Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Am i Human??

Does anyone ever thought that a computer can take over the mankind?
Does anyone know that what are the goals of a computer scientist?
Does human race want another race or kind which can talk and does the work like us?
Do you think that we are heading to a new way of generation?
The answers to all these questions are "YES!!"

This is not a fiction movie or a science matter but just a general view.
Why don't you rewind some years back before the computer was invented,we all used to spend our lives in a different way.To send a letter to your family it used to take few days but now few seconds.There used to be days that for choosing a bride or a bridegroom we used to send the photos of each other or set up a meeting for a marriage proposal but these days,internet chatting and online proposals became common.Reviewing all these years and observing the people around me i got a point that anyone in the world cannot live without checking their mails online or without switching on their computer!
Even me myself cannot!
Is this because we are running with the technology or technology motivated us?
People are becoming lazier these days and wanted all kind of comforts without working hard,even me i don't like to work hard and go to post office to mail my documents rather i prefer to send them through online!
It is good that technology is growing but it is then not good that technology is taking over you.
Inventing a super computer like "WATSON" indeed a milestone for AI people but what the human gained in this?
A machine which has a big database within it or it is having a million lines of code?
Technology development is growing but in that growth we are also loosing ourselves in that development and i doesn't wonder in the future there will be a robot which resembles me!
Does the technology development a success to the HUMAN KIND or a disaster??

Why are we searching for comforts where at the past we never thought of??
Increasing our knowledge is a DISASTER or a SUCCESS??
Who knows the reason of all these but one thing is for sure there will be one day when we the HUMANS will ask ourselves AM I HUMAN!!!


Boluwaji said...

since robots will not be able to do everything, we will still be able answer the question and conclude, we are humans!

ravali said...

@boluwaji:-well my view is that technology is being destructive..

Shahin said...

to avoid the worst condition we should not be addicted to any technology & try not to lose our emotions & social touch...

ravali said...

@Shahin:- well that's really true but can i ask you that you are not addicted to your computer??