Thursday, January 28, 2016

Reverse Psychology!!!

The first time I read this word in the dictionary I found out it to be silly, later on when I remembered my past memories of some friends and colleagues I found out this is one of an interesting topic to speak about or write as well!!
Basically, every boy or girl according to the human psychology needs a partner at a certain age or I can say when their hormones raise!!
The main purpose of mine to write this post is to let people know that small tips to maintain a healthy relationship with the people you love.

Tip 1:  If a Boy ignores you and convey that he hates you but the problem is you love him,
The reverse psychology is that to achieve the main purpose of the task but in different way so, just convey that boy how much you love him and everything and then suddenly stop disturbing him, this will make him think of you for sure!!

(Yes, why would I behave so crazily like this and what if he elopes with another girl as am not disturbing him??   )

One thing is its human nature to respond to bad quickly than the good things. ( I don’t mean your love is the bad thing happened to that boy)  Our mind reacts to bad or something which it doesn’t like quickly, don’t you think you will sit quiet if some people come and talk some rubbish on you , in the same way your brain thinks of that person who used to bother you a lot though you are not interested to think of!!
Now, that boy will definitely think of you and will try to understand the things went on in the days you disturbed him. If he was slightly interested in you, he will try to talk to you may be like a person who hates you or like a stranger now, this is the time you need to prove yourself. Be normal with him and don’t show too much love towards him so that he tries to understand your love and see you not being his lover but a girl waiting for a partner.

(This tip in reverse can be applied to a girl as well )

Many youth these days commit suicide due to the rejection of love but life is more important than love so, if you know some of these little tips in relations a life can be saved and a person life is more important than anything in this world after all!!!

Tip 2: Your child bothers you all the time and does exact the reverse of what you have asked him or her to do.
Basically, we raise our kids in such a way that they shouldn’t get hurt, they can spend whatever money they need etc. Well we didn’t know that by doing in this way we are actually spoiling our kids future.
They become more and more stubborn and next they won’t even listen our words and as we love them so much we cannot beat them up. So how to manage these stubborn kids, reverse psychology works people!!
If your kid asks for a toy and he cries and cries for it then give him so, the next time he does the same stunt just to get that toy he needed. Then you just ignore his cry, he may not have his food all day but ignore and next day he will definitely change and will say it’s ok am fine with not having that toy.

(Seriously, you want my kid to starve whole day??? R u nuts??? )

Well, god might be the creator of humans but parents are the creators of their own kids so, we have to choose the right path to make our children go in a good direction. They will surely develop bad feelings about us because of our strictness but later on as they develop they understand that toy which costs of 1000$ is not worth of their parents suffering of getting those dollars!!
What I mean to say is, we need to raise our kids to be independent than being dependent and that comes when we as parents understand the situations perfectly.
So, hopefully, I have covered two main topics that bothers a lots of people these days and feel free to post your comments and let me know your concerns as well.
Your’s friend,

Friday, December 4, 2015

Sweetest Pain!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Relations are great,if we can manage them in a good manner with lots of communication and understanding but are we going the right path?
Lots of disturbances arise between two people who are in a committed relationship may be due to money, friends etc, but does those problems really matters if we really love each other?
Two people fall in love with each other may be due to beauty, money, etc but what exactly can we describe love ?
I keep on seeing posts from people regarding their happy marital life in social networking sites but are they really happy?
i just want to discuss regarding the sweetest pain in a relationship in life.
Well, do we need to exactly pursue a masters degree in psychology to know about relationships, marriages etc?
Aren't we eligible to talk through our experiences in life?
many people think only, those who study human behavior are the ones who knows everything, but nobody knows anything until they research on it.

1) When your husband doesn't pick your phone, what'exactly comes into your mind?

- May be he met with an accident
-May be he is with someone special
-May be he is ignoring you
-May be he is angry

But nobody thinks this,

- May be he is in a meeting
- May be he didn't check his phone
- May be he is on the way home

So, may be the environment we live or we see is having many conceptions and we suddenly think a negative side of the story than the reality and we have a small fight with our hubby.
Even we took the positive scenario we fight due to over protectiveness but these little fights may become big some day and may cause a big break in your relationship. Why cant we take or consider
that husband is also a human being, who has the right to think, talk and do whatever he likes. Marriage is not a agreement but an understanding of two souls. It's not an agreement that you shouldn't talk to the people whom your husband hates.

2)When you see your boy friend with an another girl at a movie theater, what you do?

-Go straight to him and slap him
-Scold him
-Text him where was he

But nobody thinks this,
-May be she is his friend/relative
-Go and meet them both and have fun

Well, nobody does the positive side as they feel insecure. Being a well educated human being, its not the positive side or negative side of reaction but the way of taking the situation.
Is this scenario really helps in your life or not?
Why you even need to respond to this one?
Taking the situation as a normal one and going in peace in life is the best way to live a life. Even our own parents wont come with us at death then why are we fighting here with a person who doesn't or cannot share your death!
no relation comes with u to heaven and why do we act these silly things after knowing that.
Only a human relation is with god and to that force which supports us in good times and bad times.
Keep faith in god and lead your life in a peaceful way than irritating your brain of being in positive or negative side.
That's why i would say Life is nothing but a sweetest pain......!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Magic Exists!!!

Sometimes in life you might be struck in one part of life, where there is nothing left in your life but then God or Fate will give you such a magic in life, it shows that there is a reason for your life and don’t make a mistake to end it!!

Love happens to everyone but not everyone are successful in it. Marriage happens to everyone but only few are successful in it. Everyone aspires to become a president or a CEO of company but not everyone can get it. So, life is all about trying for the things until we get into the zenith of it and in spite of our trials it fails then think that it’s the best part happened in life. Love happens only once but if it’s on both sides then trust me it will be the best as one-sided love just fails!
Don’t ever think life has given me such troubles in life and am just a loser because if you are always a winner in life there wouldn’t be anything that you want to dream about!
Live in the present and not the past and yes, it’s a bad dream and I know you are worried about your future but trust me, it all happened for good!!
Enjoy this present day with new hopes and new aims than cribbing about your blah, blah, past and crib all day!!

Magic exists and it will show up when it was your time and then there wouldn’t be any villain to make it hell and I bet you will rule this time for sure.

Lastly, keep smiling and don’t ever cry for that person who just walked away at the shopping mall without looking at your face in spite of you looking at him, that person who just rejected your job, because he thinks you are not worth of it, that person who just rejected your marriage proposal because you are not interesting, that person who just made you fail in exam because you didn’t wrote the exam well, etc. All these things were not the end of world because if this wouldn’t happen in life then how can it be like this in present. If that person who walked away without looking at you, would have come and spoke to you then your life wouldn’t be this awesome, if that person wouldn’t rejected your job application then you wouldn’t be working as a CEO currently!!

So, people magic happens and it will happen at the right time and don’t worry about anything because until you are not wrong in your life, it will be always awesome and happier than you expected.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


The word Survival for me was like a meaning to Live this life, but there is a question behind us, that for whom?
Why we have to blame god, that we are alive?
Loosing everything in life is one way of letting us know, that we are done with life??
What's the purpose of life we are living in?
Having a husband and kids is the thing we are destined for?

Being a CEO of an MNC company is the purpose of life?
Reaching out to god through meditation is the purpose of life?
What's this Survival of Life?
Why are we living this life?

People would say, these are just crazy thoughts, you are out of mind!!
Well, my meaning of life is that, The day one we are conceived through our Mother's womb was a journey of battle to Live and come out to the world, The day we got out after nine months, we cried at first may be in happiness or in an excitement we made it through to this world, the day we crawled,that was the first time we actually tried to get hold on things we wanted in this life. The day we learned to walk, we got the motivation that we can go far places to live this life. The day we first learnt a  word is when we tried to communicate to this world. The day we learnt the communication we tried to find out the place where we need to go. Years passed by and we completed the education and in between we fall in love,suddenly we remember the purpose of life is just to raise kids with the one we love at that moment. In the course of time we think that purpose of life is to give our kids a good life. Later on,we think god is the creator of universe and one should believe him in their old age and it becomes the purpose of life. But did anyone remembered the day we were fighting for the survival in our mother's womb for this life?

What was the purpose of life then and what we achieved now?
My way of saying is Live the life you got with the same passion to achieve something new everyday, try to do something new in life today rather than thinking what's the purpose of life. We Survived that day on our Mother's womb to see this day, so what we achieved so far?
Purpose of life is nothing but living your life everyday with new thoughts and new goals rather than thinking and crying about things won't happen!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

When you found TRUE LOVE.....

Love, a beautiful feeling, a beautiful dream, a beautiful sign, a beautiful symbol which only occurs when you find the true love. 

When you close your eyes you can see a wonderful world out there which asks you to come and visit with your special one in life. When you talk to them, all you can see is that voice which kept you waiting for so long in life to meet you especially to continue your life to an different dimension, When you feel their touch we can actually know that they are just made for us by god and its a bonding which you cannot leave. Loving them every morning, every day and every minute becomes an big addiction to us from then. We will actually forget for sometime that our parents love us also but still its just that crazy feeling which is incomparable.

Feel the love with the one who loves you and don't ever keep any expectations on your loved one as your heart knows they are your's. Live this crazy dream of life like that everyday is a surprise. Love only happens with two people but not alone and when you find this you are going in a right path!!
Enjoy this phase of love in your life as a boon to you by god and make it easy path as you grow old!!

Love only can take away the pain caused by another Love...!!!
Don't loose the person who loves you as the person who loves you will love you more than the person whom you love!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Depression??? (ASK ME!!)

Hello Friends,
                      Life we think it's very easy if we have money, if we have family and friends but our body is not the same as we expect.sometimes we need to
understand that something is bothering us and it is not because of family or friends but something which u can't explain but u feel to cry.
Depression is one of such illness or i would say a condition, where people feel that they are fine and active but it will act them suddenly without their knowledge.

Actually depression can occur may be due to loneliness, heart broken, worries, tensions etc but mainly depression can occur normally also.People say i think you are not psychologically correct or ill but it's not correct but sometimes the brain processes too much of requests and tasks that
once it got exhausted and then we feel yes this is end of the story. Myself, i faced this situation recently, may be i was heart-broken, felt emptied,
lost hope in life even i isolated from my friends and family and i don't want to do it but i was doing it without my intention.I was acting weirdly with everyone.

At first i thought may be because i got rejected in my love may be its the problem, but later on i discovered its not about that but something else.
I was sad about the loss of my love but y am acting weird is the question banging on my head all the time. I was easily weeping on phone. Friends who knew me found out y am easily breaking down these days without any reason. It's just not a mental illness but sometimes people get into trance that they feel emptied themselves in this big world.

 May be because of lost love, may be because of career and it will start in such a way.Even i know suicide is a stupid thing to do but i felt like i have done enough and achieved enough now and just wanted to die but y, i have no reason for it. This is called depression.

But, honestly saying that being with your family and friends will make you again normal which took me two months to get back to normal. I really thank my good friend Ravi, who never let me go even though i acted weird, i screamed at him,i burs ted out in tears with him,but he was always there for me as a good friend, as a brother, he helped me to get back to normal and now i would say that i have fought the depression almost 95%.

The main Reason for me to write this article is that DEPRESSION is not any mental illness or u r mad but sometimes you are affected in life too much which makes u to be depressed. For me my friend helped me to take me out of depression
but for many its not the same so its good to consult a psychiatrist. 36% of Indians are in depression and India tops the depression rate around the world. So, i would like to convey everyone that don't be sad and just talk about it and i know depression not only being caused just because u lost something etc but it also causes scientifically due to hormonal changes as well. Women are prone to more depression than men and i would say don't isolate yourself from world
as it's not a sin to be depressed.
Battle it and live and laugh and love yourself.
Remember one thing that you are born for some reason and you are the best being yourself.
Keep smiling from your heart and don't fake it dears!!    

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Parents,"We are Born to you not to the society!!"

Hello Friends,
                      This post is entirely for educating the young parents and also normal parents who think what they do is correct in their life for their children.
There are some parents who are very protective about their children as they provide clothes,gadgets, phones etc to them and think they have fulfilled their child desires. The main reason of a spoil brat is that not making him understand the hard work you have gone through to earn that gadget or whatsoever piece of item. Even the children of presidents or higher officials train their children to be self-independent because its not the matter of money but upbringing of their child in the society in a positive manner. The big mistakes parents do to their children is that they provide all the requirements of theirs without asking. Parents never or ever should encourage their kids of being dependent on anyone and it only develops by not providing them what they want (I know am kinda harsh here but my main motto is the children should actually earn the item they want either by earning somewhere or getting good marks in exams but not casually).
Second big mistake of parents was when their child gets depressed about something and they share it with them then they say to forget it. Many psychologists i have asked this question is this a correct way of getting the child not to think or be in suicidal or depression mood??
The answer i got was really appealing, what they said is that :

Let the child SPEAK,
Let them CRY wholeheartedly,
Let the PAIN out than making them frustrated by keeping it inside of them.
Parents should try to make them understand that they are not useless and make their confidence build up as more as possible because children when at depression are needed lack of self worth. Any age children may be adults also face the same situation called "lack of self worth"while at depression which has to be supported by parents making them confident that they are not useless". I have seen many parents doing the same mistake calling their children of any age as USELESS, this small word can make their mental stability disturbed which will lead to depression, aggressiveness,;Lack of confidence within them. Children only can share with their parents and no one else and that is the biggest part what parents should understand.
Some adults who got breakups in their personal life seek loneliness due to lack of self worth and self respect among society but the simple solution for this problem is even parents should understand was that LET THEM SPEAK THEIR PAIN . Don't force or motivate them saying to forget their past but make them comfort that future may be good but let them take their time and don't make them force on anything.'Any broken heart cannot marry suddenly another person because they are in lack of confidence and trust which they can only get when the time goes on. People who are depressed will be in more pain and distress who needs time and support from not only parents but also by friends who has to understand their pain and make them comfort until they get stabilize.

My sincere advice for all the parents around the world that your children is your responsibility, your child has to face the society alone but only if you support them nicely, LET THEM SPEAK THEIR PAIN OUT, LET THEM CRY THEIR PAIN OUT, LET THEM OPEN UP........!!!