Saturday, May 1, 2010

ALISHA---Dreams of LOVE(part1)

Hi frns,
          Really i think i'm mastered in writing any topics but now i want to write a imaginary love story of a girl how she chooses the right path in selecting a good partner,her name is ALISHA,everyone used to think that they will become an engineer or doctor when they become old but this girl had another thinking that she always dream t to be a GOOD WIFE.

She had a big wish that her life partner should be that person who has the name which starts with the letter A(as her name starts with A too!!),he should have short hair with any styles and lastly she need the boy to say those  three magical words "I LOVE YOU!!!" that too when he was taking her on a ride in his bike!!!!

She is a typical girl but never found her PRINCE CHARMING still.....
Now she is of 18yrs old and she is so happy that now she is an ADULT!!!   hmmmm....May be many girls think like that!!!

She started searching her dream boy,suddenly one day while she was shopping in a shopping mall,a boy of 6ft tall and spikes hair,really handsome passed by,she suddenly turned back in a swift that he may be her PRINCE CHARMING!!!

At that instinct she dreamt a beautiful love story of her's and him's,as we all knew she is a good day dreamer!!!

She dreamt that "she was waiting for her bus to come but it hasn't so she was waiting in the bus stop then
suddenly one handsome boy came to her and asked whether she need a lift or not,now think who else can reject such an offer!!!!
hmmmm...she said yes,then she sat on his bike and the bike was in it's full speed then he asked where you want to get off,she said near the pet shop then he stopped at there and she was so over whelmed that she wanted to propose him because :he is handsome,he is tall,he is stylish and may be a good job holder too,then suddenly there was a juice shop beside that pet shop and the waiter was serving juices to the people over there and suddenly by mistake he dropped the juice on the boy's shoes and then Alisha came to know this boy,that boy started yelling at that waiter saying:"do you know how much this shoes costs,these were brought from london and what u made them...aargh!!!"

Then Alisha thought pssstttt.....who will marry a TAG TYPE BOY who loves his accessories and appearance more than nothing....hmmmmm...
She thanked him and went through a bearing heart that she had a failure now!!!!

But she is confident that she can get the right person...and walked slowly towards her house.......


Hey friends i got another award again through Tarunita and i really thank her a lot and as per the rule we have to share this award with 15 people but i want to give this award to 5 wonderful bloggers whose versatility  in writing their blogs are really reward able...  i convey all my best wishes to the rest of my friends and they were too a good bloggers but i specifically liked these bloggers writings..

1)Mrs.Wellington:--- Ma'am your blog has a good read and it shows the experience of your own life very pictorially and wonderfully written.

2)Beanizer:--His reply of deaf heart has the real meaning of a broken heart which anyone can feel,his writings can make us to feel the pain or the happiness.

3)Gurpreet:---He is really a good poet who has the ability to become a big poet!!!

4)Sudheera:--She writes differently but we can know the knowledge of her clearly through her writings!!!

5)Jared:--New blogger but his experience of writing seems he is a versatile writer and his writings are really good and we can read his blog as a good book for sure!!

Hey jolly for you too!!!

Thanks friends and i look forward of your wonderful posts!!!


Anonymous said...

hey ravz..good luck with your story , plot seems nice , work it on ,felt nice to read ,
and thanks for thinking that i can make it big ...what else a poet can ask for ...


Jill Wellington said...

Oh, have a fascinating story going and now you make us WAIT for more?!? I'll be back to catch the ending.

I am touched that you mentioned my blog! You are awesome to check my blog so often. I often think of you when I am writing it.

I check yours often looking for updates. I enjoy the funnies too!

ravali said...

@gurpreet & jill:--thanks for your comments,well soon i will post soon the other parts too!!!
there are many parts!!!

JollyPrincess said...

Hello Ravali, your story reminded me of a movie I watched several years back. The title was Only You. The lead actor is Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei as the lead actress. Marisa was fond of playing board games that identified his future husband as Damien Bradley, if I still remember it right. It was actually a comedy. Marisa searched for the name. Even went to several places in UK. She met Robert Downey Jr, a rich guy in the process of her search. Later she met Damien Bradley a bald guy older than her. In the end it was Robert Downey Jr. who won her heart. She had awaken from reality and followed what her heart dictates. Thanks for the dedicating one of your blogger awards to me. That is so sweet of you. * ( *

ravali said...

hey jolly i really don't know about that story as i don't watch hollywood movies,actually these stories are based or to suggest girls to make a good choice in searching their true love!!!
hope i will succeed!!!

sudhi said...

hey tht story reminded me a typical Indian gal wit lots of dreams!!!!!!!!!!

*thnx for the award*