Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy Ideas

Hi frns,

Now i feel like i want to explore the beautiful sky with my own wings,Now i feel like that i got myself free from one world to another,Now i feel like grown up,Now i think success is just right behind me.Well these days my face is shinning with  brighten eyes.Sometimes my dog Krypto thinks that his sister gone mad!!!

Well i was thinking that leaving my parents is sad but leaving my pet dog is more sad!!!
See my cutie too misses me a lot!!!
Now i feel like to dance to all MJ's songs like...

Now i feel like to sing through my heart that......

(hmm....my sis gone mad!!!)

Now i feel like to jump in the ocean to surf because i want to cross Indian Ocean so that i can reach Pacific Ocean!!!
Now i feel like to all Indian recipes because poor me i couldn't find it there!!

(Well surely she became mad about USA!!!!)

Well guys,this is just beginning but iam sure you people will know me surely after Billgates!!
Watch out world Ravali will sure to rock the World!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hi frns,
          Life is too short but in this small life people lives the most extreme.Parents are the only people who make us to learn the ways of life and most perfectly saying they are the guidelines but now-a-days i can see some children with single mom and dad.

I can see the face of that child with both the parents more shining than the child with single parent!
What might be the reason for their separation is that because they had some misunderstandings??
What about their children,what they do wrong??
why are they punished because of their misunderstanding??
Society never see the same to those children who has single parent,why the children being punished because of their separation??
Why should they suffer??
If you both can't live together then don't raise children,why these people do such a thing that the future generations get effected by that??

I saw many youth these days getting into drugs and spoiling themselves by spending their school life with girls etc.Many girls are getting pregnant at a tender age because of the strictness of the parents and their mistakes.
My request to all those parents who are going to be single is that "die being single but never raise a child if you want to be single parent!!"

Why Dying because you people can't understand the pain the child suffers with  no father or no mother because a family consists of FATHER,MOTHER&CHILD,but not FATHER&CHILD or MOTHER&CHILD!!!

So,please don't raise a child until you people understand each other!!!

See those smiles of your children which has no fakeness,which has no duplicacy and truthful and don't let those to fly away!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Tears!!!

Hi frns,
          These were the tears which are not forgotten.These were the tears which are rolling out of my eyes because of happiness that which made me to write.My dream to study in USA is going to be true and i got my visa.
         "I still remember those tears which were caused by PAIN,
           I still remember those tears which were caused by STRAIN,
           I still remember those tears which were caused by SADNESS,
           I still remmeber those tears which were caused by HARASSMENT,
           But now i remember those tears which caused me to SMILE!!!"

I simply thank to all of the people who prayed for me and to god especially for being the part in my confidence.I still remeber those words of the visa officer saying:"YOUR VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED AND YOU WILL GET YOUR VISA THROUGH COURIER!!!"
I waited one year for this very moment which i acheived now.

Guys,i won't let this one chance to flew away,i will be the successful girl for sure.I will definetly reach my goal to meet hand to hand with BILL GATES through my company taking over his MICROSOFT!!!

BILLGATES is the person who made me to think about the software field and he will show me the path of success for sure.So i request everyone that don't get too emotional if you loose something because you will definetly deserve something so you lost that!!!



Monday, July 5, 2010

A Girl with Aspiring Mind!!!

Hi frns,
          A sweet little girl was born on June13th having lots of dreams in her eyes.She was the most adorable daughter to her parents.She is the most popular girl in her family who has been reputed through her friendliness.Everyone likes her and consider her like an angel in the sky.She is a stubborn girl with much of her confidence within her.She thought to be an astronaut but became a graduate in the field of computer sciences.She had many worries within her but never let her smile worn out.One of those past was such when she was harassed by her best friends once but recovered from it and moved up to her  aspiring dreams.She learnt everything through her experiences.

        The time just passed her 20years like a big dream and now she is a pretty lady of 21years old who has dreams to go to usa and get a master degree.She knew leaving her country isn't easy thing but has hope in her heart that another country too accept her the way she is and make her capable to achieve her dreams.The girl i mentioned above was just ME,The six letters in my name does represents :---

R=Readiness,to do whatever it costs
A=Ambitious,has much of interest in any aspect
V=Versatile,has my own style
A=Adamant,very stubborn
L=Lovely,has got much of admirers
I= Irresistible,to do anything
But,she now stood in a place where there is no chance of turning back,she is in a condition which is just like "if she go front  it is the aim and if turned back there is a death pit."
only one thing can change her life,will she succeed??
can i succeed??

if not what will happen to me???
Guys,i don't know but i feel that this blog will remain forever whether i may write or may not and i achieved my dreams to inspire people but now i feel that ,when such a person who has no chances left and struggling for living how could she can inspire people anymore???
But,one thing is for sure this blog does consists of my heart but not words!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today(1st July)

Hi Frns,
            Who knows what today brings for us,who knows what will happen today,who knows when does the sunset today.

Daily living a life does depend on the time we are living,but who knows our time is going to end.No one in the world can guess what happens today or tomorrow but we all believe that god knows that what might happen today.
             I don't know that today i was merely out of danger through an accident,i don't know that going to my friend's engagement costs me a lot,i don't know due to my car one person is in trouble now,i don't know why does  this happen.

Life is full of mysteries but there is one sense which is called SIXTH SENSE,which told me that you are in danger but who believes,neither me hasn't believed but my senses got that smell of danger.Is this a sign that my death is nearer??
who knows what happens today???