Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet Memories of gone summer's!!!

Nothing is as same as it is before,nothing can be changed,nothing can be returned ,these things are called Memories.Memories consists of the glimpse of our life which we want to remember in our life forever.Some persons leave their vital memories with us,whenever we think about them make us smile a little and cry for a minute.
I still remember those funny summer days i spent with my grandpa,he is a very kind and loving person.I liked his company and used to think as he is my best friend.But whenever i think of him a little smile in my face shows that he left the sign of smile from my face when he has to depart from us.I still remember those sunny days when i walk across the street with my best friends to school and those memories still remain fresh within me which are unforgettable.

I still remember those high school days where i hate a person a lot but now he became a very good friend of mine.But still i remember those harsh days as a sweet memories now.Well memories are the one big wealth a person can have but living in memories cannot make a sense but remembering those for sometime can make you happy.I remember one fine summer i spent with my cousins,it's really awesome and found the true happiness to be with family.
Remembrance makes us happier but some memories still sustain in your brain as a deep sorrow but inspite of that we should move on to the future to be remained as a memory for our future generations.Live a life where you find the true happiness and try to make people happier who are with you now and i bet they won't forget you as you will be remained as their SWEET MEMORY someday!! 


Sie said...

I love your post Ravie..true we should live life and move on and find our true happiness regardless of those past memories..painful memories should be left where they are "memories" but still we have much to learn from those mistakes but try our best not to make it a reason to hinder our future dreams..

On the other side happy memories should always be treasured and cherished..every little moments with our loved ones is worth remembering..it gives us the joy and every reason to hold on to fulfill our true happiness :)

*hugs* :)

ravali said...

@sie: yes indeed girl,some persons who came in our life will become so attached after they departed we still remember them as a MEMORY!

Rani Kumari said...

very nice.............post..thanks