Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fighting a Lost Battle

May be a warrior has to die at last even though he might be a  great warrior.May be we are popular among everyone but sometimes we need to loose and at that tough times we will not get any support from anyone but just a faith in god.
Everyone walks away from you just because you are having a tough time,well those who walk away from you are never your friends or relations.People who are your supporters before now laugh at your back in these tough times.May be we have a very great heart but god always love to test those good people because he wants them to be in Heaven but not in Hell.
God always test some people a lot because he knew that, they will definitely reach their goal in spite of many troubles and  hurdles but there has to be a limit for everything,when everything in your hand goes off from you and you are in a position that cannot show your face to anyone but still we need to have a brave Heart for that,Don't ever Give Up in life.
Be a brave Heart,Struggle until you reach it and if that is not in your destiny then something better is before you.Be a Brave heart and keep going on....