Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hi frns,
           My friends this is actually a post from me just to talk about myself and i want all your support and wishes.I gonna miss internet world for sometime because i want to be in the real world.I had lots of stress so,i'm doing this.

The day i started a blog is still remembered by me that is feb20th,2010.well through this i really got many praises and i'm really proved that i had a stamina to write about something.I myself want to get into the outer world and learn some new topics.If i mention this in Bloggers site my friends won't let me to leave but i will leave and don't worry guys you all are remembered by me and the last time i didn't joked but actually i was serious but after you all requests i just said it is a joke but now time has come to pay you all a BIG GOODBYE!!!!

Really within few days i will just remove my account in bloggers (after i get century votes) just kidding i will remove my blogs in that website or i was planning to stop writing blogs.I got marvelous friends in my real world and when all of my online friends talk with me, i really feel bad that i miss them,i still keep my smiles on but still i miss my friends.

Lastly,I MISS BLOGGING and i may probably couldn't come often or i will come often i can't say but i can say only one thing that is i'm just LEAVING.


NOTE:--my blog still runs but i couldn't guarantee it will be in bloggers.  


Friday, May 28, 2010

5 Headed Snake!!!!

Hi frns,
          Today i want you people to tell you about an incident near Mangalore,india at Kukke Subrahmanyam Temple,it is a very pretty creature,curvy,unimaginable,unexpected i.e,they encountered by a real snake with 5heads!!!

It was a true incident though many are not accepting but there are such a type snakes according to science.

In science these type living beings are called POLYCEPHALY,means having more than one head.The born of a animal in such a condition was known as DIPROSOPUS,mean it is having a congenital disorder,which involves in defects of developing fetus.

It is unbelievable for many but our ancestors really knew about these facts as this strange things hasn't happened now,we all studied about many mythological creatures but this is the fact they were actually may be real as science indeed has been awestruck to give an answer.But believe it or not such congenital disorder are there not only in snakes but in any living being!!

Enjoy it!!!!(*phew...scary*)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poetry Fever!!!

Hi frns,
           Anyone doesn't know this but now i'm sure if i reveal this secret my family and friends will be awestruck,well from my childhood i used to write poems,i thought books are my friends because in never had many friends in my life until now,hopefully i proved myself after i became a blogger that i'm a very good extrovert.i used to write poems about clocks,clouds,sun,hmmm..lot more and i kept that diary with me for many days but unfortunately when we shifted our house i lost it!

Poetry is my passion but i doesn't consider myself as a best poet because i like the sky and the stars very much,i love them and consider them as my friends and i used to talk with these in my childhood days very much.May be due to this i wanted to be a Aeronautical Engineer,due to that i had a wish that to be dead in a aeroplane accident because if i had a chance to choose that death is sure if i choose aeroplane and life,i would choose death in a aeroplane,hmmm...very crazy wish right but this is my own deep wish! parents and family will be surprised for sure as i'm revealing my crazy wishes,heheh...

lets start my Poetry Fever:----

"The first time i opened my eyes slowly and saw a beautiful goddess holding me,i thought this is the life's greatest moment,
The first time i touched the angels hand and felt like, heaven is not so far but it's in her hand,i thought this is the life's everlasting feeling,
The first time i learnt the warmth of being a baby and it's because of the elysian given to me by god,i thought this is the elixir of life,
The first time you hold my hand to make me walk then i thought i'm ready to explore the sweetness of world,
The first time you made me talk made me think that i'm ready to be a good spokesperson in the world,
The real world is just known by the help of you MOM,thanks for being my goddess of life"

this poem is just for my mom,i love you mom!!!
Mom you are the best!!

"I glared at you but you never spoke to me,
I praised you but you never look at me,
I liked the presence of you but you never felt me,
I liked the fragrance of your's but you never noticed me,
I liked the shines of your's but you never shined for me,
I liked the shadows but never talked to me,
Hey Sky why don't i be you????"

This is about the  Sky(akasam(telugu))
I always wanted to be a part of sky but never be,i hate this life of a human and wanted to be a star to be with my sky,well one day i will reach it.

That's all folks my poems,i think i'm crazy to write poems but these are my feelings!!!

See ya, hope liked!!!  

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lost Hearts!!!!!

Hi frns,
          I'm still young to talk about this topic but not that young that i don't know,i wish i would have a chance to be there,i wish i would have a chance to fight there,i wish i would have a chance to see them.alas,i couldn't find them,yes guys i'm talking about our great warriors,our soldiers!!!

The life of a soldier is just like the following poem.....(guys my first poem...hope its good!!)

I travelled along the hills,mountains,cliffs,just to have a glimpse of freedom,
I travelled along the forests,trees,shrubs,just to have a glimpse of freedom,
I travelled along the lakes,rivers,seas,just to have a glimpse of freedom,
I travelled along the coldest winters,hottest summers,just to have a glimpse of freedom,
One day i travelled to heaven and saw that i had my glimpse of freedom to my country!!!!

Soldiers die for us giving freedom of terror attacks,they don't care their lives for our lives,i had seen many youngsters tell their dream was to become an engineer or a doctor but not a SOLDIER!!!
People just think about these parted souls and try to serve our country at least anyone in your family must be a SOLDIER,if i had a chance i would marry a SOLDIER,because i would be proud of him.
Guys   JAI HIND!!!

Well i wrote a LOVE POEM and it is just a poem and hopefully i'm happy to be single....
YOU made me to feel the Meaning of Life,
YOU made me to think the Happiness of Life,
YOUR presence makes my Heart to Beat,
YOUR smile Enlightens my Mind,
YOUR whispers touch my ears as a Nightingale Song,
YOUR tears can touch my Eyes like a Ocean,
YOUR happiness is my Wonderful Day,
Simply you are the one whom i Miss Everyday!!!!!"
Hope you liked.......


Friday, May 14, 2010

ALISHA(Dreams of LOVE) Part--5

Hi frns,
          Atlast the beautiful story is going to end,well lets begin the suspense.........
Abrahim decided to gather some information and proofs so that it would please Alisha and let her know the truth,he decided to go to Amar's know resting place that is Jammu.Alisha asked Abrahim where he was going but telling lies is a bad thing but for the sake of good Abrahim told to his love a lie that too for his love's sake!!!

Abrahim went to Jammu,he contacted through many and got some information over there that Amar was caught by police and he is in imprisonment and his hearing in the court is in process.Abrahim thought this was the chance to bring Alisha and show her the truth of Amar,he called Alisha and said whatever he knew about Amar's history but Alisha didn't agreed but he pleaded her to come to Jammu and see the fact.

Alisha however managed in her house saying a lie that she is going to her friend's marriage and left to Jammu in a wish in her heart that Abrahim must be wrong,she reached Jammu and met Abrahim.
Abrahim took her to the jail and showed her the truth of Amar.Alisha's heart broken,her tears flooded like a oceanic waves.She fainted.

Abrahim woke her up and said that:" No Guy Is Worth Your Tears & When You Find The One That Is He Won't Make You Cry!!!"

Alisha don't even knew that there is a heart which cries for her and at that time she was all broken.It took Alisha

 several months to recover but with the help of Abrahim she did managed to move on but first love is first love which 

makes every person to cry but Alisha got Abrahim who will throw away those memories with his own dreams.She 

realised the meaning of true love from Abrahim and one day she wanted to say those three magical words to him 

and suddenly.........................

ALISHA.....ALISHA...WAKE UP IT'S ALREADY 7'OCLOCK............(it was her mom waking her up)



well guys & gals don't ever try to love a person without knowing them at all and these days many youngsters are falling into prey of such an idiots who just says they love them after they will be a traitors.

"love is a divine thing,a beautiful music,a lyrical song,a tempting wish!!!!"

So,do take care to choose your partners this story is just for advising you people to go into a good path of success in love and choosing the right path.......
(hehehehe...i knew it's a bit too long story,apologies for it!!!)
Thanks readers!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

ALISHA(Dreams of LOVE) Part--4

Hi frns,

Well there is a saying that:"we wouldn't take interest in what we have but we will for what we not have".Alisha didn't ever noticed that there will be a person who might be interested in her but she searched her own to find a person.People we might not be perfect choosers in partners but if we settled with those who love us never let us down in anything that's what now-a-days youth couldn't understand.Amar has his own story,he is not a Alisha's Prince Charming  but a Traitor,who traps girls saying he loves them and then takes them to other countries and sell them!!!

Alisha loved him blindly and doesn't even know the intentions of this traitor Amar,well one day Amar indeed asked Alisha that will she ran away from her house and marry him!!!
Well Alisha was stunned and replied that why wouldn't he ask her hand to her father!!
But Amar is a tricky boy and he knew that this would happen,so he managed her that he would ask her father tomorrow.Alisha was happy and as for her Amar was a big software engineer and has got good salary.Meanwhile Abrahim wanted to know that whether Amar is a good person or not because he indeed loose his love but he wants his love to be happier so,he started to investigate him and he was in that process.

Well next day both Alisha's and  Abrahim's bikes got clashed and both fell on each other,well that was the first touch of Alisha for Abrahim but he knew's it's just a incident,both got up and Alisha wasn't angry on him as it's her fault and she apologized him,then she took her bike and started walking.She saw that Abrahim is also following her,she got angry and yelled at him saying:"why the hell you are following me???"
Abrahim just smiled at her and said:"Ahmmm...actually i'm your neighbor,i live next to your house."
Alisha was surprised that she didn't even noticed him ever!!!
She conveyed her sorry and walked away.
That day Amar  didn't come to her house.Alisha was sad so,she thought she would have a stroll in the backyard.Surprisingly she saw Abrahim over there and waved him a "HI".Abrahim was happy and both of them had a good talk.

Within a month these talks lead to a very good friendship between both of them and they became good friends,Alisha indeed said her love story to Abrahim and asked help,but in this whole month Amar wasn't seen and his mobile was switched off.Alisha worried about him and asked Abrahim to find him.Abrahim searched a lot more places,asked Amar's friend's,searched many streets for him for more than a week.
All he got was :"who is AMAR?"
Amar's friend's said that his name was not Amar but Akhil!!!!

Abrahim got doubt of this guy,he didn't said to Alisha about these findings  and found a big truth of Amar,really a big stroke for Abrahim but if Alisha comes to know then really it would be a heart broke for her but nevertheless it should be said to her,so.He planned a way to get Alisha out from the clutches of Amar......

(guys thanks for reading my posts,well the next part was the ending of this beautiful imaginary story)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

ALISHA---Dreams of LOVE(part 3)

Hi frns,

Alisha returned her home with a unknown happiness,it's a very different feeling that she felt then when she heard the word from Amar.As we all know that whether girls agree or not but as a girl i knew it that a girl feels happy when these two beautiful words were said by boys i.e,"YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" and "YOU ARE GREAT".Well being a girl myself i feel happy when any boy calls me BEAUTIFUL so,that what happened to Alisha and Amar got his first impression in Alisha's mind.
That night she spent sleepless because she thought may be it is life she thought,next day she took a hour to get dressed!!!!

Well i think that's the reason when every girl falls in love takes a lot care about her beauty!!!
Alisha doesn't aware that she is in love,well she took a lots of glimpses at her mirror before she left her house and drove her bike to her college in a very pleasant mood.

That day she didn't find Amar anywhere,he is not present!!!
She felt so bad that even she got tears in her eyes and with her teary eyes she went to her home and that night too she couldn't get sleep thinking of him!!!!

The next day too she get herself dressed in a well mannered way and left her home with a searching eyes for Amar,that day too she didn't get a glimpse of Amar as he didn't showed up that day too!!!

The third day,Amar showed up while Alisha was walking in the street,he called her and she was so pleased to see him.Amar told her the reason he was not able to come as he was busy and he was sorry for not meeting her.Well,Alisha was pleased that Amar does concern about her.The days passed by as their friendship blossomed into a beautiful love story and one fine day Alisha's dream came true,That was a pleasant sunny morning when both of them are riding in a bike,Amar proposed Alisha and Alisha got surprised that she indeed got her PRINCE CHARMING!!!

She accepted his proposal with a face of love and both were involved in a great bondage of LOVE!!!

While,Abrahim used to watch Alisha everyday,Alisha doesn't  even know that he was the person who is responsible of catching the pick pocketer who nabbed her purse and gave it to Amar,as we say:
 "if your love is true then you should be that true that you must sacrifice that love truly."That what Abrahim did.
He knew that his love for Alisha was true and he has the confidence that he can get his love for sure!!!
Dreaming of his love for Alisha one day he heard from his friend that Alisha was in love with Amar!!!
He is devastated,because it's really difficult and painful to leave our first love.But he still on his lost love with a small hope that he could gain.

There is a saying:"LOVE IS BLIND",that's what Alisha has now,that she doesn't know about Amar yet,moreover his background and which type of guy he is,but Amar has his own story of........


Monday, May 3, 2010

ALISHA---Dreams of LOVE(part2)

Hi Frns,
            Alisha returned to her sweet home but with a sadness in her heart because she failed to find a good partner!!!
Alisha lives in Shimla a really coolest place in India,next to her house there lives a guy named Abrahim,he is a american-indian.Alisha didn't ever noticed this guy but he is indeed a very good person and has some feelings for her but never expressed to her.Alisha was sad about what happened yesterday to her but soon she recovered but know she took a decision that she wouldn't again try to look at a guy until his name starts with her first letter A.

One day she went to a park with her friends just for relaxation of all those exams she had gone through and all were enjoying a lot,then one boy started calling to his friend who is far from him like this:"hey Amar,wait!!!!"
Alisha heard the name and this time she was thinking may be she may come across a person again the typical type one she met before.

Amar saw his friend and both of them started walking towards the direction where Alisha and her friends are playing,as the first sight of Amar was really a good experience for Alisha but still she is not that impressed on him,while Amar was a smart boy,he just twinkled his eyes to Surprised Alisha and went away.
Alisha was stunned,what is this boy??
Why he winked at me??

The next day Alisha was late to her college and was driving fast her bike to get on time then suddenly she saw Amar again,and he too again winked at her and smiled at her!!!
Again she got surprised,but she was in such a hurry she didn't took this matter so serious.

The next day,while she was purchasing some goods one pick pocketer took away her purse,she yelled for help then Amar showed up,he chased him and got her purse.
Well Alisha thanked him and he asked her that whether he could leave her home,well she said no but he insisted her that he want to walk with her too,then who can say NO,hehehe...

Well,both of them walked certain distance without talking single word!!!
Then,Alisha couldn't resist to talk with him and asked him that "why were you winking at me all the time when u saw me??""

Then he replied smilingly,because you are beautiful!!!

Alisha felt shy and saw that her home is nearer payed him a good bye and ran into her home!!


Guys,i got another award:"THE COOLEST BLOGGER" from TRYANT,well i don't think i'm deserved but i really appreciate other bloggers who write the same way i write and are really best,as per the rules of tryant i had to give this award to two persons so they are: MUGAMBI AND JEC SAYSON!!!!

1)MUGAMBI:--he is indeed a good writer,got stuff but no time to write a post,very busy person but never forgets his friends.
2)JEC SAYSON:--i visit his blog only for his voice more than his writings heheheeh....

you deserve this guys!!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

ALISHA---Dreams of LOVE(part1)

Hi frns,
          Really i think i'm mastered in writing any topics but now i want to write a imaginary love story of a girl how she chooses the right path in selecting a good partner,her name is ALISHA,everyone used to think that they will become an engineer or doctor when they become old but this girl had another thinking that she always dream t to be a GOOD WIFE.

She had a big wish that her life partner should be that person who has the name which starts with the letter A(as her name starts with A too!!),he should have short hair with any styles and lastly she need the boy to say those  three magical words "I LOVE YOU!!!" that too when he was taking her on a ride in his bike!!!!

She is a typical girl but never found her PRINCE CHARMING still.....
Now she is of 18yrs old and she is so happy that now she is an ADULT!!!   hmmmm....May be many girls think like that!!!

She started searching her dream boy,suddenly one day while she was shopping in a shopping mall,a boy of 6ft tall and spikes hair,really handsome passed by,she suddenly turned back in a swift that he may be her PRINCE CHARMING!!!

At that instinct she dreamt a beautiful love story of her's and him's,as we all knew she is a good day dreamer!!!

She dreamt that "she was waiting for her bus to come but it hasn't so she was waiting in the bus stop then
suddenly one handsome boy came to her and asked whether she need a lift or not,now think who else can reject such an offer!!!!
hmmmm...she said yes,then she sat on his bike and the bike was in it's full speed then he asked where you want to get off,she said near the pet shop then he stopped at there and she was so over whelmed that she wanted to propose him because :he is handsome,he is tall,he is stylish and may be a good job holder too,then suddenly there was a juice shop beside that pet shop and the waiter was serving juices to the people over there and suddenly by mistake he dropped the juice on the boy's shoes and then Alisha came to know this boy,that boy started yelling at that waiter saying:"do you know how much this shoes costs,these were brought from london and what u made them...aargh!!!"

Then Alisha thought pssstttt.....who will marry a TAG TYPE BOY who loves his accessories and appearance more than nothing....hmmmmm...
She thanked him and went through a bearing heart that she had a failure now!!!!

But she is confident that she can get the right person...and walked slowly towards her house.......


Hey friends i got another award again through Tarunita and i really thank her a lot and as per the rule we have to share this award with 15 people but i want to give this award to 5 wonderful bloggers whose versatility  in writing their blogs are really reward able...  i convey all my best wishes to the rest of my friends and they were too a good bloggers but i specifically liked these bloggers writings..

1)Mrs.Wellington:--- Ma'am your blog has a good read and it shows the experience of your own life very pictorially and wonderfully written.

2)Beanizer:--His reply of deaf heart has the real meaning of a broken heart which anyone can feel,his writings can make us to feel the pain or the happiness.

3)Gurpreet:---He is really a good poet who has the ability to become a big poet!!!

4)Sudheera:--She writes differently but we can know the knowledge of her clearly through her writings!!!

5)Jared:--New blogger but his experience of writing seems he is a versatile writer and his writings are really good and we can read his blog as a good book for sure!!

Hey jolly for you too!!!

Thanks friends and i look forward of your wonderful posts!!!