Friday, April 1, 2011

Door to Heaven!!

Every Human Being searches for their door of heaven in this real world but only few can get the glimpse of it.Some can feel it but some cannot eve have the glimpse of it.Some are very unlucky but they still wont give up their chance to open that door which leads to heaven.In this search of Heaven many killed many people,In this search of heaven human became a monster but some people came to know the importance of this door and didn't even tried to open it forcefully.

My life is just the same,every night i think of the door of heaven but wherever i go i just opened the door of Hell and i know that god is testing me but i never gave up in my trials to find the door of heaven.A young Lady who is now 22years old has an aspiration to be the Legend but she knows how tough is it to reach the door of heaven,nothing comes in life so easily,even the food we eat comes after a lots of hard work and pain so,this aim of anyone can be reached with just a dedication and hardwork.I had the aspiration that one day i will each the Zenith of my aim and i will open the door of heaven,but i saw many people around me,mainly youngsters killing themselves for some petty reasons,some kill themselves in failure of a subject or love etc.But guys,once think many has got many problems but they didn't gave up.Even myself i have many problems like which work i do my bad luck turns me in but i never felt degraded and just thought that it is just the god's play and tried my best to do anything.I don't like to mention this as an example but i want to share my own personal experience to suggest you people around me to NOT TO GIVE UP YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE for just one reason of not getting your DOOR OF HEAVEN!
" In this search of you I FELL DOWN,
In this search of you I BEGGED,
In this search of you I GOT BRUISES,
In this search of you I FAILED MANY TIMES,
But in this search of you,you are always with me because YOU ARE IN MY SPIRIT!!"
Don't give up in this search people and one day i'm sure you will reach the DOOR OF HEAVEN!!!


Balqis said...

Love it. So nice! :)

Boluwaji said...

Seems very elusive, this door of heaven, but there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

ravali said...

@balquis: yep thanks girl!!

@boluwaji: well i'm also searching for that tunnel!!

Jolly Princess said...

Thanks for sharing these inspirational words. I am so proud of my young blogger friend. :)

ravali said...

@jolly: well really missed your blog posts from a long time princess,well thanks !