Thursday, May 13, 2010

ALISHA(Dreams of LOVE) Part--4

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Well there is a saying that:"we wouldn't take interest in what we have but we will for what we not have".Alisha didn't ever noticed that there will be a person who might be interested in her but she searched her own to find a person.People we might not be perfect choosers in partners but if we settled with those who love us never let us down in anything that's what now-a-days youth couldn't understand.Amar has his own story,he is not a Alisha's Prince Charming  but a Traitor,who traps girls saying he loves them and then takes them to other countries and sell them!!!

Alisha loved him blindly and doesn't even know the intentions of this traitor Amar,well one day Amar indeed asked Alisha that will she ran away from her house and marry him!!!
Well Alisha was stunned and replied that why wouldn't he ask her hand to her father!!
But Amar is a tricky boy and he knew that this would happen,so he managed her that he would ask her father tomorrow.Alisha was happy and as for her Amar was a big software engineer and has got good salary.Meanwhile Abrahim wanted to know that whether Amar is a good person or not because he indeed loose his love but he wants his love to be happier so,he started to investigate him and he was in that process.

Well next day both Alisha's and  Abrahim's bikes got clashed and both fell on each other,well that was the first touch of Alisha for Abrahim but he knew's it's just a incident,both got up and Alisha wasn't angry on him as it's her fault and she apologized him,then she took her bike and started walking.She saw that Abrahim is also following her,she got angry and yelled at him saying:"why the hell you are following me???"
Abrahim just smiled at her and said:"Ahmmm...actually i'm your neighbor,i live next to your house."
Alisha was surprised that she didn't even noticed him ever!!!
She conveyed her sorry and walked away.
That day Amar  didn't come to her house.Alisha was sad so,she thought she would have a stroll in the backyard.Surprisingly she saw Abrahim over there and waved him a "HI".Abrahim was happy and both of them had a good talk.

Within a month these talks lead to a very good friendship between both of them and they became good friends,Alisha indeed said her love story to Abrahim and asked help,but in this whole month Amar wasn't seen and his mobile was switched off.Alisha worried about him and asked Abrahim to find him.Abrahim searched a lot more places,asked Amar's friend's,searched many streets for him for more than a week.
All he got was :"who is AMAR?"
Amar's friend's said that his name was not Amar but Akhil!!!!

Abrahim got doubt of this guy,he didn't said to Alisha about these findings  and found a big truth of Amar,really a big stroke for Abrahim but if Alisha comes to know then really it would be a heart broke for her but nevertheless it should be said to her,so.He planned a way to get Alisha out from the clutches of Amar......

(guys thanks for reading my posts,well the next part was the ending of this beautiful imaginary story)

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