots of tensions and sadness around them.But i love the true spirit of them where they  don't loose their smile in their face!!(I LOVE THAT GUYS!!!)

Well,i won't say that other people are  not honest or something else but i just wanted to share my new experience over here.Hey you know what,which i didn't learn in my home iam learning those after i came here!!

Guess what....Waking up early in the morning!!!(I hate it)
Punctuality....(waaahhhh....my professors throw me out if i don't be there on time...i hate it...hmpf!!!)
Well guys,these are my new experiences which i shared to the world and if anyone wants to share their experiences do feel free to post a comment and i will publish it..(Hmmm...i'm a busy girl now....heheh...)


Monday, November 15, 2010

Hide and Seek!!

Hi frns,
          I knew that you know that i play hide and seek a lot,i knew that you know me when my heart first started to beat,i knew that you can feel me whether where i go,how far i travel i knew that you can see me with your eyes whether i'm present or not.You know me from the day i was born,you know that i play hide and seek a lot and test your patience,i knew you waited for me for Nine months just to save a look your wonderful love,I knew you still search me whenever i hide from you,I knew Mother i play a lot hide and seek with you!!

I knew Mother how you feel when i go far away from me,i knew mother how you hide your tears when i cry,i knew mother how you feel the pain when something hurts me,i knew mother it is a big pain in life to be apart with you for sometime but i came to know why you cared for me inspite of me playing a hide and seek with you.I came to know that nothing is as same as before it was without you,i came to know how you feel when iam hungry.I came to know now,how you feel for me........
                        This post is dedicated to my MOM,because i see many people doesn't even care about their parents at all and leave them at OLD AGE homes.I knew how the mother feel like when she needs to send her son or daughter to a war against other country.I knew how the mother feels when she see's her dead son or daughter returning from their everlasting war.
Well my mother too knew how it feel like paying a send off to her daughter to an another country where there is no sign that she will come within one day to her but she sent me with just a hope that i would return back to her soon to keep my head in her warmth lap and listen her songs and i will be back for sure!!!



Saturday, November 6, 2010

Beautiful Roses!!!

A life is just like a Rose never knew this beauty can hurt us,never knew the color will fade one day,never knew there will be thorns in it,never knew it shines for a day!!

A human never wants anything but he wants everything,he/she thinks that we have everything but they don't know they got nothing.My life is just like a Rose i started to shine but just for a little time but i knew that one day will be my everlasting day in my life which i remember till my end.
Whenever i see roses i feel enlightened to think that "yeah...i'm the one over there..!"
Roses are many in color but i like the Red and Blue roses as i go crazy for them,i knew why girls mostly like flowers because they are very sensitive just like a girl's heart.I saw many girls who are very much confident,tom boy types but all are the same by heart,when they got hurt they will show their sensitive side of them.I wonder why girls are compared to flowers,because they are soft and beautiful??
Girls get angry a lot,well these roses never wants to loose but there are many situations where these beautiful roses are made to cry ...i see these roses fall when they are rejected by their parents,i see these roses die when they are rejected by their partner,i see these roses cry when they are compared by other flowers,i see these roses bend down when they are abused....but still these are the beautiful roses with a strong heart and confidence in them which mad them still the No.1 attracted flowers in the world.
I salute the beauty,confidence,motherhood of these beautiful roses(girls)......
Well,i need to thank again my friend BEANIZER for this wonderful award:-

I think very pleased to receive this award,well i hope i'm entertaining all my readers inspite of being busy!!
I want to dedicate this award to all my blog friends who started blogging and my friends too!!
Beany,Sie,Jill,Sudhi,Bella,Nandy,Jec,Thiru,Mahibul,Hasi,Bro,Eric etc to everyone!!
Thanks a BUNCH!!! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010


My heart racing now in a direction where it doesn't know which direction it is going,but it knows it is travelling for something.I knew my heart is searching for you,i knew now it wants you,my heart wants you more than myself,i knew my heart will die without you,but there is no way i can bring you.............

I travelled many miles many seas but didn't find you,i travelled many distances but didn't find you,i thought i will get you if i come here to a different country but i couldn't,i thought i would get you when i start reading,i thought i would get you when i start seeing the world but i didn't........

My eyes lost the sight of your's now,my eyes are drying now,my eyes wants to see you now,why don't you come my HAPPINESS.......
The day i left my country i felt that i will get my happiness back,but my dreams are lost now,my happiness is lost coming to the new country,i became a machine but not a human here,i became a lost human where there is no feelings,i became a helpless girl now without no feelings i became a machine here...i lost everything just a hope to go back to my country but nothing is left for me here.........
I came to know the importance of Happiness and the correct destination is just my country,i came to know what is meant by Parents and Family,i came to know the importance of Friends in life...

Still travelling but this lost heart doesn't got the right place to stay yet.....
Still travelling but lost in battle....
Still travelling but having a hope to return to her country.......

Guys,i don't think people can leave their parents or friends even for a second but myself i left them in search of my Happiness but i found just sadness but nothing else,so my request is be happy with whatever you have but never leave your parents or friends...they are your Happiness.....!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Beautiful Journey......

A journey has started for a beautiful young girl leaving her parents ahead and want to start a new life,she knew it is not easy,she knew it is not safe but yet she want to start her journey with a everlasting smile.
She is new to that place eventhough she travel every day with a hope to settle in that place,she met many strangers but couldn't find the way to success.

There was a  handsome boy who is still not having a idea about his life,still wandering,still thinking but he doesn't know what is the meaning of life.He wants to start a new life but doesn't know where to go,he wants to read but don't know why he doesn't want to?
One fine day,the two youngsters saw each other for the first time,well they don't know that is this called a feeling,they don't know that thier meeting has a story in the future,they don't know that why they are dragged to each other.A blissful love story began in those two young lover birds,but they don't know about it.They started to think about each other but never talked to each other.They knew that each of them cannot live without each other but a big issue matters them.They knew that they will die for each other but a big problem is ahead....

The blossoming love slowly started and it became a beautiful journey for them,they came to know what does it mean by LOVE,they came to know what is meant by a pure feeling for each other,they came to know what does that mean by being unique...
But every love story has got a sad ending in some people lives,they had to be seperated because they are of not the same Caste,same Religion,same Country.They had to be seperated because thier religion won't let them to be unique,they had to be seperated because they did a mistake by loving each other.
The girl got married to her own religion and was never happy,the boy died the day she married.The girl wants to die but she lived because of the memory of her love which is now in her stomach,she was bruised by her husband everyday but never felt to die,she was harrassed by her husband but never felt to die,she wants to live to let her love to be gained,she lived but was never happy and gave birth to her child and died leaving their wonderful memories of love in the world.

So,people love is true if you really feel for that person,but never leave your love because of some problems or any crisis,if you love anyone truly you will definitly feel he presence of them.Love is divine,love is everywhere just feel it and your life will be a elysian!!! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Funny Heart!!!!

Heart is so funny,never beats slow when it sees a happy matter around,
Heart is a child which responds to everything
Heart is a cool medicine which beats for every possible attack of love,
Heart is a wonderful enigma to some who has a beautiful face,
Heart beats for now and then but why??
Heart beats for now and then but for you,but where are you??
Heart is so naughty it just beats when i thought about you my dream boy,then it remembers that your heart is still young and adorable.........

Whenever our eyes see a good thing the first response will be with our heart,it just beats a little high,the same when we see a handsome boy or beautiful girl we knew that our hearts will beat a little faster,
when we see a funny incident the first respone is from our heart,funny!!!
well,i cannot understand why our heart is so weak??
why can't we control our heart??
hahaha...really a child heart in us....

Well in the serious note i wonder why heart is so weak??
Heart attacks are common from many days but why??
due to LOVE??(haha...)
due to MARRIAGE??(haaaaaahaaa...think so!!!)
due to CHOLESTROL??(hmmmmm...)
due to Becoming Old???(may be)
I saw now-a-days many young adults are dying of heart attacks,there are days when old people used to die with heart attacks but now young adults too!!
How is it possible??
may be due to their fat or love failure??
Not at all due to Drugs,people iam just a writer but when i heard news like young adults are dying due to taking some drugs it made me to think why??

Youngsters think this way??
No aspiration to become someone else??
well,Heart never controls our mind but mind controls us,if we had such a aspiration which can gain over anything then you will never look back in life...
GUYS and Beautiful Girls,please never loose your heart, feel the wonders of your heart but not loose it!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Day!!!!

Hi frns,
          I never knew that i had a dream in my life,i never felt that iam lonely,i never felt that iam succeeded,never thought this is MY DAY!!

Many times many people talk about the small topic that "MY DAY",what this mean??
i really don't know that i will have a day which will be my own,why people say this is my day???
i never knew that i will have a day of success in my life but which day would it be like??
I never knew that i will have a day of fun in my life but what is the day and how would it be like??
I saw people graduating from the college say this word that this is MY DAY,but graduating from a college is their day???
I saw newly wed couples say that this is their day but marital life makes us happy and will it be our good day???
I saw my friends say that when they got lovers say that this is their day but having a boy friend is their good day??
MY DAY....MY DAY...MY DAY......every person say this but what this little word mean???

In my view MY DAY is that day when i sacrifice myself to help my family,MY DAY is that day when i die for my country,MY DAY is that day when i help the poor people in the world,MY DAY is that day when i recieve a warm hug from my parents,MY DAY is that day when i do atleast one good deed for the world!!
I knew that expressing our views are easy but trying to keep them in the life is tough but every person at least try a little bit to think about others,about the other world,about the poor,about the massacres,about the flora and fauna.
People just think being selfish does us no good but thinking about others makes us so much of good and it makes us to think good but not bad.

Thinking good makes us better,so be good and do good and say on that day as MY DAY!!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life is Strange!!

Hi frns,
          Life seems to me that it has changed now,it has a goal to acheive now,it has a goal to gain its lost happiness.Life has a sweet turn now....

Life is so strange that when i think of my past and now it really changed,now i had the power within me to defend myself and i smile to think about the past!!
College life is so strange how we make friends and how we make enemies,it's all a strange experiences.I never knew life is so scary,but now i knew that it is mysterious.
Had a chance to see the world but it seems a mysterious world to me now.Hope to meet everyone but couldn't.Life is Strange....
                      Life makes you cry,but never cry for life
                      Life makes you laugh,but never make yourself to be laughed
                      Life makes you to think,but never think that life is so easy
                      Life gives a chance to love,but don't love that much that you may fall from it
                      Life is indeed mysterious.........

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My First Step.......

Hi frns,
           My first step in USA......
           My first dream in USA.....
           My first experience in USA....
           My first moment in USA.....

Lots to share but very less time to say,i missed my country but got a warm welcome from this country....
Missed my parents a lot but  now i feel my professors are my parents....
Missed my Pet Dog...Krypto....but getting along by touching the pets around.....
Missed my Friends a lot but getting along with the new friends i made here....
Missed my college a lot but got a chance to see the world now.....
My First Step by now has become Two now.......
My Second Step has a dream now!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A New Journey!!

May be i'm worth of this journey,may be this is my last chance,never felt that i will be successful in life.Never Knew that my aspiration to get a Master Degree will cost me one year of Depression.No one to share my feelings to share with but god given me a chance to smile through my blogs.

Got wonderful people as my friends from all over the world who supported me a lot through their valuable words and advices.Never felt that i would purchase a costly aeroplane ticket.Never thought that i would travel to a big country of various cultures.Inspite of having many troubles i gave a word to my country that i will never leave it again.
Never felt this bad to leave my parents.Every grownup bird should leave and iam leaving in the search of success in my life not knowing what's the future is waiting.Never felt this disappointed where i came to know about a truth of my childhood friend which made me to hate that friend.
Never knew that foreigners would talk to me but i came to know that each of them are great and wonderful in their own lifes.
Through online i met such a wonderful ladies like SIE,Mrs.Jill,Jolly,Mulan,Nandita,Bella,April etc. are really great,each one of them had their own specialty and are very inspiring persons.They don't even know how their words make my day!!

Through online i met my Brother from Pakistan SHAHID,who is really a good person and really believes in himself a lot,his confidence makes me to think about my own when i talk to him,which made me to boost up my confidence.

I also met BEANY,a typical guy who is not only just a small kid through heart but also a good person,he showed me the path to Happiness and i  really thanks him heartfully!!
Now the time has come to thank all the people who inspired me and to start this wonderful journey with the good wishes from these great people.
Bless me all and just a few days to go for my new journey to begin.
Hoping the best future........    

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Haunted Dreams!!!!

Hi frns,
          Dreams can be many but some dreams make you feel that is it for real or just our imagination.Dreams sometimes tell us something bad gonna happen and they might warn you that something bad gonna happen,but anyone can really believe that??
Well what if does it really happen??

One dream of mine showed me a scene which i couldn't forget until now,yes i indeed knew that dreams are the impact of our brain thinking,but this scene which i saw is such a place i never saw,well there is a possible for a imagination in a dream but the concept made to scare.Well,many cannot understand that there is a sixth sense in us too where it can sense the smell of danger.If dogs bark at the night or simply saying cry at night there will be some bad happen to some person over there.Some senses we feel but cannot admit,some things which we see but cannot show them,some things we talk in our dreams but we cannot remember.Why people are scared of Ghosts??
Does they exists??
If yes then why they haunt people in their dreams as ghosts are once human beings too then why they haunt people in their dreams??

Some people get scared of something which they saw in their dreams and couldn't sleep but dreams are just projections but yet they scare,but why??
Iam a Water Lover once but now am scared of Ocean Waters because i don't know i get a bad dream of Waters as they won't be calm looking at me and pounce me up into the ocean,i knew its just a dream but why i'm scared??
I always wanted to be a swimmer in my childhood but i couldn't get a chance and i always used to enjoy the beach but why now i cannot go near the beach side??
My dreams  are haunting me that to not to go to the beaches,is that a sign of bad or good??
Am i got something wrong??
What was the place i saw in my dreams,is it really exist??

From many years i have been haunted by these two dreams and i never think of a water when i sleep too but still i get these dreams,why???

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy Ideas

Hi frns,

Now i feel like i want to explore the beautiful sky with my own wings,Now i feel like that i got myself free from one world to another,Now i feel like grown up,Now i think success is just right behind me.Well these days my face is shinning with  brighten eyes.Sometimes my dog Krypto thinks that his sister gone mad!!!

Well i was thinking that leaving my parents is sad but leaving my pet dog is more sad!!!
See my cutie too misses me a lot!!!
Now i feel like to dance to all MJ's songs like...

Now i feel like to sing through my heart that......

(hmm....my sis gone mad!!!)

Now i feel like to jump in the ocean to surf because i want to cross Indian Ocean so that i can reach Pacific Ocean!!!
Now i feel like to all Indian recipes because poor me i couldn't find it there!!

(Well surely she became mad about USA!!!!)

Well guys,this is just beginning but iam sure you people will know me surely after Billgates!!
Watch out world Ravali will sure to rock the World!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hi frns,
          Life is too short but in this small life people lives the most extreme.Parents are the only people who make us to learn the ways of life and most perfectly saying they are the guidelines but now-a-days i can see some children with single mom and dad.

I can see the face of that child with both the parents more shining than the child with single parent!
What might be the reason for their separation is that because they had some misunderstandings??
What about their children,what they do wrong??
why are they punished because of their misunderstanding??
Society never see the same to those children who has single parent,why the children being punished because of their separation??
Why should they suffer??
If you both can't live together then don't raise children,why these people do such a thing that the future generations get effected by that??

I saw many youth these days getting into drugs and spoiling themselves by spending their school life with girls etc.Many girls are getting pregnant at a tender age because of the strictness of the parents and their mistakes.
My request to all those parents who are going to be single is that "die being single but never raise a child if you want to be single parent!!"

Why Dying because you people can't understand the pain the child suffers with  no father or no mother because a family consists of FATHER,MOTHER&CHILD,but not FATHER&CHILD or MOTHER&CHILD!!!

So,please don't raise a child until you people understand each other!!!

See those smiles of your children which has no fakeness,which has no duplicacy and truthful and don't let those to fly away!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Tears!!!

Hi frns,
          These were the tears which are not forgotten.These were the tears which are rolling out of my eyes because of happiness that which made me to write.My dream to study in USA is going to be true and i got my visa.
         "I still remember those tears which were caused by PAIN,
           I still remember those tears which were caused by STRAIN,
           I still remember those tears which were caused by SADNESS,
           I still remmeber those tears which were caused by HARASSMENT,
           But now i remember those tears which caused me to SMILE!!!"

I simply thank to all of the people who prayed for me and to god especially for being the part in my confidence.I still remeber those words of the visa officer saying:"YOUR VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED AND YOU WILL GET YOUR VISA THROUGH COURIER!!!"
I waited one year for this very moment which i acheived now.

Guys,i won't let this one chance to flew away,i will be the successful girl for sure.I will definetly reach my goal to meet hand to hand with BILL GATES through my company taking over his MICROSOFT!!!

BILLGATES is the person who made me to think about the software field and he will show me the path of success for sure.So i request everyone that don't get too emotional if you loose something because you will definetly deserve something so you lost that!!!