Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Unconditional Love!!!

If love can be explained by words I would have written a 1000 books about LOVE,
If love can be explained by expressions I might have made a movie about LOVE,
If love can be shown then I might have opened my heart to show it.
Love is unexplained, a magic of heart which is so strange but it will explain that Love exists in Mother’s hand, Grand Parents stories, dad’s Scolding’s and our Pet’s tail wagging. Generally, if the matter comes about love from Teenage to adults everyone thinks of their boyfriend or girlfriend. But Unconditional love only comes from two people in the whole world is your Parents. Your parents can understand the true feelings of yours, your dreams, your likes or dislikes. For a marriage to turn out to be a lifelong commitment it takes years to understand each other and some couples get separated because of the variations of understandings but they get the support from their family and that mental support will only be given by the person who truly loves you and those persons are called parents. Celebrating your Valentine’s Day with your Spouse or your girlfriend or boyfriend is not a big deal and celebrating the Valentine’s Day with your Parents will give you the true meaning of love. Our spouses may love us unconditionally too but still we shouldn’t leave our parents as Valentine’s Day true meaning is to salute the purity of Love and the existence of a wonderful feeling named LOVE. 
I wish each and every reader of my blog and to the entire world A VERY HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!

Well, Valentine’s Day for Ravie will be same old Work, work, work and work….Phew!!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Love and to be Loved!!!

Love is something you cannot explain, a bonding which you feel with the someone special and you wouldn't know it until you start missing them so badly.
Love is a bondage between two hearts and if the love is true, am sure it wouldn't be one-sided and true love always wins the race.

All i know from my experiences is Loving truly a person, will help you learn the bitter side and also the happy side of yours.
Loving your parents will teach you the way to lead your life,
Loving your pets will teach you that love is unconditional,
Loving your friends will teach you that love is in trust and understanding,
Finally Loving the life you are in, will teach you the path of happiness and your destiny to god!

I remember a story about Love, there used to be a girl who is really ambitious and hardworking and a boy who is very unhappy and sad, destiny made them to be together
and one day the girl left the boy as the destiny of the girl is god as she is having a cancer, but still the boy remembers her and now he always smile for her and led his life in a very great way.
He has a ambition to achieve for the love he trusts in. Love is nothing but trust and understanding nothing else.

Love just happens and it is a miracle of heart which responds when you come close to the person you are born for, in short SOUL MATE.

I really admire every person in the whole world who trusts in love and their love was true and i wish them a happy valentine's day.