Sunday, March 6, 2011


Everyone might have at least one person whom they hate the most,the same way i hated a person for 6years,quite a big enemy ship for me but it was because of some misunderstandings and not knowing the truth.
We both were the toys in the hands of some cruel forces who wanted to hurt each other,after a long time of my enmity i found the truth and now i have nothing in my life which i hate.I don't know that in this part of my hatred i learned about the person a lot,even though i hated that person a lot but never wanted it to show up because my mom used to say to me,"IF YOU HATE SOMETHING TRY TO LIKE IT IN SUCH A WAY THAT THE HATE DON'T SHOW UP" and one big joke is that the person don't even know that i hate!!!

Due to misunderstandings many are spoiling themselves in such a way they can kill each other in that enmity,well i hated that person but never harmed that person,i hated the presence of that person but never shown that in my face,there is a saying of gandhiji,if you hate something very much then try to like that hate so that you never hate it!
People many hate many things  but just try to understand the hatred and don't make such a mistake which i did on hating a person who is just a toy in that big cruel story of those witches!
I want to tell to the whole world that my enemy is not my enemy anymore and i will try to understand that person so that no other witch comes and plays their dirty plays again!!

MORAL:- Firstly,know the big reason to hate and why should we hate.


Suresh said...

Bitter misunderstanding
Nice understanding
Go ahead smiling.

Balqis said...

I like the moral of the story. :)

ravali said...

@suresh:- well some misunderstandings may lead to destuction!!

@balquis:- you think so??
yes it is!!

Jolly Princess said...

Your mom is right. Why not try to reverse your feelings towards the person, anyway?

Jill Wellington said...

Very thoughtful, Ravali! Are you enjoying your time in America?

ravali said...

@jolly:- well i'm trying to do that,well i will see how much i can trust him.

@jill:- well quite a big enjoyment,though freaking busy with assignments!