Saturday, April 18, 2015


The word Survival for me was like a meaning to Live this life, but there is a question behind us, that for whom?
Why we have to blame god, that we are alive?
Loosing everything in life is one way of letting us know, that we are done with life??
What's the purpose of life we are living in?
Having a husband and kids is the thing we are destined for?

Being a CEO of an MNC company is the purpose of life?
Reaching out to god through meditation is the purpose of life?
What's this Survival of Life?
Why are we living this life?

People would say, these are just crazy thoughts, you are out of mind!!
Well, my meaning of life is that, The day one we are conceived through our Mother's womb was a journey of battle to Live and come out to the world, The day we got out after nine months, we cried at first may be in happiness or in an excitement we made it through to this world, the day we crawled,that was the first time we actually tried to get hold on things we wanted in this life. The day we learned to walk, we got the motivation that we can go far places to live this life. The day we first learnt a  word is when we tried to communicate to this world. The day we learnt the communication we tried to find out the place where we need to go. Years passed by and we completed the education and in between we fall in love,suddenly we remember the purpose of life is just to raise kids with the one we love at that moment. In the course of time we think that purpose of life is to give our kids a good life. Later on,we think god is the creator of universe and one should believe him in their old age and it becomes the purpose of life. But did anyone remembered the day we were fighting for the survival in our mother's womb for this life?

What was the purpose of life then and what we achieved now?
My way of saying is Live the life you got with the same passion to achieve something new everyday, try to do something new in life today rather than thinking what's the purpose of life. We Survived that day on our Mother's womb to see this day, so what we achieved so far?
Purpose of life is nothing but living your life everyday with new thoughts and new goals rather than thinking and crying about things won't happen!!


✿Sie✿ said...

I agree Ravie..trying to achieve something new everyday..often times specially on our younger years we plan and set goals in our lives and we feel mostly stressed out to fulfill this goals or purposes in our lives but looking back there are certain ways for which we can't control and the best way to adjust to these things is surviving with each day and just living each day at a time. Thinking about new things to achieve everyday because unplanned things always happen. Visiting you..hugs :)

Ravali SAP said...

Thanks a lot Sie, i Wish the same too. How are you by the way??