Monday, May 23, 2011


PAIN,anyone knows what this little word does mean?
A word which is just 4letters to see but means a lot to feel.Who knows when this word comes in their life and it changes their life in a very vast way.We have very little heart but the heart bears the pain which we receive and sustains it a lot.I knew i can bear this pain and i'm still bearing it but why cannot this pain is not understood by our loved one's?

Why money does matters in every part of our life?
Why does human couldn't understand money cannot make Family?
Why does people think that money can buy anything?
Why does everyone think that MONEY is the source of happiness?
Heart pains a lot when we hear that our loved one's love our money rather than yourself,it is so breaking that you cannot even digest it and just look for someone's help to sustain this pain.There is no medicine in world which can ease our pain in our heart with such Breaks!
Why no scientist can invent such a machine that which makes our heart a stone?
why cannot i find a medicine to sustain this pain?
Why cannot I?
People,i suggest you that Money will be there or may not be there with us forever but your family will be there with you forever so,don't cost ur family with money,love is more precious than money.Don't loose your family due to money!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Memorable Day!

I opened my eyes for the first time and i saw a face of Happiness,who is smiling on seeing me.
I don't know where am i but i had a feeling that i was in a place of safer hands.I smiled at the smiling face and i got a lots of kisses of my little smile.I looked around and saw another Happy Face really excited to see me,as i was looking at him.That was the day i found my life which is having a long way to go.I opened my eyes to see the world for the first time and saw the entire world in the wonderful hands of my Mother.The care of the parents is such that they never let you go down and even let you cry for anything.They work so hard to make you smile.They earn lots of money to see your smile.They make you feel happy every time even though they are in a pain!
I want to wish Happy Mother's Day for every Mother in the world.
I don't know what happened when i was born but i can feel it now,that the love which has been shared by my parents is more beautiful than the persons we met in our life.Friends will be in some parts of our life but Family will be with us forever,even though we leave them but still we will be their family!
I was the First child to my mother and that was the day when she  first became a MOTHER,so she loves me a lot and i can feel the happiness for every mother who first holds her baby for the first time.She is such a great person that even though we don't let her sleep when we were kids,she took care of us in such a way that she left her sleep to let us sleep ,she left her food to soothe our hunger,she thinks about you first than about her.It is such a beautiful experience for every girl in the world to be a mother and i wish this little memorable day will be remembered by everyone after reading this..... 

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!       (Specially to my mom,you are the best!!)