Saturday, February 9, 2013

Love your Life!!!

Whatever is left for you in this small world is just for you,you have everything around you but still you crave for the better things for future.The tendency of us to crave for things is just the human nature but sometimes that tendency can make you greedy and selfish too.

I have lived my life the way it is whether it is good or bad but always with a smiling face showing the sorrow part of me that am happy .Fate never be good ever so,the people who can smile and get on to the things with a positive attitude can make their life turns out to be a Heaven.

People often think that having a person or family who will care for us or love us the most will be the best life we have but the best in our life is the day when you feel like loving that day,the day when you feel like it should stay longer,the day you think is never coming afterwards.Life is too short and worrying about our future which we cannot see is just a thing of caring but not enjoying the present day is a wrong thing.If you can live your day even with worries that day will be the wonderful day or lovable day.

I wish HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all dear people who fall into the mist of love and who are unwinding  the mysteries of life.

Moral:  Don't just think this day is the worst because the current day will never come back in your life so,enjoy this day and the future is unpredictable and past cannot be changed and present can be corrected!!!