Friday, August 17, 2012

To Love is to Forget????

Hi Frns,
            People often say am in Love,am having a Lover,We just started..etc.But anyone are sure that the same persons are getting into Marriage??
I often see or get some news from my friends a word named "BREAKUP",what's this all about,after being together for many years you people just break your love??
May be am not the right person to talk about this topic but i just wanted to know the reason,why even the marriages are getting the word named "BREAKUP??"

Loving a person is the best part in our life,we choose a person in our life after our parents and settle in our life,which is the most wonderful feeling and a new part in our life.I can say Love has the power to Change a person,it has the power to bring back the dead but what about now-a-days??
I can see people are using this funny word named "BREAKUP" so easily,don't know why???
May be because those don't love each other anymore??
 are you vexed up ??
 has financial problems??
Honestly saying,those who thought they were really in love are never in love,it's just attraction.May be am too young to say this or may be am too inexperienced in this part of life but all i want to ask is
Really those lovers,who lost their love because of their denial of marriage from their parents,are really the true lovers,Those lovers who die for each other,those lovers who made history of their love are the TRUE LOVERS.
So,people i really don't want to criticize the one who suffered a break up but am just trying to ask you a question.. why??

"The rose is red, the violet's blue,
The honey's sweet, and so are you.
Thou art my love and I am thine;
I drew thee to my Valentine:
The lot was cast and then I drew,
And Fortune said it shou'd be you......"

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Friendship Day!!

Hello Friends,
                     This Friendship week i want to remind some funny things and stuff that i want to share it with you all.Firstly Happy Friendship Day Folks!!

I still remember the day i stepped into my school and it was a new city,i was in my 8TH grade and i was really horrified to go into the school because am not that good sociable person,that day i still remember that 9TH Grade senior girl who guided me the correct direction to my class,probably you might be thinking am supposed to say about friends but friendship is not that going outside together,partying and's about understanding each other and having trust.Well obviously,that girl became my friend and my mom always say,why you had friends from smaller ages to older ages,in fact she is surprised of me sometimes!!
But i say friendship has no age limit and what all we need is understanding and supporting person,which we call Friends.

People say often,"yeah she is my friend.." but am not searching for such people who say friend in front of us and enemy at back.Am in search of a friend who can understand me and may be because of my thinking in this way i have many friends from all ages!!!

So,people what i think is friendship has no age limit and we humans are sociable and cannot live lonely,we can stay without a life partner or lover but cannot stay without friends and family,all i want to say is what we always think is of a dream boy and after we find him,we have fights and thus the relationship ends but a friend will never be like that,even we fight,even we scold they never be apart,if they are apart then they are never a friend to each other.

Moral : (What i think)
Don't ever loose any friend with your silly attitudes because at last you will be the Lonely person in the world!!

Happy Friendship Day to all of you and A small Apology from this writer of not being so active in my blog but please stay tuned...Ravs is always there!!!!