Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Beginning!!!

Hi Friends,
                Happy New Year 2012 and I hope these holidays were awesome for you guys. (well not for me,got sick!!)

I just wanted to share my experiences of the last year 2011 and my wish list of 2012.(well,i knew you all will be jealous..hahhaha..!!)
Last year was just like a minute for me,don't know how the days went on but at the last i had some achievements,some incidents,some decisions and soon the year ended.I have found that "TRUE LOVE" does really exists,a parted lovers but their love still exists,may be god has taken away one soul but he couldn't achieve to break their love as being a lady she didn't even married anyone and wanted to be single all alone in the name of her lover and she is happy.
(No one can do that and being a lady i guess not!!)
With this story of that wonderful lady,i have found respect in the word LOVE.Am just still at the start but am just a learner.
I have my masters degree now and am happy for that.I have learned that still there are many puzzles yet to be solved and i should be a puzzle chaser in my life.I have learned that people change and had a very bad experience last year with so called relatives and have experienced the little word "TRUST",they are not the ones who are trustworthy.Had many friends and wherever i go people like me but don't know how i have been hated by some people in college days??

But my enemies also became friends in this year and hopefully they will be forever and i expect they won't cheat me.
New Year Resolutions 2012:
1)To at least get a job in Microsoft
(well i guess Mr.gates awaits for my talent,well it's obvious!!)
2)To at least get a AUDI or a LEXUS car is fine!!
(Well i knew i can be happy in a cycle but what to do i cannot ignore if someone gifts me those..hehehe)
3)To find my Dream Boy
(Well obviously there are many boys in the world,so why to waste our dreams to find a boy!!)
4)To go to EUROPE
(well,i have a old Debt to pay,i mean a little thrashing of one of my enemies,am still a good girl ok!!)
Have a great new year and don't forget to stay safe and have a nice year ahead....

(Well shall i wear this one or that one....????)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Memorable Day!

Dreams does come true,if you have the zeal to reach it.Many laughed,many teased,many harassed but still this girl from a small town in India has an aspiration to reach the top.She knew the value of tears,she knew the value of pain,she knew the value of taunting and harassment of relatives.She knew how it feels like to be parted from her family just to achieve her little dream to be "Masters in Computer Sciences".
Friends didn't believed her.Classmates laughed at her,but still this girl has the aspiration and goal to reach the dreams of her mother and her grand father.Being her mother her inspiration and father her backbone she finally seeing this day of graduation and not only a graduation but also elected by the President of the university as a "HONOR STUDENT" award with a GPA of 3.9/4.0.(i gave one point to my professor..hehehe).
Now finally she has tears in her eyes which are shinning with a smile and now it's the time for her to prove what she was meant to be now.
Moral: People never degrade a person who have an aspiration of higher aims,never knew they will achieve those one day !!