Tuesday, March 15, 2011

True Life!

Hi frns,
           You people ever wonder what's the True Life?
Is it comes through Love or Happiness or Sweet Memories?
Nope it comes from Sadness!

That's true people,whenever you are broken up,you will start to think,in that thinking you will start to learn and through learning from the mistakes you made, you will build up your Life in such a way that you don't have to look back!
 Well is that easy is a Life?
Nope, leading a life is different from learning from life,Life will contain all types of emotions but still the queston remains,is this is a True life?
In my thinking a true life is not from Happiness or Sadness but if you ever helped a person in Trouble it is your True Life (don't think i'm crazy,how can we compare from a life to helping!)
People everyone has their own life but some people doesn't have their own life so,they need help to live with and we are ignoring them,yes i'm talking about those people who are homeless,orphans,blind,etc.
They need our help and we are ignoring them,do some charity in your life which can give you such happiness that you will be remembered after your death too!!
I want to dedicate this post to those Departed souls in the incident from JAPAN!!
May your souls rest in peace!!

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Balqis said...

I like reading this philosophical write-up of True Life. Thank you for sharing. :)