Monday, May 3, 2010

ALISHA---Dreams of LOVE(part2)

Hi Frns,
            Alisha returned to her sweet home but with a sadness in her heart because she failed to find a good partner!!!
Alisha lives in Shimla a really coolest place in India,next to her house there lives a guy named Abrahim,he is a american-indian.Alisha didn't ever noticed this guy but he is indeed a very good person and has some feelings for her but never expressed to her.Alisha was sad about what happened yesterday to her but soon she recovered but know she took a decision that she wouldn't again try to look at a guy until his name starts with her first letter A.

One day she went to a park with her friends just for relaxation of all those exams she had gone through and all were enjoying a lot,then one boy started calling to his friend who is far from him like this:"hey Amar,wait!!!!"
Alisha heard the name and this time she was thinking may be she may come across a person again the typical type one she met before.

Amar saw his friend and both of them started walking towards the direction where Alisha and her friends are playing,as the first sight of Amar was really a good experience for Alisha but still she is not that impressed on him,while Amar was a smart boy,he just twinkled his eyes to Surprised Alisha and went away.
Alisha was stunned,what is this boy??
Why he winked at me??

The next day Alisha was late to her college and was driving fast her bike to get on time then suddenly she saw Amar again,and he too again winked at her and smiled at her!!!
Again she got surprised,but she was in such a hurry she didn't took this matter so serious.

The next day,while she was purchasing some goods one pick pocketer took away her purse,she yelled for help then Amar showed up,he chased him and got her purse.
Well Alisha thanked him and he asked her that whether he could leave her home,well she said no but he insisted her that he want to walk with her too,then who can say NO,hehehe...

Well,both of them walked certain distance without talking single word!!!
Then,Alisha couldn't resist to talk with him and asked him that "why were you winking at me all the time when u saw me??""

Then he replied smilingly,because you are beautiful!!!

Alisha felt shy and saw that her home is nearer payed him a good bye and ran into her home!!


Guys,i got another award:"THE COOLEST BLOGGER" from TRYANT,well i don't think i'm deserved but i really appreciate other bloggers who write the same way i write and are really best,as per the rules of tryant i had to give this award to two persons so they are: MUGAMBI AND JEC SAYSON!!!!

1)MUGAMBI:--he is indeed a good writer,got stuff but no time to write a post,very busy person but never forgets his friends.
2)JEC SAYSON:--i visit his blog only for his voice more than his writings heheheeh....

you deserve this guys!!!!


sudhi said...

wat happen next????? does she always think abt marraige only?????? nw shez 1 of the typical character i hav seen!!!!!!!!!!

ravali said...

well every one differs so this is a type of girl who wants just a man in her life and not interested in studies!!!

Jill Wellington said...

I am eagerly awaiting MORE! I am truly amazed how you can write in a different language, Ravali!

rolando said...

hey pal, MANY THANKS!!! i just got your award you just issued for me.... =)

ravali said...

well thats ok,u deserve it!!!