Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lost Hearts!!!!!

Hi frns,
          I'm still young to talk about this topic but not that young that i don't know,i wish i would have a chance to be there,i wish i would have a chance to fight there,i wish i would have a chance to see them.alas,i couldn't find them,yes guys i'm talking about our great warriors,our soldiers!!!

The life of a soldier is just like the following poem.....(guys my first poem...hope its good!!)

I travelled along the hills,mountains,cliffs,just to have a glimpse of freedom,
I travelled along the forests,trees,shrubs,just to have a glimpse of freedom,
I travelled along the lakes,rivers,seas,just to have a glimpse of freedom,
I travelled along the coldest winters,hottest summers,just to have a glimpse of freedom,
One day i travelled to heaven and saw that i had my glimpse of freedom to my country!!!!

Soldiers die for us giving freedom of terror attacks,they don't care their lives for our lives,i had seen many youngsters tell their dream was to become an engineer or a doctor but not a SOLDIER!!!
People just think about these parted souls and try to serve our country at least anyone in your family must be a SOLDIER,if i had a chance i would marry a SOLDIER,because i would be proud of him.
Guys   JAI HIND!!!

Well i wrote a LOVE POEM and it is just a poem and hopefully i'm happy to be single....
YOU made me to feel the Meaning of Life,
YOU made me to think the Happiness of Life,
YOUR presence makes my Heart to Beat,
YOUR smile Enlightens my Mind,
YOUR whispers touch my ears as a Nightingale Song,
YOUR tears can touch my Eyes like a Ocean,
YOUR happiness is my Wonderful Day,
Simply you are the one whom i Miss Everyday!!!!!"
Hope you liked.......



Jill Wellington said... are writing poetry too. I was touched by this. I enjoy following blogs from other countries and to learn about life and the people there. Thanks so much for sharing, Ravali!!

ravali said...

well hope i had a good feature in writing poems..heheheh...thanks!!!

JollyPrincess said...

Nice poem Ravali! So, you are giving me a go signal to marry him if he asked me? (lol) I learned about the plane crash of Air India last Saturday. I hope everyone in your family and your friends are safe.

beanizer_05 said...

seen and read them..
those are nice ones..
so you want to marry a soldier?..
i don't know but i am not impressed with soldiers that much..they are just like robots with guns, they follow the orders of their leaders regardless who he is..
i would rather choose being a doctor a save others' lives while staying healthy and safe with my family.. than being a soldier who follows orders and participate the killing for "peace and order" while leaving his family mourning in his death..
*just an opinion*
..that love must have loved someone before tell!!
keep your poems coming..
wow! this is a long comment! so pay me a smile!

ravali said...

@jolly:--well yep i cried seeing those many people died at the crash!!!

i really swear that i don't have a love before i just imagined about my future love that's all!!!