Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scary Day!!!

May be am too down to earth to say this but whenever i see any parents quarrel a lot,i just think about the feeling of their kids,how they feel and that scary day will be sometimes a nightmare for them.Hearing the sounds of crashing dishes,abusive words and degrading themselves,will definitely will keep in the kid's mind as a SCARY part of their life.

I know whenever a fight starts between parents it might be a mistake of either of them but not the mistake of children,they are too small to hear it.Sometimes,children get scared even to talk to their parents because they  quarrel a lot.They will be fine next day smiling looking at each other but am thinking of the small heart,who are too small to understand.
When i was a kid i got scared once in my lifetime that my parents actually fight for a small matter but that day was my Nightmare actually i couldn't even sleep for many days in a fear that,what might happen next.

I honestly,say this to all parents, that Please don't ever fight before kids or at home,because at that tenderly age they are too sensitive to handle this kind of situations, where they barely know the world and try to learn from their parents.If the parents fight with each other it would be a negative impact on those small kids,who are trying to learn the world from parents.
My opinion is Parents are the Best guidance in the whole world,they teach us many things,they try to mold us into someone else which we may not know that we are someone special in this world.
May be after all we say we are grown ups but what's this all about,why do we get to quarrel because that we think we are great or big or we just want to gain in a situation?
compromising is bad?
whatever it might be but loosing a temper is like loosing ourselves...

Moral: Friends are for sometime but Family is forever....