Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Resolutions!!

Hello Friends,
                    I wish you everyone in this whole world A very Happy New Year 2013!!
Well,it's obvious everyone will have a new year resolution to make,so do i.

Ravie's New Year Resolutions :

1) I always think of doing something in life but never did it,this time am writing it in my diary that "will do a very good deed in this new year" ..

2)Will loose some weight..

 (Hopefully,wish there is no yummy stuff in my fridge...!!)

3)Will not take any Risks which make my family say, " why are you so different than other!!"

Not anymore from now on wards..

4)Will read every sacred books and will do good..

Will control my anger for sometime ...hehe..

5)Will not shout or show anger on anyone...

I swear i will not from now onwards...

6)Will not do any naughty things which make my mom angry...!!

hehe..couldn't stop it doing but it's the new year..will try..heheeh..

Well these are my New Year resolutions,well honestly,the day i started at work i thought i became a Penguin,Just walk like a penguin,straight,looking nowhere just rushing to the place and doing our work..

Well honestly,doing work everyday is really a boring thing..all day you will be in the meetings discussing the things,i just think give me a break buddies,it was fun at college than at work honestly!!
After all may this new year bring me a honor for my work by my manager hopefully.. :)

Dream a lot people and try to achieve those dreams that's what we can do and we have in our hands,the rest will be taken care of the mighty lord..
Happy New Year Folks and don't forget to smile!!

~~~Your's Ravie

Monday, December 24, 2012

Lonely Stranger...!!

Time and our life run the same,clock ticks away and the days pass by and still you are an lonely stranger looking for something which you don't know yet......

Hi frnds,
             Merry Christmas and i have received a wonderful gift from my brother, " a beautiful Christmas carol from santa.." ,thanks to you bro. This post of mine is just the thoughts of a lonely person...

May be am looking at the sky to see the stars and the moon besides each other and i think about myself that,i may be a sky but am still lonely,i have stars within me but no star dearer to me,am so vast enough but has nothing within me....

May be am thinking about a cycle,i always see two wheels within it but they are never together but they still make the cycle to run on the road,I may be a wheel but still it is useless if you are broken....

May be am thinking of a hope,but when your heart is already broken can you fix it with a hope in it?

Became lonely by myself and struggling the life for the days to pass by,seeing sunshine daily but nothing makes this soul so happy.Being lonely is not i wanted for but god has given me just a loneliness with a limited life and a hope in heart to live the life...
I didn't make a sin but why i became a lonely stranger in this big city of lights and people?
i walk at the busy streets looking at the people but who cares this stranger,who has nothing in life but just sadness.

Am writing this to those people who are homeless,betrayed by their loved ones,wanting love from the people ,having hope in their heart to get a smile in their face...

I hope anyone, a normal human being can do something for these people....