Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi frns,

           Today i'm back with a topic called "A GIFTED CHILD",people this topic is not about those children who stood first in any competitions,events etc.I'm talking about those children who were born physically challenged,physically handicapped,etc.

People think that these children are worthless,they are not having right to live,they are just pain for them,etc.But how can a mother think like that????
She who kept the baby until 9 months and took lot pain to give birth,but within a moment how can she kill that baby???
Father of that child who may have many expectations but fate doesn't play our side and when that child was born he too tries to kill??????
Whether is it the fault of god??
Is it is the fault of Doctor???
Is it is the fault of people around them???

No one knows the reason then why they kill their precious babies??
Some kill them,some  leave them,some throw them away!!!
Is this is called Humanity??
Every person has the right to live,right to respire,right for everything as we normal one's have!!!

Daily over here and all over the world some news are like those that which seeing them i get into my nerves which make me to get angered by the society,i want to tell you about a recent 4 day's ago incident it follows like this:"She is the prettiest baby i had ever saw,eyes are like lotus,the baby smiles like a princess but this little princess has no idea about what did her parents did to her,when i saw that i really got anger and frustrated because i couldn't do anything,i'm useless,did got a degree but couldn't do anything for my country!!!

The parents of the little princess left her in the burial ground and asked the watchman over there to bury her alive!!!!
Luckily the watchman didn't want the child to be dead and he reported to the police about this issue,then i recognized i'm wrong humanity does exists with us,actually the baby got her legs twisted so she can't walk but i wonder how can her mother gave a 4 day old baby to bury alive????
How can a Mother???"

Does due to poverty they gonna kill her?
Then why they want a child??

People, there may be many reasons to hate a person but there will be no reason to like a person,these babies don't even know how to speak,how to express their feelings,they even don't know to play any tantrums then why they had no right to live???

Lastly,my request to all future parents that please don't think these kids are ineligible but think they are gifted ones which are born just for YOU and what they need is just their parents love nothing much than that!!!
People never under estimate any kid,kids are equal to god,they can do miracles if we motivate them,be the motivators not the killers!!!!!

                "A GIFTED CHILD"


Jill Wellington said...

Wow, Ravali...this is a heartbreaking story. I am in tears! Thank you for bringing attention.

beanizer_05 said...

shame on those mothers!

those special children are gifts not pests..they should be well-taken care of.
this post reminds me of what ive seen the last time on tv. I was really amazed of this guy, he got no arms but he can do evrything, it's all a normal life for him, he goes to office, he writes thru his toes and he's successful..

your post is an eye-opener..keep it up:)

ravali said...

@BEANY &jILL:thanks guys but just i want to express my feelings through this small post that's all!!!
but i had many repairs to do!!!

sudhi said...

sob sob!!!!! wawawawawawawawawa!!!!

really sad bt an inspiring story!!!!!

tikno said...

Baby born is a gift from God !

ravali said...

Thanks tikno!!!
yes it's a god gift!!!