Monday, August 16, 2010

A New Journey!!

May be i'm worth of this journey,may be this is my last chance,never felt that i will be successful in life.Never Knew that my aspiration to get a Master Degree will cost me one year of Depression.No one to share my feelings to share with but god given me a chance to smile through my blogs.

Got wonderful people as my friends from all over the world who supported me a lot through their valuable words and advices.Never felt that i would purchase a costly aeroplane ticket.Never thought that i would travel to a big country of various cultures.Inspite of having many troubles i gave a word to my country that i will never leave it again.
Never felt this bad to leave my parents.Every grownup bird should leave and iam leaving in the search of success in my life not knowing what's the future is waiting.Never felt this disappointed where i came to know about a truth of my childhood friend which made me to hate that friend.
Never knew that foreigners would talk to me but i came to know that each of them are great and wonderful in their own lifes.
Through online i met such a wonderful ladies like SIE,Mrs.Jill,Jolly,Mulan,Nandita,Bella,April etc. are really great,each one of them had their own specialty and are very inspiring persons.They don't even know how their words make my day!!

Through online i met my Brother from Pakistan SHAHID,who is really a good person and really believes in himself a lot,his confidence makes me to think about my own when i talk to him,which made me to boost up my confidence.

I also met BEANY,a typical guy who is not only just a small kid through heart but also a good person,he showed me the path to Happiness and i  really thanks him heartfully!!
Now the time has come to thank all the people who inspired me and to start this wonderful journey with the good wishes from these great people.
Bless me all and just a few days to go for my new journey to begin.
Hoping the best future........    


Jolly Princess said...

Congrats my dear friend! I am happy that the beautiful butterfly is out of her cocoon to see how lovely the world is. It is only the beginning. Your life challenges will start when you apply what you learned in the classroom. But do not fret. I know when the time comes you will be ready for the biggest CHALLENGE. We, your friends will be here for you… always! :)

beanizer_05 said...

i'm not a typical kid!!!
i'm exceptional!!
i'm cute and adorable!!
you leaving me!!

shahid said...

O my dear little sis Rav...U r so cute....Its matter of great pleasure for me that my younger sis is considering me so....I will always be praying for your successes in coming future...May Allah always keep you in His protection..I hope soon you will be achieving all your goals nd coming back in your family with pride. Sis once again whenever you need anything from me dont shy just say...ok....Take good care of u, yr family nd people around u....Rav always remember one thing " dont ever shatter the trust of yr family nd always stick to yr values " compromise on these things...May Allah bless you with all what you wish....

Jill Wellington said...

It's so amazing how we live in different corners of this big world, but still connected over our blogs! I LOVE my bloggers family and care about each of you and your lives.

Ravali...I can't wait for you to start blogging about your new adventure in America. It will be a culture shock, but you will grow to love it. I'm so excited for you!

Nandita said...

Hey, ravie...
M very very happy for u..
Good to knw dat i cud sumway or da othr make u smile..
we'l alwaz b around u....
Best wishes for ur new lyf..
Shine in da new place too lyk u do here.. :)

ravali said...

@Jolly:-yes little butterfly is ready to fly not knowing what the future ahead.thanks a lot for supporting.

@beany:--you are always in my heart as a good friend.

@jill:--yes but i don't find any difference of the culture but i find difference in language.hehehe..

@nandy:--thanks a lot,sure to win!!

@BRO:--i like you bro and all ur advices are really cared!!