Thursday, April 2, 2015

When you found TRUE LOVE.....

Love, a beautiful feeling, a beautiful dream, a beautiful sign, a beautiful symbol which only occurs when you find the true love. 

When you close your eyes you can see a wonderful world out there which asks you to come and visit with your special one in life. When you talk to them, all you can see is that voice which kept you waiting for so long in life to meet you especially to continue your life to an different dimension, When you feel their touch we can actually know that they are just made for us by god and its a bonding which you cannot leave. Loving them every morning, every day and every minute becomes an big addiction to us from then. We will actually forget for sometime that our parents love us also but still its just that crazy feeling which is incomparable.

Feel the love with the one who loves you and don't ever keep any expectations on your loved one as your heart knows they are your's. Live this crazy dream of life like that everyday is a surprise. Love only happens with two people but not alone and when you find this you are going in a right path!!
Enjoy this phase of love in your life as a boon to you by god and make it easy path as you grow old!!

Love only can take away the pain caused by another Love...!!!
Don't loose the person who loves you as the person who loves you will love you more than the person whom you love!!!

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